You're like a bad hair day or rush hour traffic
You're like small talk from strangers or those really slow mall walkers

You're like a dead remote control or a flat tire on the way to work
You're like writer's block that goes on for months or a malicious tornado that destroys an entire town

He's like a sunny day with a warm breeze or a reading brand new book
He's like a fresh blanket right out of the dryer or blasting a favorite song with the windows down

He's like hot chocolate on a cold winters night or watching the perfect sunset
He's like the perfect hug or finding money in an old jean pocket

I am like a river. Sometimes unsteady but always flowing, always moving forward.

Because I like to think it's my turn to enjoy a beautiful sunset instead of getting slaughtered by a tornado.

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Jan 10

My trust is just like a tree
Who with time becomes large and green
And you were the man
With saw in your hand
Slashing me to fallen history

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Twinkling stars fall from the night sky
and gently descend to the earth-
Like a dew drop kissing a blade of grass,
the glittery white star nestles herself amongst the others-
The stars sugar coat the vast green space
and eliminate color from below.

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Alex Carter
Dec 3, 2016

Friendship when school ends is like the leaves of a tree:

Spring begins, trees filled with healthy green leaves,
As does friendships within the year.

Summer is the end.
You fill the leaves with hope,
You love these leaves,
You've always intended to keep contact,
But inevitably, Time does change.

And Autumn comes,
And these leaves that previously you had so dearly loved
Start to fade away.
You didn't intend on this,
You were so eager to keep in touch,
But people change, as do leaves.
The once vibrant green you had known and loved
Transform into an ugly unfamiliar brown,
As you desperately cling to these leaves,
Hoping for them to stay this beautiful green you once knew.
Soon you are just standing around these empty trees
That were once so familiar to you,
But now around you all these dead leaves.

Then it's Winter,
And these leaves slowly fade away
Behind blankets of white,
Never to be seen again.
And you just stand there, surrounded by nothingness.
Cold and alone.

Nov 8, 2016

you sent a lightning that
ripped my inner core
even the ocean
spoke a language of love
but the words you whispered
were flames of infinity

.be brave.
.be bold.
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gray rain
gray rain
Jul 12, 2016

Pieces of our hearts
fit together like a
jigsaw puzzle;
each piece fitting
uniquely to us.
yet somehow
someone managed
to break us appart.

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Jul 4, 2016

the sky was pink

lost in bed, room 26

blue motel walls

silent narrow halls

soft music in the streets

my hands, your cheeks

soft sighs

angel eyes


t h i s



P a r a d i s e

i've been searching for

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Cat J Noyce
Cat J Noyce
Jun 19, 2016

      like that breath of fresh air above the smog.
      like that perfect pillow your neck needs at night.
      like that last Sudoku box to fill.
      like two opposite poles of a magnet held together.
      like a child discovering the magic of candy.
      like the computing powers hidden in your head.
      like that mythical beast you find after giving up looking for.
      like an avalanche disturbing a still Alpine noon.
      with the nurturing touch of a gardener.
      like the song you can't get out of your head.
       like the flame burning bright amidst the grey.
      like the hope of a better way.

"Friendship" is tricky business.

A woman is like a candle,
full of warmth, and bright.
When the world is at its darkest,
a good one can be your light.
She'll bring such heat and beauty,
to see you through the night.
Though storms leave you in darkness,
with her there, you feel alright.

A woman is like a candle, true.
a necessity to have around-
but if denied the proper attention
she could burn your house to the ground.

With nothing but love in my heart...
May 24, 2016

Brevity poetry
Without rhyme or reason
Would read better
With alliterations like...
Wonderfully woven words;
Metaphors like...
Sunrise kisses rosebuds to blossom;
Maybe similes like...
As busy as a bee.

Prompts:  Write your best free-verse brevity in 30 words or less inspired by the word "rhyme".

Word Count:  30 Words "orange"

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