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May 2015 · 404
Alice R-P May 2015
What makes me "me"?
Is it the way I look, the way I speak?
Or is it something inside me only I can see?

Is  it through the process of time I will finally grow into me?
So yesterday- was I not complete?
Is there tomorrow something more I can be?

Who am I today?
Do I even know?
Who can say.
May 2015 · 476
Simply Hello
Alice R-P May 2015
Hello You in the mirror,
How glad I am to see You today!
You are so fresh and rested,
You look ready to start the day.

So, go out and enjoy the little moments,
Do not forget to have some fun.
I want to see You here again smiling,
After the day has so quickly gone!
May 2015 · 521
The Light That Guides You
Alice R-P May 2015
There was an oasis,
With a yawning void.
There was a somber forest
I attempted to avoid.
There was a time
I did not know,
If the fault was mine
Or what should I sow.
Every so often I felt a hight tide
That seemingly tried to stifle me,
I was dazed and torpid, thus not able to decide
On which path I was ought to be.
I awaited the eventide,
To be in quiescence,
And to be noticed by a superior force,
From who I could receive an awakening message.
The stars above me did not glimmer,
My vision was vague,
Suddenly something inside me started to simmer,
And I was about to be amazed.
The inanition verged into energy,
Vivid colors surrounded me on my way.
My path was finally assured
And paved with bright solar rays.

— The End —