Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
Nov 21, 2016

How delicate it is:
the gold, woven chain
of the flower of life
shimmering unceasingly
in the black of night.
A silent, prolific space
holding petals of exquisite grace
that are placed in living symmetry
around the life-giving stem:
the heart of hearts
that withstands and mends
through all the joy and burden.
The petals never break, never bend.
They link together without end
in strength of love’s unwavering might,
casting healing glows of spirit light,
electric and pervading --
elating all who are held within
with an endless, conscious current
that turns most divine, intentional circuits,
sentient and perfect.
Until the bloom of the whole
initiates the bloom of the heart
and we lose our bonds to evolve into the art --
to be the seeds that help grow the light,
gestating us away from the illusions of life.
We are the endless jewels radiant and rife,
resting within the deep, white folds
of the gentle lotus.
The very opus.
We sing the Om of ultimate knowing
into flawless, spoken design.
Every age acting as the next threaded bead
to help keep the prayer in time.

J.M. 2016

Endlessly jewel in the lotus, vibrating.
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I am upset
Ain’t talking to you
Coquettishly dallied she
For the promise
You have broken
Taking me with you
To the place, your so favorite, TODAY
There, you say, drizzle is the music
Colors the dance
And beauty the art
Where the peacock
Feather-paints blue in the garden
On the green

Oh inamorata, holding her hand, caressing her hair
I was waiting for this darkness
For this night: Said I
Hand in hand shall we walk
Beyond the garden
To the lake on the other side
For the spectacle
Better I had promised of
Have pondered the whole day, have found for the night
We’ll watch together with the stars
Heavens’ Cleopatra has descended
To that pond, since your childhood you have graced
In the scent of meditating pink and purple lotuses
White and yellow lilies
Hyacinths, Thalia, pitcher plants, marigolds, arrowheads
All the other flowers
Forgive me, of which you know, I not
You love in or by the pool
Tonight, that white moon you want to touch
is swimming naked in their pool, your pond…

#dance   #moon   #flowers   #art   #stars   #lotus   #tonight   #promise   #scent   #peacock  
Dimitri Hillewaert
Dimitri Hillewaert
Aug 20, 2016

there isn't all that much to worship
but the long fingers of some unknown
god granting us with melody
and meaning

or maybe this girl of my dreams
she sells sea shells by the slaughterhouse
a real diamond in the rough
saving dimes to escape from inbred mountain

I found truth in a forgotten library
the rise of the blue lotus
watered by the flooding of pain

dawn appears

#truth   #god   #lotus   #diamond   #library   #worship   #buckethead  
Amanda L
Amanda L
Jul 24, 2016

I blossom like a lotus flower,
resilient and strong, I rise up and out
of the muddy waters that have been
holding me down far too long.

#love   #sad   #alcohol   #depressed   #loss   #happy   #lotus   #flower   #strong  
Tlizzy M
Tlizzy M
Jun 25, 2016

Those 500 letters that we wrote to each other,
Those summer nights that I would sit and wonder,
Was I the man for her?
For my past relations, I was the poison.
The unsavory guide, that steered the ship of what ifs into the rocks.
For on our first night together she gave to me a lotus flower.
Her soft lips pressed against mine.
I felt the of warmth her love trickle through me as she said,
“Take this for tonight you are reborn.”
She would ask me questions as if she was my therapist,
Trying to unravel my mind, but I had been here before;
Two candles, illuminating an empty space with such passion,
But I the broken wick would burn out a little too fast,
Too afraid to let this flame burn and show her my true colors,
And now her presence is all I have to kindle this room.
The day she leaves I will be left in perpetual darkness.


THE MEMOIR of [001 | The Lotus]

This morning a beautiful young lady with soft hands plucked me from my dark, murky surroundings. She took me on a journey through the forest with a radiating smile on her face. It was clear that this path was not unfamiliar to her. Pushing past every obstacle in sight with no struggle as she made her way home, she said, “Tonight I will gift him this lotus, gift him a new life, a new hope for love”. Who was this man she spoke of? Why, when admired by such a beautiful woman had he lost all hope for love?

Later that evening she returned to her room with a man who’s exterior resembled my previous home, but his essence so pure. It became clear very fast, he had so much to say but was afraid of the consequences. A guide I will be for him, to lead him out of the darkness and into the light, just as I had during my growth. I will be the symbol for this 2016 love story even after my petals have withered away

The first excerpt from [Near Is The Sea, And So Are We] - a memoir of poems from T.M. to you.
#love   #girl   #passion   #boy   #lotus   #flower   #her   #him   #young  
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
May 26, 2016

A randy beetle,
circles a closing lotus;
nightly paramour.

#lotus   #lover   #beetle   #randy   #liasion  
May 8, 2016

Your words are lies,
I can't see through.
My eyes they dry,
Where tears once grew.

A lotus on my cheek,
Blossoms from salt water.
Knowing you'll start a leak,
With words that slaughter.

The flower of loneliness
To show the loss.
Hope turned weakness,
And you are the cause.

The lotus has many meanings. In China and Buddhism it can mean to rise out of your suffering. It can also symbolizes abandonment or loneliness.
Scintilla Grasen
Scintilla Grasen
Apr 24, 2016

It's not yet night for her to sink
But she closed herself and sank
Like eyes that are too tired to blink
And gazing upon the muddy river bank,
Suddenly, there were ripples in the water
As she sinks down into the river bed
But there was not a single call from her
As if she let herself be led
By water currents she knew so well

Have you forgotten how to float?
Or are there no souls around to tell,
About silent screams with a sore throat?
Did your roots pull from the mud?
And the current strong enough to break it?
It's a tragedy of the tiny pink bud,
who once sat on the murky water of two feet,
Being swallowed whole into the water
and not once experiencing a genuine woo

Oh, lovely water flower,

....Did you regret it too?

This is for a dear person of mine who took away her own life. Please don't give up and think about killing yourself. The pain won't go away after you kill yourself, it will be passed on to the people who love you.
Alex Arnot
Alex Arnot
Apr 13, 2016

Our garden grew so many things
Each with beauty all its own.
You had your plants and I had mine,
I wished for one we'd grow together.

We sat and pondered what we'd plant.
So many choices, so little space.
To the end, we were divided.
I wanted a lotus and you a tree.

We decided there was room for both,
But bitterness still stained your heart.
You made me care for it on my own
And horded the supplies for your tree.

I worked to get it food and water
I toiled away at my own pace.
You thought that your tree would bare you fruit
and that I'd stare in awe and envy.

Over time my lotus blossomed,
and though it hadn't much to give,
It never did me any harm
And I was proud of what I'd made.

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Lets set sail
To the great unknown,
Where the future can change
And the present can unfold.
Lets set sail
To our grand denial,
Let us live another day,
Life is better when its vile.
Lets set sail
to the REAL unknown,
Where its better when you sink,
Than it is to stay afloat.
Lets set sail,
To our greater knowledge,
For there would be no boat,
If the shore was always by us.
Lets set sail,
Far far away,
So we can learn to survive,
There is no other way.
Lets set sail,
Let us learn,
Let us fail,
Lets. set. sail.

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