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Matt Apr 2015
Broken shards, falling like mines,
Smattering down on my head,
Piercing my heart several times,
Quickly setting up a blockade.

Darkness is coming, please be prepared,
Acknowledge, but don't be afraid,
She don't want to hurt, she is just scared,
She all but want you to evade.

She took me in her arms and held me real close,
I welcomed her into my mind,
She scarred it real bad, I couldn't oppose,
She made me to leave you behind.

I've got her now, don't need anyone else.
Enough I can not be no more,
I'm going to her now, going to sleep,
I'm finally coming home.
Matt Apr 2015
Do not be afraid of the darkness, she just don't know how to greet you.

She comes to you at night,
to tuck you into your bed,
and stays by your side till you sleep.

She embraces you slowly,
insinuating your mind with thoughts.

Thoughts that make you question who your are,
Thoughts that question if your worthy of living.

She will break you to your purest form; only then can you look in the mirror, and see your true self.

A self you do not wish to see,
a self you do not wish to meet,
a self you just can't let live.
Matt Apr 2015
I could write a million words; there would still be nothing worth reading.
Matt Apr 2015
"Every man has the right to risk his own life in order to preserve it. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out the window to escape from a fire is guilty of suicide?"
Matt Apr 2015
"The problem with suicide is that when it becomes an option in your mind, it's always an option."
Matt Apr 2015
Trust is like an onion, you have to peel of the layers slowly one by one. If you cut it'll only bring you tears.
Matt Apr 2015
"We are all just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide is not the answer"
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