4 days ago

Where are you going
my little one...
my precious son?
Why are you taking
my baby from me?

Close my eyes
and you're two...
Close my eyes
and you're four...
Close my eyes
and you're walking
right out of the door.

Where are you going
my little one...
my precious son?
You just keep growing
too quickly for me.

Close my eyes
and you're eight...
Close my eyes
and you're ten...
Close my eyes
and I just want
to hold you again.

Where are you going
my little one...
my precious son?
You've no way of knowing
how proud you make me.

Close my eyes
you're in school...
Close my eyes
and you're grown...
Close my eyes
and you're a father
precious son of your own.

This is more of a lullaby then poem. I used to sing it to my son when he was a lil guy. He'll be 21 next month!!! Where does the time go?!
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Ben Jr
Ben Jr
7 days ago

I'm dying,
Let me be,
I've lived long, proud an free,

I'm dying, son
With no scent of regret,
I've seen you achieve goals,
I've seen you become the best,

I'm dying,
Let me be,
I haven't had everything,
But I had all I could ever need,

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He died for our sins, all transgression put to the test.
So Repent on your shins and the lesson's put to its rest.
I long for his blessings, for gods love and forgiveness.
Though I don't feel worthy, I'm not born of the gifted.
He's Someone I revere, respect and hold dear.
Yet feel so distant... A dark cold for the wretched owed here.
But there is light...
In the white of my sons eyes.
now I read the stories and suddenly realize...
For God loves the world that he gave his one and only son.
That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
A paternal cry...
And the sacrifice that showcased his love for every one who's by his side.

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After my father died
they brought his body back
in an open coffin
to stay over night
in our chilled front room.

He looked peaceful
lying there
no longer racked by cancer
no longer in pain
just at peace
no lines on face
no furrowed forehead
from worry and anxiety
just wax like smooth
and a sense of calm
unknown since his life began.

I stood looking down at him
taking in his waxen face
his dark brows neatly trimmed
his sealed lips pinkish white
his greying hair combed
into a neatness as if
for a wedding or funeral.

I kissed his
chilled forehead
with lips
sensed him loss to us
in another place.

I moved back and stood
and stared and said goodbye
with love and tear in eye.

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Jim Davis
Jim Davis
Mar 14

Keep your moonbeams
On the top shelf
Within reach
But high

Hold fast to
The spider's strand
It will lead you
From it's lair

You cannot take your  
Things with you
Thus it pays
To always travel light

Cling to those
Who love you
They will guide you
Through the night

©  2017 Jim Davis

Changed third set of verses up a bit, I like this better!  Apologies to those who read the first version.
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Mar 10

The wind blows warm as it whistles along
The wild dogs howl as they begin to hunt
The moon shines bright across the land
Near a bush beside the road upon the sand is death

What once was is no longer
All life gone
Such beauty in her face
So young

Greed, hate, evil put her there
It took everything and left only flesh
The creatures of the desert ripped at the body
The nature in death left only bone and hair

Gone to live no more
Love no more, all breath gone
No heart beat, no more smile
A mother loved by her son

She shall never see the man
She shall never know of his love
He will never feel her warmth
Hear her laugh or see her smile

Death took her life
Hate laid her on the sand
Pure evil left her there
Man walked away

For 39 years her spirit wept
A cold case, no leads
Her son would never give up
His love brought her justice and peace

No longer does her spirit weep
She is truly at rest
Her body is no longer upon the sand
In the desert outside Palm Springs

this is my first poem ever with no rhyme
it has to do with my mothers death in 1972
#love   #hate   #death   #son   #mother   #memory   #murder   #justice  

The wind rushes through small places,
and the trees do not break when they are like the wind also,
sweet the peace that kisses the moon,
right back to the earth her light silver freely caresses the water and in the month of march i see,
such deep longing and the longing is also free.
I dreamed i saw the birds all left and flew away
and the bees they kissed
and died and when i found my key to life i found also the lies. People sit with teachers who tell they all kinds of truth but the real learning in the schools comes from knowing its all untruth, little glimmers of hope offer more dependancy and less might, it is like the starving of a child in the bright scorched out desert at night,
they die ,
we die over
and over as witness.
Flowers do not weep they simply grow more when they are ignored,
and sun rays dance upon waters when no one is looking ,
they are never bored.
I'd like to show you the magic times and sing to you at night , so we maybe can have some freedom in a world that seems to blight,
blight the sensitive,
flight the kind and blight the wild and open minds.
I had a radio once but when i tuned it in nothing came only angry voices,
now it plays sweet music all through the evening
it is like a soft deeply spoken mother humming inside a little box.
Sparkling days remind me of earth shattering quakes glassing ,
cracking ,
twisting concrete.
But I am not afraid to die,
only how it may happen .
I wonder where little Nino goes now ,
a wandering through Falerone groves,
Olive leaves glistening in the springtime air
and Franky all alone.
Valentine will you wait for me
I promise to bring back your Son
But when he returns he will be a man now.
All handsome and wild like heather and wind.
His curls shining in the sun.
The sun
it is kind to the fair ones,
it burns so sweetly and mild
it warms the skin
and fills the eyes with images
and sea pines
and rolling stories on waves from the Adriatic .
Oh i shall not forget three Italia
the sea
the mountain walks
and Familia
who taught me so much
England is beautiful in its own right
but there are rows and rows of horrible Terrace houses
I never want to mention it.
It makes me want to run,
run to the trees in Fonte Morello
taste the waters
and breathe.
~Poet Ella May

#love   #son   #sun   #romance   #longing   #italy   #earthquakes   #italian  

How do you answer a five year old
When he's asking why we are alive
I don't have any statement solid enough that he'd be sold
Or why we aren't helping the elderly, hungry and cold.
Explain to a child humanity has taken a dive,
That today, people don't care if you survive
But I'm still strapped for an answer when asked
What happens when those planets align?
Looking into unsure little eyes,
Like "yeah buddy, of course it will all be fine"

It's hard to censor anymore because people want it raw
But then get insulted for what their kid saw
Even the kids shows are spouting crude jokes
Shaggy and Velma are dating
While I sit waiting for a classic mystery to begin
Teach them everything so young and so fast,
Their minds can't take it, gone in a blast.
The clock not missing a tick, the world spins

What do we win if we stop helping,
Selfishly, keeping more than they need
At the root of your thoughts,
I have to know what does your mind bleed
All these things and stuff, I'd give it all up
In a heartbeat, you can watch me do it
Lead by example and keep the rooms lit
But my son keeps asking questions,
So I keep retracing puzzle pieces on my finger
Until the answers for him perfectly fit

The sturdy hand is raised
The fingertips lightly tap his forehead as he salutes
The sharp forward motion
Signaling agreement to his duty

The same rugged hand steadily holds the pen
Emotions are painted into portraits of his love and gratefulness
The blue ink is his distraction
Diverting his attention from the battle outside and within

His mother’s gentle hand is raised as her eyes read his words
Her fingertips weakly grasping the soft tissue
She shakily breathes as the tissue dampens
Displaying the pride towards her son

With longing whispers his wife prays
She desperately fingers the rosary in her palm
Clasping her hands she quietly begs for his safety
Hoping she won’t wake their child with her husband’s smile

A foreign hand distributing the letter
The dreaded truth written within
The hands of his loved ones tremble in disbelief
As they wipe away the weeping rivers down their cheeks

Under the gloomy sky the young boy looks up
His eyes resting on the casket holding the reason for America’s freedom
With his hands in his pockets he contemplates
He steps forward with determination

He stands before the casket and raises his youthful hand
The fingertips lightly tap his forehead as he salutes
The sharp forward motion
Tasting his tears as he whispers “I love you, Dad.”

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The cold gloomy clouds
pouring down snow
The harsh winter today
with its frigid glow

Looking at beautiful snowflakes
outside the windows
Everyone cuddling
in their cozy warm homes

The smell of hot chocholate
Children throwing snowballs
Ice block Igloos
This is the picture of cold

By all these lovely snowflakes
Winter days are here
With Autumn best wishes
and Spring best cheer

- Dhwanit Sheth

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