Jan 16

where do probverbs go to die?

do they expire with the ink of thought
penning themselves out of imagination?
simply tire of expectation?

tell me and i would scourge
that ignorant grave site,
guillotine its keeper,
decapitated him,
upon a writer’s block.

show me and i will breach earths bowels
wrenching words from darkness depths
with the light verse of celebration
and a calligrapher’s paragraph of praise.

only then could i rest in peace
from wordy passion and its novel pleasures
when spent, 
upon my epitaph do write;

'He brought words to life'

© Qwey.ku

how can i possibly be standing
when everything
around me
is falling?

how can i possibly be falling
when everything
around me
is standing?

i've lost the ability
to determine
whether i'm standing
on solid ground

or falling straight down

when the ground is failing you, look to the stars.
#love   #lost   #space   #falling   #feel   #everything   #ground   #depth  

I am not cognitive of the realism
of where my feet tread upon this
illumination of understanding.

Am I standing on solid matter below
my lingering movements or is this a
focal point of a mind perplexingly confused.

I jump, listen to that which is speaks
in unheard volume, can you hear
it scream with each mentioned movement

Step inside my reasoning,  and listen
to the fractured fusion of a cradled
maddening tip toeing inside.

"I cut the ground and wait for it to bleed in pain,

#crazy   #earth   #madness   #ground   #footsteps  

There was sunlight pouring down
in the park and on the ground
where it could also be seen
the grass had a brighter sheen.
All the shadows that were cast
would for a while yet still last
and the beauty of  that sight
was distinguished in the light.

Written early in 2016 to go with a graphic art piece posted elsewhere on the 'net.
#beauty   #light   #grass   #sunlight   #shadows   #ground   #park  
aarvie angelica
aarvie angelica
Nov 26, 2016

Light awakens with shrieks of thunder
In the sky, a breathtaking wonder
Grief of rain, within clouds it reside
Half parts meet when heavens collide

Tremble in sky, It longs to fly

Never get close, it just wants to clash
It screams with its fascinating flash
Never afraid of fall, it takes a leap
Ground it's salvation, it was born to seek

#fall   #sky   #earth   #born   #flash   #thunder   #ground   #lightning   #seek  
Oct 24, 2016

There is a cold and constant rain that leaks through my bones
Holding me together, more life giving than my mediocre blood
And weakly beating heart.
My frame is creaking despite its young age, worn down and
Falling apart from the inside out.

May the ground hold my bones better than I ever did.

I know it sounds angsty, but I actually find this one kind of reassuring. Okay, that probably sounds angsty too... I can't win lol
#bones   #old   #ground   #solid  
Oct 22, 2016

Calm, mysterious
Diving, exploring, drowning
Forgotten treasures found, burning hot ground
Feeling, wandering, searching
Secure, solid

#poem   #water   #earth   #drowning   #wandering   #calm   #ground   #opposite   #solid   #diamante  
Black Diamond
Black Diamond
Sep 16, 2016

You think you're such a heavy heart, don't you?
Why do you think I can't lift you?
You've lifted me higher than I ever could imagine darling
nothing could drag me down again, now that I have you in my arms.
but you
You want to believe you're so heavy, that you're dragging me down,
that you could be hindering me in anyway. You cling to it, hoping, for some reason, that you're such a heavy heart weighing on me.
I wish you knew how high off of the ground you actually were.
cause baby, I've got your feet off the ground.
and I'll never let you down

You're lifting me, not the other way around. For her
#love   #flying   #never   #ground   #weightless  

I had a boyfriend for two days
Felt relieved during the day
Then regretted it later that following day
I thought...well at least I can barrow his bag now
Although, he would let me barrow his leather jacket
Told me not to use the pockets though
For a reason I’ll never know, nor do I want to know
He left his moisturizer in my friends car
But he should know
He’s never getting it back
Because I’ve been using it everyday
Since we’ve been apart
Since we’ve found common ground
He’s gone his own way
And I’m going mine
With different lovers in mind
Were still just friends
Only now with boundaries

#friends   #boyfriend   #own   #way   #common   #ground   #boundaries  
Sep 4, 2016

Even the leaf was once beautiful

Until it fell of from its tree,

It was once full of life and zest

But now it just lies on the ground

Shredding piece by piece

#lies   #life   #nature   #and   #tree   #leaves   #ground   #zest   #leaf   #newpoem  
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