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I loved you


but it was wrong

and I learn now


to be strong
 Jan 2 Beckie Davies
pretty girl,
the boys are out to get you
they'll take away your flower
they want what's only yours

pretty girl,
blossom slowly,
stay in your cocoon for now
for summer can only last so long
and soon it will be over
(Sitting on Santa's lap)

Me: "I want a dragon"
Santa: "Nope, too dangerous"
Me: "Ok, then I want a boyfriend"
Santa: "What color dragon?"
a last Christmas piece *sigh* back to TOTALLY boring soon
When is it my turn?
19 and living on borrowed time...
where is my happiness, my success?
Where is my devotion and love?
Where is my someone to hold me through the nights and support me through the days?

When will my future come?
For years they promised I'd look back on these "glory days" with nothing but fond remembrances,
but what if I want to forget?
 Dec 2020 Beckie Davies
I sat down and waited for the wind
So that it would take away the emptiness
Its cold and the house is empty. Maybe the wind could help.
If even the lonely among you have someone,
Then where do I stand?
the world could be better
if i disappeared
no more pain in my head
and no more judgement that sneered

death seems scary
unless you understand
if you think about the benefits
you'll instantly take his hand

Your tears create canyons
down your cheeks to your chin
id totally leave this earth,
a dark world of sin.

i like the color yellow
it makes my eyes shine
but not even the colors
can change my harsh mind

i think im still here
because im scared of the truth
what happens to my family
if they ever knew?

they walk to my room
a note on the door
they see my limp body
laying on the floor

your sweet little girl
not so sweet anymore
she died a long time ago..
she's rot to the core
just some thoughts i get from time to time

thanks for reading!!
mom loved me
dad didnt care
mom stayed close
dad wasn't there
there is a difference
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