Jo Gonzalez
Jo Gonzalez
4 days ago

I'm going to
a little lighter
even if
it wont
as long
it might
not even
a whole

Well, I'll never know.

As I floated in the darkness,
trying to find any trace of  consciousness,
I let relief wash over me,
as I realised I was dead.

There was no more work,
no more traffic,
no more bickering family,
no more waking up.

No more listening to a fool give their opinion,
when the truth's begging to be said,
no more offended peoples,
who are hurt by a breath.

No more listening to my faults be told,
by being yelled at in the face,
no more worrying,
about any shred of "fate".

Then I realised I was thinking,
which the dead do not do,
and I felt the depression, the stress,
come back as life dragged me into existence.

#life   #death   #stress   #no   #relief  
Mar 12

Worn down
Out of options
In the dark again
Falling down life's rabbit hole
I begin to breathe
There is light
Slow smile

#pain   #darkness   #relief  

The day
you make a decision
that convinces
every cell in your body
is the day darling
you defy gravity
and walk
on clouds of

#passion   #bravery   #courage   #adult   #relief   #aries  

I blow out my candle
Longing for relief,
or a dream to bring me respite

I find the moonlight shining on my bed
and hold it in my hands for a while

Then I kneel to pray
and give thanks for this tender mercy

#prayer   #relief   #moonlight   #gifts  
Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj
Feb 17

The bed again, stiff and warm
The ceiling fan,
Dusty and locked to a single speed,
Just enough to keep me cool,
As the blankets warm me up, my spine,
And a few discs that prolapsed,
As I tried my best to relax,
Only to chase down my thoughts
Bringing me down,
I’ll rise
Only to wreck these games
That my mind is playing with
my body and soul,
Only to win this battle of chasing
time with money
fame with persistence
luck with courage,
by looking beyond all that,
and just looking at you,
the love of my life,
my constant, my everything,
you never give up, you never say no,
and here we are, in this crammed up apartment by the sea,
powering through these days like adults,
paying bills, paying rent, saving money,
buying furniture, paying emi’s ,
living, surviving, fighting, counting every single penny,
and yet I can smile, when I look at you,
for all that might not be there in my life at the moment,
ain’t worth thinking about, for I have you,
and that’s all I need, for the world is mine when I see the world through your eyes.

#pain   #world   #the   #her   #she   #is   #relief   #mine   #wife  

There is a certain feeling that arrives soon as the thought approaches.
A sort of dream like feeling that comes to take over what ever mood,
What ever presence that is shallowly felt.
In truth it's the best part of the day.
Finally putting yourself first and making that special trip to ultimate comfort.
A place that you've been but never felt until the feeling grabs you as mutual.
Truth of the matter, life couldn't be as grand as you can imagine it.
The mental aspect of anticipation.
The thought alone is breathtaking.
Taking everything in stride, promising not to stay gone long.
Going to a place that you've always known.
Following a gut instinct, it's only natural.
Not fully understanding it's depth until having left
To truly know just how much it means.
Going home

#home   #comfort   #relief   #goinghome  
Jan 2

Medicate me now!
I need relief and quickly
From torment internally
From wounds you can't see
I need your release
I am suffering
This is defeat
Medicate me.

A New Year comes with regret for the old
And in many ways,
I can see why.
Because most years call for the weather of tumultuous storms
Of fights, and heart ache,
Crying, and yelling.
And I'd be lying if I said
This horrendous omen didn't come true.
But I don't really focus on that much,
Because of you.

Though with pills and shrinks,
Managing was brought,
With you I found
That happiness could be caught
In each moment of shared glances
And short slow dances
Soft and slow connections of lips,
And skin being caressed with finger tips.

And though we've had our fair share,
Of letting the rough weather forecast in,
When the storm has past
There is no anxiety left behind,
Just relief and contentment left within.

And although the year calls for similar storms,
With you I'll stay inside,
Safe and warm.
And no hail can pierce through our skin that easily,
For catastrophes fear open doors,
And open hearts.

#love   #hope   #happiness   #new   #storms   #relief   #year   #fights  
Winter Sparrow
Winter Sparrow
Dec 29, 2016

Look at you.
Getting beaten up,
Being everyones bitch.
What have you become?

A tired old man
A broken god
No one remembers the glory
No one remembers your help

The ravens have left you
They travelled south
Looking for other victims
Victims of fame and glory

They tortured you,
Tormented you,
Played you,
Glorified you.

And you prevailed,
Oh you conquered.
You led;
You achieved.

But you're just tired now,
This is part of your plan.
Time to go and relieve yourself.
Meet your Ragnarok

#death   #tribute   #relief   #gods   #ravens   #odin   #vikings   #ragnarok   #ragnar  
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