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Liam Beets Dec 2018
Morning shines
The birds whine
The day's begun anew,
Creature rise
No surprise
The smell of morning dew.

Roaring tide
Trees abide
Filling land with sea,
A calm mood
Brings lush food
Filling them with glee.

Calm of night
Dark's delight
The nocturnal come to play,
Dug in homes
Wooden domes
Not wanting to become prey.

Comfort of home
No need to roam
The creatures now get to rest,
No need to worry
Nor need to scurry
Since family is the best.
Liam Beets Dec 2018
Within the warm ***** grows
A child no one yet knows.
But she gives them love regardless,
Not needing words to give her bliss-
A mother and child.

Within the warm house grows
A child first using their toes.
And she cant help but cry in glee,
She never knew she was so motherly-
A mother and child.

The warmed house slowly grows colder,
The small child now older and bolder.
She's challenged by them over small things,
The love they have now paired with a sting-
A mother and child.

The once warm house now devoid
Sits in the darkness of isolation.
But a motherly spirit can't be destroyed,
Even if we must let go of our creations-
The mother then smiled.
Liam Beets Dec 2017
I struggled for a long time,
I wanted to get out,
But I became apathetic long ago.

So I let the sea of my own creation consume me,
Anything to end this constant exhaustion.
Feeling down lately.
Liam Beets Nov 2017
Spring frozen in time
Trees don’t grow, flowers don’t bloom
The world went silent.
Liam Beets Nov 2017
The clouds paint the blue canvas white
No matter where you are it’s easy to see
That it’s picture perfect and just right
The reflection shines on the blue sea.
The sun paints the blue canvas orange
No matter what you are it’s a lovely view
The hours go on and the clouds rearrange
The flora sprouts life anew.
The stars paint the blue canvas black
No matter who you are you need to rest
For tomorrow when the blue canvas comes back
And shines on the beautiful forest.
This is my first poem on this site, hope you like it. :)

— The End —