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Stephen S Sep 2020
I shouldn't have done that.
I shouldn't have gotten angry.
I shouldn't have screamed.
I shouldn't have raised my fist in anger.
I shouldn't have hurt you.

I tried to hold it together,
but the world stripped away
my patience and gentleness
and replaced it with fury and fear.

Someone had to suffer.

And I'm sorry it was you.
Stephen S Jul 2020
Wrapped up, August Rush.
My serpentine Queen.
I’ll be right alongside you
In the midst of the scene.
I’ve got all the methods,
The ways and the means.
but you knew when you met me,
I don’t do in between.

Dancing in the shadow
Of a summertime haze.
Get your feet in the pattern,
It’ll go on for days.
Our love is a labyrinth,
A mysterious maze.
You brought the matches,
So let me set the blaze.

There’s a feast in the ballroom.
Grab a fork, grab a dish.
Let me know how you like it,
Your command is my wish.
The most perfect of moments
Nothing lost, nothing missed.
And we’ll seal the deal
With a moonlight soaked kiss.
Stephen S Jul 2020
I was good friends with my failures,
they followed me around.
And never missed a chance
To drive my nose into the ground.

I was good friends with my failures,
The spoke to me every day.
And convinced me I had nothing,
That I’d never find my way.

I was good friends with my failures,
They were as constant as the sun.
Showed me the path to losing
When I thought the game was won.

I was good friends with my failures,
They liked to sing me songs.
About how I’d never be more
Than the sum of all my wrongs.

I was good friends with my failures,
Until they messed up all my stuff.
And eventually I reached a place
Where I’d finally had enough.

So I gathered all my failures
And I shoved them out the door.
Now I don’t let them near me.
They’re not my good friends anymore.
Stephen S Jun 2020
I know I should stay away.

I know I should heed the warnings.

I've lost track of all the times
I've been burned by your fire.

And yet still, I keep coming back.

Why do you do this to me?
Stephen S Jun 2020
I am wounded.
You are wounded.

We both stare towards each other
through crimson masks.

Suddenly we realize
that underneath our skin
we're the same color
and not as different as we thought.

Why did it have to be
so painful to get here?
Stephen S Jun 2020
Why is understanding so elusive?

Why do we have to turn against each other?

Why does the tear gas sting so bad?

Why are they not listening to what we are saying?

Why did those people have to die?

Why is this flag in tatters?
Stephen S Jun 2020
Rise Up, Rise Up
It's time to take a stand
Rise Up, Rise Up
support your fellow man.

The road will not be easy,
the other side is out in force.
But ours is a crucial fight to win
and we've got to stay the course.

Rise Up, Rise Up
Take the protest to the street.
Rise Up, Rise Up
Clap your hands and stomp your feet.

We've got to make it clear today,
that justice will be served.
Fight the hate in the here and now,
so the future is preserved.

Rise Up, Rise Up
The movement needs your voice,
Rise Up, Rise Up
For those that didn't have a choice.

Let the world see us, thousands strong
standing shoulder next to shoulder.
Lord, give us courage and give us wisdom
to be louder and be bolder.
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