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Welcome aboard it's nice to have you here,
Come join the folks who want to disappear.
We will answer any questions now, although
our destination's not for you to know.

Place your luggage in the bin and take a seat.
There's plenty of lost people here to meet.
We've got killers, fools, and broken hearts,
And souls smashed into near a million parts.

Odds are you'll find a desperate soul or two,
And be sure not to fully trust the crew.
You may be growing uncomfortable inside,
but that's a part of what comes with the ride.

Pay no attention to the safe that's always locked.
The dining car is open and fully stocked.
On this railway, you'll find everything you need,
Even if in the end you have to bleed.

There's not much time now left before we leave,
So say your goodbyes and don't forget to grieve.
Because once this train gets rolling down the track,
There's no one that is going to make it back.
Stephen S 23h
Rusty chains,
Years old pains,
A faint soul awash in the rains.

Live free
and you'll see
what this existence can be.

just isn't
the fate we envisioned.

Live free,
turn the key,
Just do it for me.

Metal bars,
And deep scars,
Are no replacement for stars.

Hear my plea,
and to a wondrous degree,
Live free.
It's the source of all my tears,
It's the sum of all my fears,
It's the knife that's chipped away at me
for far too many years.

It's the tingle on my skin,
It's the empty loss within,
It's the wave of stark confusion,
as my time is running thin.

It's my panic in the crowd,
It's the silent and the loud,
It's the end of my solemn dignity,
and the freedom it allowed.

It's a growing cloud of noise,
It's coming from the girls and the boys,
It rips through me like whirlwind,
and does not give back what it destroys.
*** Da Da Dum
Load up all those guns boys,
the enemy is coming.

*** Da Da Dum
We'll mow 'em down now one by one,
send those ******* running.

*** Da Da Dum
March day or night in rain or calm,
through the grass and mud.

*** Da Da Dum
Smoke them out wherever they are,
make the streets run red with blood.

*** Da Da Dum
We stand outnumbered two to one,
but we won't give up the zone.

*** Da Da Dum
We knew when we signed up for this,
we probably wouldn't make it home.
I'm ******* in a submission hold,
my muscles feel the sting.
I'm straining from the agony,
and there's a blood spot in the ring.

If only I had thrown an elbow,
or better timed a kick.
Maybe a brutal roundhouse,
that I could pull off sharp and quick.

Yes, if this had gone differently,
I wouldn't be stuck here flat,
as the timer ticks on endlessly,
and I'm ground into the mat.

I'm as proud a fighter as they come,
this war has been heartfelt.
I could have given up three rounds ago,
but I really want that belt.

I grunt and groan and wrestle,
but my opponent doesn't sway.
Perhaps it's best I just tap out,
and fight another day.
It cuts me repeatedly, tears me in two.
Rips at my spirit and slices straight through.
Now I lay in pieces and know not what to do,
As my lifeblood escapes me and my skin turns to blue.

I know that you hate it but the choice has been made,
Vent your anger at me and not the sharp of the blade.
You are right to be furious and to feel betrayed,
but I just couldn’t go on with this cold life’s charade.
Stephen S Feb 9
They're here
and there
and everywhere.

Their eyes stare
daggers into me.
They fly around me,
ready to swarm at any moment.

They will not leave me alone.
It has to come to this.
Who will be the one
to fly away first?
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