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Stephen S 13h
I didn't listen.
I should have seen it in her eyes.

I should have realized it
by the way she moved her arms.

The way she planted her feet.

It was right there in front of me.

She told me.

But it wasn't until years later

That I really understood.
I make an appearance when you least expect it.
Shadows announce my arrival.

I envelop everything around you.
When I am near, I am all you can focus on.

My fury is carried on the wind
and though you may find shelter.
You cannot escape what I am
or the effects of what I have done.

Eventually I will leave
but until such time
that this turbulent world
calls me back again.
There is a place
so peaceful
and comforting
that it endlessly warms my heart.

While I am there
I fear nothing.
I hide nothing.
My soul is free.

But this terrible world,
has made it harder and harder
for me to get back to that place.

and I fear it is not long
before I lose the key
for all eternity.
Stephen S Oct 11
We didn't just open it.

We tore the lid right off
and smashed it into pieces.

Defiantly eager to unleash
the evil within.

Blinded by our own
selfish desires.

Consumed by our quest
for eternal power.

With nothing to hold it at bay,
the gateway to Hell beckons.

It's something of a titillating descent,
into the endless chaos.
Stephen S Oct 10
On a cool and sunny October day,
I sit on the dock with my niece.
The water is calm.
A palette of orange and red fills the trees.

I pick up my guitar
and together we sing a song.

For three minutes and eight seconds
There is no stress, anger or frustration.
There is no injustice or inequity.
There are no burning existential questions.

There is only the sweet sound of music,
filling the autumn air.
While nature dances around us.

If only more in life could be
this beautiful.
Stephen S Oct 8
Do you remember me?

Does my soul echo in your mind?

Does my voice cry out to you in the dark?

Does my touch still dance across your skin?

Does your heart still beat in tune with mine?

Or have you forgotten

Every last wonderful piece of what we were?

If only I could know for sure.
Stephen S Oct 7
To whom it may concern,

The odd, shiny objects
that you see on the floor.

Are simply the broken remnants,
of the soul that once stood here.

Be careful to walk around them.

Though they may seem damaged and faded,
they still glimmer in the moonlight.

Maybe some distant day,
I'll get around
to putting myself back together again.

A mysterious stranger.
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