Vishal Sheth
7 days ago

The cold gloomy clouds
pouring down snow
The harsh winter today
with its frigid glow

Looking at beautiful snowflakes
outside the windows
Everyone cuddling
in their cozy warm homes

The smell of hot chocholate
Children throwing snowballs
Ice block Igloos
This is the picture of cold

By all these lovely snowflakes
Winter days are here
With Autumn best wishes
and Spring best cheer

- Dhwanit Sheth

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Meri aankho ka tara hi , mujhe aankhe dikhata hai
Jise har ek khushi de di , wo har gam se milata hai
Jubaa se kuch kahu , kaise kahu , kisse kahu maa hu
Sikhaya bolna jisko , wo chup rahna sikhata hai ||

Sula kar soti thi jisko
Wo ab shab bhar jagata hai
Sunai loria jisko , wo ab taane sunata hai ||

Sikhane me usse kya kuch kami meri rahi sochu
Jise ginti sikhayi galtiya meri ginata hai ||

Tu gahri chao hai gar zindgi ek dhoop hai Amma
Dhara pr kab kaha tujh sa koi swaroop hai Amma
Agar ishwar kahi par hai usse dekha kaha kisne
Dhaa par tu hi ishwar ka koi roop  hai Amma ||

Naa ucchai sacchi hai naa ye aadhar saccha hai
Maa koi cheej sacchi hai naa ye sansaar saccha hai
Magar dharti se ambar tak yugo se log kahte hai
Agar saccha hai kuch jag me to Maa ka pyar saccha hai ||

Jara saa der hone par sabhi se puchti Amma
Palak jhapke bina darwaja ghar ka taakti Amma
Har ek aahat par uska chouk padna fir duaa dena
Mere ghar laut aane tak barabar jaagati Amma ||

|| Puchta hai Koi Dunia me Mohabbat hai kaha
Muskura deta hu mai or yaad aa jati hai Maa ||

Sulane ke lie mujhko to khud jaagi rahi amma
Sirrhane der tak aksar meri baithi rahi amma
Mere sapno me pariya phul titli bhi tabhi tak the
Mujhe aanchal me apne le ke jab leti rahi amma ||

Badi choti rakam se ghar chalana jaanti thi maa
Kami thi par badi khusiya lutana jaanti thi maa
Mai khushhaali me bhi rishto me bas duri bana paya
Garibi me bhi har rishta nibhana jaanti thi maa

Laga bachpan me yu andhera hi mukaddar hai
Magar maa hausala dekar yu boli tumko kya dar hai
Koi aage niklne ke lie rashta nahi dega
Mere baccho badho aage tumhare saath hai amma

Kisi ke jakhm ye dunia to ab silti nahi amma
Kali dil me ab to preet ki khilti nahi amma
Mai apanapan hi akshar dhundta rahta hu rishto me
Teri nischal si mamta to kahi milti nahi amma

Gamo ki bheed me jisne hume hasna sikhaya tha
Wo jiske dam se tufanoo ne apna sar jhukaya tha
Kisi v julm ke aage kabhi jhukna nahi bete
Sitam ki ummr choti hai mujhe maa ne sikhaya tha || ||

Copyright© Shashank K Dwivedi
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The weight of darkness
is something only the sun
can ever make light.

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"Rise, my haloed prince.
  It is time you see all you shall soon inherit."

The giant-king finished, as his heir rose in replace of the Sun.

"It is our time, now, Saturn.  Our enemy has been snuffed ..out.
   With its reign brought to an end ..extinguished..... we
    may now burn, instead."

    "Aye, father.  But, I feel we have burned far too much.
      Unless you mean to give me this charred canvas as my inheritance..."

The behemoth-king bellowed back to the prince,

"I give you, without one living enemy.
  I give your core ..peace & time.
  I give you ...Everything."

    "I am sorry, father.  I shall not let this space... go to waste.
      I shall ensure that the Sun ..did not set... in vain.”

The haloed-prince finished apologizing to his red-eyed king-father,
  as he gazed off ..into Nothing.

May sleep soon.  Yawn.
Will come back to this one, as well.  Yawn.
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He was standing at
  the front door,
  but watching the cat
sitting on the rocking chair.
It was black and white
  and looking out onto
  the green grass, or above
the apartment complex,
or beyond it, at the place
  his mother was, somewhere.
  He didn't have to jiggle its handle
to see if the door was locked,
to know if you weren't home.
  But he had locked you out of his heart
  for so long by then, that
hating you for locking the front door
would have been ludicrous.
  He was just tired,
  not only from a long day at school,
but also from asking the
neighbors for a bite to eat.
  The cat flicked its tail in
  drowsy agreement. It never
came in, but he never tried
to make it come in anyways.
  By then it was too late
  to care about cats
in rocking chairs.

The perspective in this poem might confuse some, so I'll elaborate just in case it does. The person at the front door is actually the son, and the yours and yous in the poem are adressing the father.
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We get to the hospital,
and walk to the ward
where you are, and I
notice straight away
something is wrong:
you're all puffed up
as if someone had
pumped you up with gas.

What's happened to you?
I say. Your sister looks
at you and I can see she
is as shocked as I am to
see you like you are.

You say a few words,
but they're too quiet for
me to grasp. When did
you pass urine last? I say.

You look at me with your
large eyes which seem
larger. This morning I think,
you reply, your voice soft
as if speaking was an effort.

Be back in a moment, I say,
and leave you with your sister
while I go off in search of
a nurse or doctor. Visitors are
coming and going, other
patients sit on beds or in beds,
and I see a nurse in a dark
uniform thinking maybe she's
in charge. I approach her,
and she looks at me. I'm Ole's
father and I am not happy
the way he is being cared for,
I say. Why? What's the matter
with him? She says, eyeing me.

He's all puffed up, he has an
infection of some kind, he can
hardly breathe, and he hasn't
passed urine since yesterday
morning to my knowledge.

She looks at me with frowning
brows: he was all right earlier
when the doctor saw him, she says.

Well he isn't now, I say, he needs
a catheter and something to help
him breath, he's in a bad away, I say.

I can't give an catheter, unless
a doctor tells me to, she says.

Well he needs one soon, I say,
and he can hardly hold the mug
he's drinking from, as his hands
are so puffed up. She looks over
her shoulder. I'll get the doctor
to see him when he's back from A& E,
she says, we're so busy. Well make
sure he does, I say annoyed now,
and on the edge of bellowing out,
but don't. She nods and walks off.

I sigh, and go back you still sitting
there, bent over, on the side of
the bed; your sister goes off,
too upset to remain. Can I get
you anything? I ask. Drink of orange,
you say. I pour you orange and add
water from the plastic jug. I complained
about how you are being treated,
I say. You nod: can you help me
on bed, I need to lie down, you say.

I help you on the bed and arrange
your pillows behind your head.

You sip the orange, then hand it
to me. I put it on the side cabinet.

You lie there staring at your puffed
up hands: I can't eat properly, you say,
my jaw aches as I eat. I look at
your puffed up features. She said
the doc will come see you when
he's done in A& E, I say. You say
nothing. I sit and talk to you about
mundane things, and you reply
gently finding it hard to talk.

Then you close your eyes,
and I say: look I will leave
you now, let you rest. You open
your eyes and say: Ok. I'll be
back tomorrow with Mike,
I say, bring you fresh clothes
and a book. You nod your head,
and I kiss your forehead and I go,
and you close your eyes for sleep.

That memory of that last talk
with you, I will always keep.

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It's Saturday night, 4 o'clock in the morning. And I'm believing I just had the best night of my life.

I never drink for the taste, but for the small percentage of freedom of my everyday life.

Disregarding what I do to my children and my wife. I drink to black out and I drink to forget life.

Unlike my father I never drink to back out. But I also do not drink for the taste, everyone needs a escape.

I will stand there with a girl I don't know, and I drink slow to drown and torture my sorrow. Hoping one day my soul will be hollow and I turn out nothing like you.

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Ace High
Ace High
Jan 22

Almost ten years its been .It seems like another life.
I think back and it's like watching a memory with a distorted perception.
For this mental deception. guilt feels like a knife.
Why is it blurry and Why are moments void? Why do I forget your voice?Memories I unknowingly destroyed.
I know I care to remember . I know it's easier to forget. But everything you taught me, the wisdom you gave me, the happiness you showed me; I'm forever in your debt.
With so little in hand you had a plan . Foreign surroundings and customs to adapt. Still your dignity, your pride, and your family;  it was all kept intact.
The way you diciplined me or even gave me a reward. I hated it at the moment yet only now i realize it was total love you poured.
Now it's years too late. I never even said goodbye. Written on our foreheads is our predetermined destiny you said. Superstition? Maybe just a lie.
If your story was written down it'd be a cruel one, don't you think? If the man upstairs had this planned all along. He made a chain with a broken link.
You gave me 16 years of your life which is all I knew. The path you paved for me was made, but i needed your guidance too.
A point where a boy becomes a man is where we came to a halt.  I needed you Dad,  I know leaving wasn't your fault.
Who's to blame for a tragic and unexpected loss at such a comfortable state?  "This was God's own will" you'd say.. You'd blame it all on fate.
But today it hit me. We all have plans and dreams we aspire. This fate you faced was real. You suffered so long and Now it's time you retire.
I know you're still working where ever you are. The amount of times you saved me spiritually from afar.
You never really left which is why this pain has stuck. You live in me Dad and my life has run amuck.
I hope youre not looking down and wondering where you went wrong. I don't blame anyone but myself. It was me all along.
I promise that one day ill be the son you always believed in.  It's taking me some time but my patience is wearing thin.
It's a path you set out. It's a path i may have strayed. Success is my goal. The timing a bit delayed.
I may have some doubts and I may have some fear. But with you always beside me. My destiny comes near.
I wrote this all because I felt it had to be done. I needed to explain that no matter what, I'll forever be your son.

RIP Dad. Love you.
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Jan 16

Into the darkness I went..  No one comes back..  I went through knowing all of this.  But I just had this feeling.  I knew the light would be with me.  Even if it was just a small glow.  It was still light.  As I passed on through I saw what was causing all of the darkness to bleed through our world. An ancient evil that has awaken during our darkest times.  There was no light at all.  For a moment I felt it had left me.  But then I closed my eyes in darkness.  Through my closed eyes I saw memories.  Memories of us.  Our family in the sun.  Me holding you in the moonlight.  The colors begin to swirl into my mind.  Its then I truly knew what could make all of this darkness run away in all directions.  I then felt this beautiful warmness.  I knew where it was coming from.  I knew it was my belief! Simply believing in something that I have no proof existed was enough to make me shine here in this wicked darkness.   The evilness here begin to scream as it ran away from the sun that was now shining.  The sun was me.  Son of man.  Sun of the sky..  Son of the sun.   I could never go back to them now.  But I knew they could see me everyday I rise in the morning.  They will always know that is me. Bringing light to their eyes.  Bringing day to the night.  Good morning to you all..  Ill be here tomorrow.. And then the next day, and so forth.

In the morning he shines for you..
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Jan 16

Mommy, why does that boy look like that?
shh, don't be rude
Daddy where is that girl's dad?
now is not the time, I'm not in the mood
Mom, can you hear me sing?
darling, maybe later
Dad, will you play catch with me?
at a different time would be better
Mom can I have a couple bucks?
here you go
Dad can I borrow the car
drive slow

Goodbye, mom
Goodbye, dad

I'm sure you'll remain calm
since I wasn't even there
Its like I was never gone

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