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Laura G Jan 27
Body is giving up
‪Feel death knocking everyday‬
‪But every breath means you’re alive ‬
  To everyone else you’re okay ‬
Laura G Jan 20
Desired but never adored
Needed but never wanted
Am I cold & calculated
or broken
with no net, no harness
Laura G Jan 8
I just wanted to talk to someone
But I never seemed to get the chance to
So I began to write;
make the time stop
But I didn’t want it to be poetic
Or imaginative
I didn’t want another person to hear me
I just wanted someone to finally listen
Are you listening?
I am talking to you.
Laura G Dec 2018
Not all houses are homes
I am a house that is not a home
I am a place of transition
A place you are constantly passing
I am not a destination
I am a place people pass to get to somewhere else
I'm a pit stop
I'm not meant to be filled
I'm meant to fill others
But she can't admit it to herself
She doesn't want me to be just another sad story
But she can't come to terms with real life not having fairy tail endings
But I know who I am
I am the end to a story that is continuous for others
I am the fraction of someone else's story
I am a pit stop
I am a resting place who is never at rest

— The End —