6 days ago

Cameras flashing in rapid succession
She’s reunited with the lights,
Descending from heavens above
She throws herself to the wolves
Wrestling crowds and wrist cuffs,
Drowning in the spotlight
As she’d always dreamed

Insp. by Sunset Boulevard (1950)
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Techno-guinea pigs
The War Profiteers don't really know who they have killed.
They don't really know WHAT the Enemy is.
Everywhere there is Terrorism.
Some children are terrorized
From the minute they emerge from the womb.
However, one can't blast a CONCEPT to bits......
Just human bodies.
It's impossible to Eradicate Fear.

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Anything I don't want to believe in.....
Anything I don't like
The Palestinians are NOT being oppressed by Israel.
That "Separation Wall" was set up by Artists!
Black People IMMIGRATED to the United States
For a better life.
No Black People were ever dragged to North America in Chains!
Jewish People have been having the biggest PITY PARTY
Over the FAKE Holocaust since 1945.
It didn't happen!
It was all just made up by the Jewish People so they'd gain
"Global Warming"...."Melting Ice Caps".....
It's all a Fraud.
Famine.......Refugee Crisis.....
It's all a LIE!
The Mexicans and Muslims
Just want to enter the United States illegally
To take the White Man's stuff!

Mar 9

I would paint a picture,
But it will be words coming out.

I would love and come to talk
But my mouth will zip,
by the time I even open the door.

I would be willing to express an emotion
But bring you a hanger,
so you can pull it out from my throat.

I would say I'd love to prove a point
But then forget what it was even for.

I would think there are many ways to go
But then walk on the same road.

I think I know what I would like to do next
But my brain has gone for a stroll.

Mar 6

Lear wanders in stormy open, bares warring elements,
The heavens blister, crackle, night is balmy shroud,
Wretched monarch babbles in sprinkles of wind cold,
Arguments lost by ones own pouring perturbations
And raining sky said 'nothing will come from nothing.'

Howl, howls into blackness treed in lightning splits,
His outcast soul, reels, fleshed, cut to smithereens,
Tang of salt burns on the bluffs and the sea rages,
So entire and ceremonious is Lear's fall meted out,
Air spoke, 'nothing from nothings ever yet was born.'

Sky proclaimed to man child King, here is a reckoning,                                    
Each mad choice was self infliction, now wind flays
And sweet Cordelia lies in her innocent weed grave,
Sky, in thralls of thundering asks, 'what say thee now,
King of highborn follies, even purple heaths are rags,

Yet black and above you and night shades, whine,
Unworthy King, done in by compounded effects,
The might of maelstroms in low butterflies wings,
How now, bare trees, knifing reeds, skeletal flashes,
To rains of night are ever your lanyards my lord,'

Sad Lear so near oblivion fell mute, sky went on,
'Howl and cry mad King your reaper calls beyond,
The icy brisk heavens await to brusque you away,
Your slipshod kingdom was mere and fools' dream,
Howl, til howls abrupt abate, for nothing now comes.'

King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare in which the titular character descends into madness after disposing of his estate between two of his three daughters based on their flattery, bringing tragic consequences for all. Based on the legend of Leir of Britain, a mythological pre-Roman Celtic king.
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Our love is so special,There is just none like ours...
what we hold is a truth; others can only hope for it
You sleep with me always.... each and every night..
you're always so quiet, hold no reproaches... make no remaks.
That's why I love you and no one could love you more than I...
You are my only treasure, my love for you has no measure

Sometimes when I come home drunk with anguish
you let me come close to you ......we kiss and embrace softly
But you fall fast asleep... and you dont feel a thing...
I Still hold you close to me... and sleep with you tightly
But later when I awake... you are no longer with me..
And only my pillow is there
Sometimes when I see you...... so quiet and lonely...
That's when I break down... and become like any other...
I wanna cry out to you My Love I want to beg you
" please come back to me"
my whole breath and soul is meant just to keep loving you...
But my time keeps passing my cries and pains forgotten...
Like the wind they keep blowing.... forever lost and stolen..

That's why when I come home......drunk with anguish
you let me come close to you ......we kiss embrace softly
But you fall fast asleep..... and you dont feel a thing...!

I Still hold you close to me and sleep with you tightly..!
But later when I awake you are no longer with me..
All am left with is just my pillow
Forever only my pillow

this is the english translation of the song Almohada (pillow) by jose jose
Mar 2

The voices in the halls
Echo cruelly on the walls,
Laughing faces distort and
Whisper but no one else can hear;

Arches stiffened to perfection
Spinning round in all directions
Violent tremors spewing forth while
Talons clutch and claw

Lose yourself in pure delusion
Don’t give into the confusion
Bleed your heart out on the stage and
Let dancing take your breath away

Insp. by Black Swan

My mind is looking
For an answer.



I'm not sure anymore. Because,
When I look up, there you are.
And I..... lost it.
Those thoughts that make me - an individual.
Those thoughts that me me - unique.

........... End so quickly - with you in my presence.

My own being - lost.
My own mind - lost.

..........You can be too much.
To many thoughts, emotions, ideas for my being to

And I am losing what I need.
Who I need to be.

- One Day, I will not need question marks (?)
One Day, I will not need last minute calls...
- One Day, I will not need confusion
One Day, I will not fall so deep into my delusion
And I will not hold onto a faint, loose, illusive - idea

To be in your presence -
I will, one day, not feel the need to be beside you -
Because I hope.

You're are no longer a hope......

And I will stand with my own two feet -
I will be planted in my own being, not hoping - for an idea.
I will be brave!

And I no longer wait for strength from other's before I ask it from myself.
I will no longer wait for their question marks to become my ideas of romance.
I will no longer wait for an idea
I will become the idea - of who I am meant to become

So I will never lose again.

Trying to make sure you take care of yourself before you let a day-dreaming mind become to strong.
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Her mind had become one large empty room
With only a chair
She needed a place to sit and think

She felt like an empty alley crossed by railroad tracks
Life seemed to have a way of going its own way
While she watched silently waiting for the next train to pass

She heard a noise and it was a spring bird gathering twigs
It was undaunted by weather that won’t make up its mind
It’s a feeling inside that drives it to plan ahead
No matter the cold air
It must be nice to know what tomorrow will bring

It’s that feeling though
It can make you wait for the wrong thing
To believe in what is not right for you
To forget the pain they put you through
You remembered a glimmer of good
And made it the entire story
That’s why the room was empty
That’s why a glimmer is welcome
But there is no other chair
It’s because you put it on the other side of the door
And you did it for a reason
And now you’re thinking of bringing it back
What you don’t know is that it’s not there anymore
Someone else took it

Maybe you’re in the wrong room
The door is unlocked
You can leave if you want
Or you can wait
Because a fantasy is easier than a decision

We have control over an Artificial World......
A  Realm that can be manipulated by pushing buttons
On our gadgets and gizmos,
But, in the Real World, we're disempowered.....disconnected.
Our lives are completely beyond our control.

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