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I don't know why
I love this game so much
It got me tangled into situations
That even I could never imagined.

I guess this is my consequences
Of trying to figure out the difficult
Of trying to lighten up the dark
Of trying to mend what's broke
Of trying to lift what's drown.
Maybe I did play with fire
And I'm loving the way you burn me.

When you call me up
Saying you need me
I came running to you.
And the moment
When I want us to stay
You'd left for someone else.

When I want to talk
You'd shout and walk away,
When I needed you
You'd ingore and shut me up.
Isn't this so toxic?
This love is complicated,
But I guess it never was,
Since there's only one that loved
The other one thought she wasn't enough.

And just when I'm out of air
Saying baby you suffocate me and you're the air I breathe.
This is our endgame,
Baby I won't say "please stay".
BLUICK Nov 2018
At the mirror where i once see
The other reflection of me
Dying and crying I painted thee
Where dull colors flee.

Brandish the body 'empty'
Fill half the eyes faintly
And when surreal meets reality
It soon forgets the entity.

Darkest hour of the running sand
Cuts the space, untie the bond
Tears made the view bland
Shadow made to its grand.

I shouted at everybody
I can't hold my life dearly
I'm lost and confuse
That a lend of help I refuse.

Throw something at it
Don't look and see
No you don't know her
She doesn't know herself either.

Love is where she lost
Hate is what she's cost
She had buried what she had
That in the darkness she's glad.
BLUICK Nov 2018
These days she's busy
Clasping the thoughts worriedly
She wondered how
She wandered til' she found her answers
And smiled again.
She's in love, she is
She tucks her hair in her ears
She sports her million dollar smile
She is alive and you can see it in her eyes
Her heart is dancing and mind exploding
She is in love with him.
Deeply and vastly
That she lost count the reasons
She lost count  the ways
That she cant describe the feelings
That she cant keep it still.

She crave for him
From his smile to his scowl
The way how he creases his brows
The way he looks when he laughs.
Memorizing every details
She's scared that she might forget;
From the way he walks,
The way he runs his hand to his hair,
The way his nose crinkled,
The way everything he is.

She cant look at other guys
She's drawn deeply
Fell so hard
That she knows it would be difficult  to stand
She knows the consequences
But she love him harder anyway
She loves his perfection
But it was his flaws that made her love him more than anyone could ever imagined.
BLUICK Nov 2018
The bell rung, the door swung.
The heart sang ,The gun bang.
Eyes wide open,  held the rose frozen.
I was shaken,  my breath were taken.

So much in a blink of an eye,
So much thunders in one lie.
Thorns cut my hand
Then i saw a hoodie man.

His eyes were cryptic
His eyes screams danger, so enigmatic.
Met my gaze and grab my arms
We ran away from the chaotic place
Abruptly stop to show his face.

Breath hitched, so much heat
It was beyond brevity
His beauty were thousand miles of million calamity.
We talked, it lasted a few.
We hid,  it tasted blue.

Footsteps were heard
Blood were spilled
The screams continues to blare
Held his hands to cover my ear.

Thrills of guilt,  thrills of sorrow, thrills of fear ;
I know he's not my lear.
For the last time he breathe a word
"close your eyes, twist those memories"
I followed him as if it was good bye.
I felt it dripping ,scarlet rose red.
My throat burned, tears rolled.
I closed my eyes forgot to ask his name
His entity written, words leaving.
Can never bid goodbye to him
Waking up to face reality,  
It will always be a phantasm memory.

— The End —