There is a certain feeling that arrives soon as the thought approaches.
A sort of dream like feeling that comes to take over what ever mood,
What ever presence that is shallowly felt.
In truth it's the best part of the day.
Finally putting yourself first and making that special trip to ultimate comfort.
A place that you've been but never felt until the feeling grabs you as mutual.
Truth of the matter, life couldn't be as grand as you can imagine it.
The mental aspect of anticipation.
The thought alone is breathtaking.
Taking everything in stride, promising not to stay gone long.
Going to a place that you've always known.
Following a gut instinct, it's only natural.
Not fully understanding it's depth until having left
To truly know just how much it means.
Going home

#home   #comfort   #relief   #goinghome  
Jan 2

Medicate me now!
I need relief and quickly
From torment internally
From wounds you can't see
I need your release
I am suffering
This is defeat
Medicate me.

A New Year comes with regret for the old
And in many ways,
I can see why.
Because most years call for the weather of tumultuous storms
Of fights, and heart ache,
Crying, and yelling.
And I'd be lying if I said
This horrendous omen didn't come true.
But I don't really focus on that much,
Because of you.

Though with pills and shrinks,
Managing was brought,
With you I found
That happiness could be caught
In each moment of shared glances
And short slow dances
Soft and slow connections of lips,
And skin being caressed with finger tips.

And though we've had our fair share,
Of letting the rough weather forecast in,
When the storm has past
There is no anxiety left behind,
Just relief and contentment left within.

And although the year calls for similar storms,
With you I'll stay inside,
Safe and warm.
And no hail can pierce through our skin that easily,
For catastrophes fear open doors,
And open hearts.

#love   #hope   #happiness   #new   #storms   #relief   #year   #fights  
Winter Sparrow
Winter Sparrow
Dec 29, 2016

Look at you.
Getting beaten up,
Being everyones bitch.
What have you become?

A tired old man
A broken god
No one remembers the glory
No one remembers your help

The ravens have left you
They travelled south
Looking for other victimsr
Victims of fame and glory

They tortured you,
Tormented you,
Played you,
Glorified you.

And you prevailed,
Oh you conquered.
You led;
You achieved.

But you're just tired now,
This is part of your plan.
Time to go and relieve yourself.
Meet your Ragnarok

#death   #tribute   #relief   #gods   #ravens   #odin   #vikings   #ragnarok   #ragnar  
Dec 16, 2016

i feel so much better without you
in my life.

i'm glad i threw you in the trash
where you belong.

i can't say i
will never want you back,

but for the time being,
i'm glad i look more like a boy.

so fuck you
i hope you make somebody happy
at least,
the bit i donated,
but other than that
have fun

~got my hair cut short last week and feel so much better
#self   #depression   #anger   #nervous   #frustration   #me   #emotion   #hair   #feeling   #relief  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 7, 2016

Over your clouds of grief,
Shine like the perennial sun.
Weep, cry, let them leak down,
Do not just let your tears be brief.
Remember the seeds you have sown,
You will get their produce as the relief.
Forget love as for you it just is not made.

HP Poem #1302
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #sun   #tears   #not   #grief   #relief   #shine   #brief   #seeds   #sown  
Rob Sandman
Rob Sandman
Nov 19, 2016

Theme/Chorus,many voices,(call and response)
is it the worst thing ever?/ITS THE WORST THING EVER,is it the worst thing ever?/ITS THE FUCKIN WORST THING EVER!/
Sample Ice-T
"I stare at them blue lines,I think I'mma go blind"

I'm goin crazy cuckoo,finally losing it,
trapped in my gravel pit,rehashing my own shit,
my old shit-still holding me back,
may as well get a pipe and start puffin' up crack,
cos I've cracked,and frankly don't give a fuck,
I'm so sick of bangin' my head off this mental block,
its the size of a freight train-Strength of the Hulk,
you really think I wanna fuckin' sit here and sulk?,
you leeches... keep preachin' deceit,
one more fake smile,OOPS there go teeth...
was that a piece of your jaw on the floor that I saw?
was that real or a dream, I can't tell any more?
each rhyme I write-so god damn tight,
like your first piece of ass-first nasty fight,
first make up sex- first broke up ex,
my mates just stare at me perplexed

when I bare the holes in my soul to all,
I dunno whether I'm gonna get cheers or catcalls,
but don't worry bout that I got plenty of boots,
and I'll kick your fuckin balls til they're bigger than grapefruits,
I'm a live grenade throwin serenades,
So god damn sick I gave cancer aids,
Sandman-sicker than cancer cells in the cerebellum,
Si vis pacem, para bellum ,cause I'm prepared for warfare
I don't advise goin there ,
you'll find limpet mines in your pubic hair,
I'll blow the scabs off the crabs on a filthy bitch,
if I have to- I have to to scratch this itch
in the centre of my mind like a black hole Sun,
this mental block has got me all undone...
I swear if I don't finish a track I'll drop dead...
wait a minute...I just fuckin' well did!

so much for mental blocks Mhmm?
but seriously-y'all ladies and fellas-
is it the worst thing ever?/ ITS THE WORST THING EVER ,
is it the worst thing ever?/ ITS THE FUCKIN WORST THING EVER! /

"then the beat becomes me,sit in the dark and write a whole fuckin' LP"

straight fulla hate and smokin hot out the gate you fuckers!
"Si vis pacem, para bellum"-"If you want peace, prepare for war"
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
Nov 15, 2016

I'm glad you decided to stay
Full beamed and smiling
Its morning now, the night has gone away
Yet here in this purple sky is the Moon
So happy and gay

Oh golly, its noon and here you are
Are you afraid I might miss you
When you returns to the stars
I'll be okay, believe me dear Luna
I trust when you're gone, you'll never be far

Dusk approaches, and you aren't in sight
Did you heed my words
I've not seen you since lunch, I hope you're alright
But of course you are, and I mustn't worry
In the darkest days, you are my brightest night

#love   #moon   #hope   #fun   #day   #night   #relief  

Time to retire our attire
The thirst for a mattress is dire
Yet synapses seamlessly fire

Keeping our minds
And impounded
In rumination

Soft sweatpants are our only salvation!
As are jet-puffed marsh-pillows
And muscle tension mitigation

Hot mint tea
Breathing in deep
Counting them sheep
Catch and release
Let stress slip away
And euphoria peak

#sleep   #dreams   #thoughts   #night   #restless   #relief   #rest  
Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
Nov 5, 2016


when you wake up
feeling like a disappointment
only to end it in relief and excitement
when everything you thought could go wrong,
doesn't, and it all works itself out in the end

those are the days that remind me why
I choose to live

it's the little things
you have to look out for
to make your life worth living
#life   #anxiety   #happy   #good   #choice   #relief  
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