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Belladonna Jan 2016
For far too long, had I seen myself with their eyes
A meagre splash of color on a canvas so wide
A withered flower, though wrong it did seem
Conflicts there were though, with the inner me
Cocooned was I, in self loathing now & then
But then I broke free, pushing away from them
And now I see it, how wonderful *
** made me
I wish I hadn't whined away, in pointless self pity
Now don't you do it, the way I did it wrong
Blackout the world hon, you're a-okay to go !
A 5-in-the-morning poem.
  Jul 2015 Belladonna
Storm Raven
Are you okay?
I am breathing.
You should stop.
Why not?
Stop it, you're in my head.
Yes and it is a horrible place.
I know.
You should do something about it.
Like what?
Do you see that gun?
  Jul 2015 Belladonna
Kim Denise
i.Times have became dull again.
The grey decided to make the sky its home
and apparently the rainbow decided to migrate south
to run away from the winter in my heart.

ii.* Are you south?
Can you see my colors?
Will you please tell them I miss them
and that if that's where they are happy
then they should stay with you,
because you know I can't
and at least you have a part of me.

iii. I thought of asking the pigeon a favor
to kindly send this to you
and I didn't expect he would come,
I'm sending you berries.

iv. I saw a paper boat earlier, it sank.
I saw a paper plane as well, but it flew away
before my hands could even touch its wings,
and I thought I saw you in the water,
brighter as ever, before the ripple took drag you.

v. I really don't know what I'm doing really.

vi. I received your flowers,
they are beautiful.
I froze them solid.

vii. I don't know how to start this
so maybe this is the last of the letters.
See you in my dreams.
Belladonna Jul 2015
Thoughtless future commitments aiming only to make the present better.
  Jul 2015 Belladonna
Paige Chevalier
one. I walked you to your car, and made sure that each part of you was safely seated before i closed the door. once i got in the passengers seat, i told you to buckle up, and when you didnt, i reached over the center console and kissed you as i carefully grabbed your seat belt and strapped you in. you rolled your eyes at me, told me you loved me and grabbed my hand and kissed it. i asked you to keep both hands on the wheel.
two. I put my hands up your shirt and rested my head on your chest when we were laying down, just so i could count your heartbeats. so i could feel your heartbeats and so my head would rise and fall with your ribcage. i ran my fingers through your hair, and whispered alive against your skin. i kissed your collarbone, your chest, your stretch marks. you asked me to stop, you told me you loved me but it tickled. i told you i adored your laugh.
three. I tried to be as close to you as i could. i asked you to come to a haunted house with me, and i let the sound of your laughter fill my ears. i know i get scared easily, that was the point. i gave you directions for the longest way possible so we could spend more time together. i turned on your favorite song, and watched your lips move. when the hum of your voice made its way to my ears, i closed my eyes and let my head lean back. i held your arm through the entire haunted house. i jumped closer to you whenever i heard a sound, i buried my face into the crook of your neck, even when i wasn't scared. you laughed at me for so long, pulling me into you each time you did and told me you loved me. i pressed my ear against your chest and listened to the way it resonated.
four. Sweet dreams
four. i care about you
four. how are you?
four. are you okay?
four. did you get home safe?
five. I didnt yell back. I wiped your tears away when they escaped your eyes, as mine fell and shattered into my lap. i kissed your collarbone, and i pulled myself closer, even when i was shoved away. i squeezed my eyes shut, like if i closed them hard enough, i could unhear that this was my fault. i touched your neck, right under your hairline, and i told you i cared about you. you told me that you couldn't wait for me to say it anymore, that you didn't know if i loved you or not. i told you to drive safe, and i watched you walk away. i saw you put on your seatbelt and look at me. i watched you start the car with tears in your eyes.
  Jul 2015 Belladonna
brooke myers
i want someone to hold me.
and say "i love you"
to me.
im not desperate..
i just lack love in my life.
Belladonna Jul 2015
Fetching Your old loving self, won't be that difficult for me.
But I am very uninterested in a person who changes that fast.
Staying away from chameleons. Yay !
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