Luna Marie
Luna Marie
3 days ago

You always ask me why,
it's so hard for me to get close.
But when I actually try,
I lose my fingers and my toes.

I hate giving my all
and getting nothing in return.
And that's why I build my wall,
before I crash and burn.

Can you please stop playing with my heart? It's physically hurting me...
#love   #alone   #burn   #play   #wall  
Jennifer Ale
Jennifer Ale
7 days ago

The wall is a place where dreams can happen
Look to the left. Why?
Screams emptiness at you
To make you regurgitate your thoughts
Into a blank place.

Give me your mind
The wall screams silently
One colour one tone one grey
Wall, another grey wall
Making up my grey home

I am in the corners of your mind
Says the wall
The wall laughs at me for it can be as still
As I ever could be
I long for quiet- I long for space
I long for emptiness no emotion no pace
Forever still like the wall

I envy its maker. Man.
Man made wall.

I built a thousand foot high wall,
Had it protected 24/7,
Yet you still sneaked past my wards.
Or maybe I even let you in,
Maybe I thought you’d find the broken pieces and make me right again.
Do you like jigsaw puzzles?
Because we can make this a game.
As long as you don't leave me,
Wounded and unfinished and a figment of your imagination.
I'd change the past so we can have a future.
I held your lips under the moonlight and forgot you were a rose.
How careless was I,
To think you'd clip your thorns for me,
Let me in,
Let me see your beauty.
How stupid,
How injustice,
How humane.
I built a wall to keep people like you out,
And then I made a doormat that said,

#love   #pain   #imagination   #fallen   #walls   #wall   #welcome   #sneak  

Donald Trump's unleashed a budget
with fanfare great and loud;
And if you helped elect him
you are, no doubt, standing proud.

Such joy and happiness you'll feel
and oh such special thrills,
to find yourself in bankruptcy
from rising healthcare bills.

With public education trashed,
most kids will come out fools,
but so glad for those richer kids
in better, private schools.

No more funding for the arts,
oh what a lovely treat,
to walk past starving artists out
panhandling on your street.

When you drink water from your tap
and start to gag and choke,
be grateful that the E.P.A.
has gone right up in smoke.

If you're old and your Medicaid
won't cover that prescription,
will "Proud to die before my time"
be on your grave's inscription?

So where will all the savings go
from all this cost reduction?
Be thrilled to know it will buy more
weapons of mass destruction;

and it will build a monument
to Trump, so we will see
a massive wall, so broad and tall,
as useless as is he.

Though into pain and suffering
your country will be slidin',
your vote for Trump has given you
a budget you'll take pride in.

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
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Written: March 19, 2017
#health   #poverty   #wall   #military   #budget   #spending   #donald   #trump   #cutbacks  

You are all repression
and denial and avoidance
in the face of anything
not ideal
because the alternative is
self hatred
And we both love
too much to prioritise
your happiness
and do you see now
this is killing me

#love   #suicide   #lies   #truth   #loss   #relationships   #kill   #wall   #guard   #repression  

When I was a kid
And the family walls were falling
I remember thinking it would all be okay
If I could just learn to wall kick
Stick the landing, while the world was crumbling,
I look for applause for still standing
But the truth is they don't see you for standing strong
Just enjoy the scene when that strength is gone
Disgree, I'm asking you to prove me wrong.

Show me the story of your high school friend who made it
Not the hundred that stayed in the mould and faded
Show me the car crash that was evaded,
The hero, who's past wasn't completely exploited,
The victim that didn't end up on that stage desserted,
But no, that human nature is too perverted.
Forget the man saved, here's more on the murderer
News casters will give you the gritty details like sheep herders

Maybe your world isn't simple to fix,
Just keep working, this life has no tricks
At the end of the day, you know what makes you tick
But before the world came crashing
I learned to wall kick
So while the struggle is as real
As the wheel you steer,
keep screaming until the deaf even hear

True story, when my parents were splitting up was right around the time Mario 64 came out and my father was the only one at the time who could wall kick in the game. For some reason it seemed like the most  important thing in the world to a very young me.
Feb 18

My side has the bread
Your side has the butter
My side has the golf sink
Your side has the putter
You can't hear the words
I can't help but mutter
Your side has the animals
But my side has the hunters

This poem is about two separate sides needing each other in order to survive, but who only end up destroying each other whenever opportunities present.
#separation   #needs   #wall  
Joe Black
Joe Black
Feb 27

If walls could talk,

What one would say to another?

-See ya in a corner...


#fun   #philosophy   #wall  
Feb 24

I've loved from a distance,
A picturesque place
Where nothing can harm me
For I leave no trace

#love   #alone   #scared   #unrequited   #wall   #barrier  

Your trumpists whoop and shout "hooray"
You talked a lot but talk is cheap
It's your inauguration day
and now you've promises to keep

You must erect that border wall
or did you change that to a fence?
So wide, so deep and very tall
or were your promises nonsense?

And as for Clinton - Lock her up?
Or did you change your mind?
"Conflicting interests" you once said.
Such crimes in you they'd never find!

Will you deport each and every
undocumented immigrant?
When did you start backpedalling
from that initial angry rant?

And then there are the Muslim folk,
such a convenient bogeyman.
Will they all have to register
while you drop bombs on their homeland?

You said outsourcing steals jobs.
Let tariffs ease that trouble.
But how'll you soothe the working poor
when Walmart's prices double?

But know this, Donald, you have friends
to help with troubleshootin'.
Will you get cosy in that bed
with your dear comrade Putin?

The swamp you promised you would drain,
did it improve or worsen?
How will your bootlick billionaires
assist the average person?

And may we see at long, long last,
your tax returns today?
The ones you promised to release
but changed your mind along the way.

How will you handle, Mr. Trump,
these questions you must face?
The pressure's on you starting now
Lets hope you don't fall in disgrace.

So many promises you made
up to Inauguration day
But please don't keep them - they're so wrong
and such a price we all would pay.

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written January 14, 2017
#muslims   #wall   #putin   #inauguration   #tax   #donald   #swamp   #trump   #clinton   #hillary  
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