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Tupelo Nov 2021
Today, like most days since you left
my bed lies empty
The summer of this room has faded to winter
your smell has slipped from these sheets
I still think about you when bodies come to visit
Mistaking their longings for your own
and their moans for your sweet songs
Hoping that one day you will be the one
opening the door returning to bed
In the meantime I still have my dreams
all of them laced with memories of you
What was once, I know can never be.

I am currently switching my poems to bc I have issues uploading here as well as just general site navigation. Love you all. I am on there @Konreg
Tupelo Nov 2021
Somedays I wish to be held
Not by a lover or in lust
But to feel the warmth of another
To hear the beating of their chest
To know that these arms are wrapped
around another body longing to feel alive
Tupelo Nov 2021
Tonight I listened to your story
Heard the path you have walked
How you took flight with angels
And how you came crashing back to earth
If I could
I wish I could take all the hate in your heart
Bury it in some forgotten chest
and set it out to sea
You say how you've become a shell
Battered and bloodied
The king of nothings
Shackled to a spiteful god
who will never know your name
You say they only thing you ever loved
was the way she made you feel
How she flooded your veins and
claimed your body like a battlefield
And how everyday without her
leaves you more hungry than the last
Tupelo Oct 2021
The morgue is filled with all
the dead faces I once wore,
I am no mortician ,
The bodies have begun to rot,
The men I once claimed to be
can no long pass for the real thing,
I wore their faces like masks,
Played the role that was asked,
Encores were demanded,
I was not prepared for this,
I am no mortician,
The bodies have begun to rot,
I guess the show goes on,
Even with broken things
Tupelo Oct 2021
1.) It is possible to love something more than you could ever dream of loving yourself

2.) Life without you is getting easier
Almost one year clean
Tupelo Oct 2021
If the body had seasons
I'd say that this sadness is winter
The garden has wilted
The creatures have gone
Sought shelter and slumber
No longer can I hear the rivers
They've all frozen over
All that remains
Are these gods of malice
False prophet kings
Picking what's left of me
To keep their bellies full
Tupelo Oct 2021
I'm not even sure what I am writing anymore,
A poem? A warning? some fleeting memory?
Penning the things inside of me
that demand some sort of release

How I cried on my drive home
as the sky above me melted into
a finger painted sunset
The shades and shapes there for but a moment

The way I heard the words of woman tonight
That brought me to my knees
Stories that ripped at the fibers of my heart
Saying all the things I have
tried so desperately to put to page
In such an ease that left me reeling

The man who stands on his pedestal
crying out for the world to listen
Knowing he is nothing more but
background to those on their morning commute

The kiss of a young couple
shared along the seawall
I wonder if they could
taste the salt in the air
on each others lips

These are things I take for granted
These moments in between
just some thoughts
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