1 day ago

Of course
I'll say
I'm happy
For you.

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On the threshold
of life and death
comfortably numb
by a thread of love,
passing through
the veil of time,
a peaceful sleep
so divine, it is
no wonder why we
say Rest In Peace.
To you, who I loved in life,
Do you feel
all our love
about your
lifeless limbs?
Does our pain
make it harder
for you to
Is there
a light
in the
last (tears)
of the fabric
which vessels
your soul?
Do our
kind words
bring your
soul solace
in your
as grief
builds in
in ours below?
Though we long to
hold on to you,
pulling hard
on your
strings of life,
your reel is
less the thread
needed to
resist release,
our strife
To my precious loves,
      who I must now depart,
In life,
   in love,
     in mind
        and heart,
the spirit
of life
will remain
behind me
long after
I cease
to exist
in earthly
form and time.
Knowing this,
I pray
will bring
peace to your now
troubled minds
and free my soul
to climb
to my
eternal bed,

"I love you through all space and time."

3-25-17 (C)

It's been a very sad week of loss. A dear poet friend loses her beloved son, and we lost a litter of kittens. As we spent the last moments of life, trying to revive and/or comfort them, I wonder about the space between the two planes: life and death.

The last line is a quote from Prince's song 7.

Thanks for reading! K:)
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Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
1 day ago

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

- LynnAA

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

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2 days ago

Out of the blue,
what made you
pull the last straw?

Something undone,
unknown, by someone;
a black hole sucks the light in.

Left is a void
of pain, annoyed
that nothing could reach you;

Nothing we knew.
Then out of the blue
a black hole sucks the light in.

2 days ago

I've been up
I've been down
I've seen my journey
Turn around

Been here
Been there
Looking back
It's all a blur

Heads held high
Sights kept low
Someone else
Always stole the show

Joining in
Or opting out
Never sure
Always doubt

One step forward
One step back
Another time
Another tack

Some say yes
Some say no
Some come
Others go

Life and love
Loss and pain
If I could
I'd do it again

Or would I?

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Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher
3 days ago

Oh wise worry, weep not for me,
keeper of my words and memory,
when you think of me, my works,
the phantom of I that still resides,
my shadow that falls, cast on walls,

oh wise, wonderful worry, weep not,
I would not need your wanton tears,
instead, think upon the years I was,
my smiles, those silly, willful laughs,
times filled with wiles, wise worry;

Do not miss me, or mourn me, love me;
Bring back those blessed days of before,
kiss me tenderly, hug me, even if bitterly,
time is bent, you see, so return to me,
embrace me, oh wise worry, weep not,

we have nothing but eternity.

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Chloe Helton
Chloe Helton
3 days ago

You're always there, when I smile.
But not right now.
I can't stop myself from frowning now.
Smiling mouth with my deadened eyes
and quivering all alone in my mind.
I remember when you said
that if I need you, you'll be right there.

Why don't you love me
anymore? Was I sickening to the touch?
Why don't you love me
anymore? Did I scare your love away?
I need you back. You won't come back.
You won't return my love.
How can I obtain the love that you hold in your heart?

You're always there, when I laugh.
But you're gone now.
Screaming, crying in a storm of feelings.
Smiling until I get home,
is this some kind of sick joke?
I miss the ways you held my hand.
I love you and it hurts to see you.

How could it be, that I've fallen
for you, even though you
walked away? You should have stayed by my side.
After all you said you would.
Please don't leave. Why did you leave?
You promised you would always be there.
I'll be waiting if you want to return.

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3 days ago

Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye
A hordeolum, bespectacled, lack of lye
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

This is what she said to me, a scientific lie
She explained to me, o'er again, the reasoning why
Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye

Mine had wandered into logs and knives
And they pulse the tears of  meandered cries
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

Forgiveness is a forgotten try
Boy cried wolf and science vied
Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye

Pleas and knees swallow pride
Tears fall deep and losses die
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

Two of hearts, must say their goodbyes
As love was lost for science to find
Tears are only secretions from a troubled eye
In the lachrymal lakes of a punctum stye

Arcassin B
Arcassin B
3 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

Pretty flowers...
They bloom when disasters take place in a matter of hours,
Do you run and hide when the shit hits the fan,
Or do you fall to mind control wearing pair of vans,
Kick back with a can of Miller watching your lady nag your face off,
Was this the life you were planning ahead for in the future when
Everything was so simple and now you got flaws,

Ah ah not me ! My future is solidified like the back of my two front teeth,
Talk is cheap , I don't really care about your criticism , don't bother me,
I'm still on my feet, I'm not six feet deep yet so thats a plus especially,
I'll do what's right for me, I'll find a new resistance out of life though
These trees,
There's nothing to say, who cares if I get too personal any other day,
You're all in the way, I have no place here in this dump , I don't wanna
The sweat on my face , brings so much Shame in this existence , I can't even fly
To the place I belong , I wanna go home.


They say get a grip on life son and I'm already two steps ahead,
About to turn into the big two-o this year , glad I'm not dead,
Lead the strong into new beginnings where the promise will be as
Promised as tomorrow,
Lived your whole life being scrutinized in societies eyes bring so
Much sorrow,
Hi I'm a citizen,
That's wonders where we'll all be in ten years,
Do we get more than a mention?
Lying to you on the news , looking at a bunch of words like it's scripted,
Yeah the devils clever too , fighting this off like a muse,
They'll erase you like you never existed,
I was never the type to be weak,
I've been mostly living around women,
It's okay cause I stayed on my feet,
Now I'm more of a man than many men.


Feel The agonizing pain of being in the midst of
I was always someone that would go right to the hatred,
When it came down to it , no one would bust a grape and,
when it came down to it i was always yours and,

No folding of the hands while praying to a God That would
be busy anyway.

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3 days ago

My beautiful man
Im sorry for what I did
Please love, take me back

I miss you so much
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