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  Jan 2016 Brittany
Ray Suarez
A friend of a friend
50 lbs my senior.
We danced
We danced.
I apologized all night
"****, I'm sorry,  I haven't danced since the 8th grade..."
"It's OK, I can't dance either."
I pulled her close
Drunk on 10
She really had
A beautiful face.
I felt her ******* against my chest
I got an ******* on the dance floor.
She was looking down.
I wondered if she was looking at
That grotesque
We interlocked our fingers.
It felt so good.
Her hands so soft.
We danced.
I could breath again.
You brilliant *******.
I was
Brittany Jan 2016
You are my other half
You are my closest friend
I hope that I'm with you until the end
I am enjoying my time with you
Please don't let it stop
I don't know what I would do
If I didn't have you
Yes I know that this is really cheesy. But no, I don't care. I'm just sharing my "typical teenager in love" feelings.
Brittany Oct 2015
Today is the day
I am finally okay.
I've been waiting for this
For a long time now,
And I am overjoyed that it's here.
Brittany May 2015
It breaks my heart that you were never mine.
It breaks my heart that you forgot about me so easily.
It breaks my heart to think that I don't cross your mind.
It breaks my heart that I feel the need to cry over you.

You probably have the same opinion of me as everyone else.
You probably think that I am a *****.
You probably think that I go with whoever I can get.
You probably think that I have become a disappointment.

We don't talk anymore, but I wish that we did.
You used to know me so well.
I used to tell you everything.
And you always knew what to say to make me feel better.

I want you back.
I want our friendship back.
I wish that whatever made it go away
Never even happened.

Is it my fault?
Did I do something?
Are you angry with me?
Please don't leave me in the dark.
You were my best friend, and now you're gone.
  Dec 2014 Brittany
When the woman you love is a poet,
It is hard to tell the difference,
between a poem and a conversation,
When the woman you love is a poet,
She will never speak her thoughts,
I have to decipher the lines,
When the woman you love is a poet,
It's hard not to be ensnared by the words,
And remember that the notes she sings,
Were not all for you
  Dec 2014 Brittany
You open
fortune cookie
there is
At a lowest lowest time this actually happened, proving once again there is no fiction greater than truth
  Dec 2014 Brittany
And felt as beautiful as you think she is.

I wish I walked into a room and grabbed attention as much as she grabs yours.

I wish I spoke and captivated someone the way she captivates you when she says your name.

I wish I awoke in the morning and heard my true love's heartbeat next to mine as she does every day.

I wish I knew a love as strong as your love for her.

I do not wish for your love, though, because I know that is one thing that is far out of my reach. I only wish for someone to love me the way that you love her, so that maybe someday I will love him as much as I still love you.
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