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572 · Sep 2018
Sincere Heart
YexMarie Sep 2018
This girl who’s unsure
From time to time,
Moreover, insecure
Shouldn’t spend a dime

Even if she was a billionaire
To be like the other flowers in the garden
She’s just incapable if she’s not yet aware
Because she’s a sunflower in a yard full of roses

Shining brightly amongst all the reds
Resembling the sunlight
That other living things couldn’t help
But stare

This girl who’s effortlessly beautiful
Still cannot see it from her point of view
But the whole world better be careful
Cause its her sincere heart that will stun you
Dedicating this to my beautiful best friends as well as all the girls out there who won't stop comparing themselves to other girls
487 · Sep 2018
YexMarie Sep 2018
She found a place where flowers bloom,
Birds chirping
And an atmosphere that brings serene to her
A place where joy and peace are fused

All she wanted was a warm welcome from that place,
A delightful and friendly greeting,
Nothing else
Not even a permission to conquer it all

Little did she know,
She is nowhere close to be desired by that place
But to her, this place will forever remain a place of entrancing beauty in her kind heart
And now she is more than ready to go elsewhere
Admiration for a place or someone but that place or that someone doesn't appreciate you
359 · Sep 2018
1:22 am
YexMarie Sep 2018
Eyes are damp from the tears
Head is empty currently
Not enjoying this late night atmosphere
A sleepless night certainly

How did I end up this way?
All I wanted was to talk
But now you make me feel like you’re far away
As if you slowly walk,
Distant from me

Here at 1:22 am
Sleep wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted to be free
Free from all of this chaotic situation
And wishing you would be beside me,
Calming the storm and wait for the morning sun
To restart a brand new day
#thoughts #feelings #scared
302 · Feb 2019
YexMarie Feb 2019
Stranded on a deserted island,
Confused and terrified
With nothing on her hand
Struggles to think straight by the seaside

Her soul screams
As she lies down on the hot sand
For her life seems so faraway
Reality becomes a nightmare

Even on the sunniest, clear sky day
Feels like a moonless, pitch-black night to her
Although the swaying palm trees give out a warm breeze,
It's still unlike the warmth she feels at home
When life hits you right down
281 · Sep 2018
Roller Coaster Rides
YexMarie Sep 2018
Starting with that very night
You and I began this little adventure
Holding each other's hand really tight
And ready to face the thrills together

Although without knowing what comes next
Every turn of these rides feels breathtaking
Like you just witness a double rainbow kind-of-effect,
So rare and at the same time fascinating
But surely every turn may not be all pleasing
These rides can be bumpy at times

But even after more than 500 days of these roller coaster rides,
And after all the ups and downs
We're still here, sitting and buckled up side by side
Willing to encounter whatever in many more rounds
Just a way of being thankful
147 · Dec 2018
YexMarie Dec 2018
Everyday I wonder
Do birds still sing when it's such a gloomy day?
Do flowers still bloom when the sun doesn't always shine?
I hope they all still do

Because how else will people find true beauty and pure happiness?
Nature has always been the place
That people crave to freshen up their minds from the hustle bustle
To still believe that there's contentment in every corner of life
Whenever bad days strike, nature has always been my greatest companion

— The End —