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dk Mar 2013
Falling In Love
It’s a downward spiral.
Everything spinning
And yet despite all
The bruises we get
As we crash into the cliffs
The splash at the end
And what’s left of the mist
Is more than enough
To suffice the need
Of the neediest lovers
Whoever they may be.
But when the mist coincides
And the water lays still
Is there anything left
But the bruises that didn’t heal?
So the fall starts again
And the sores multiply.
The heart begins to tear
And the soul begins to cry.
As the bruises become cuts
And the cuts become scars
We fall out of love
And become who we are.
Tadpole Oct 2018
We all need acknowledgement
We need air and food and sleep and
a sign that we are on someone's mind

You must fake care
We all must
Because a functioning relationship and a
a very low ******* tolerance cannot

I have the neediest of needs
But your head could not be farther
up your own ******* and you can't see
I'd like them met by you
Zambra Gutierrez Sep 2010
Hatred that fuels passion

Love that restrains resentment.

More of a balance,

there is none.

Even more of an irony

When to risk everything if we must,

we’d gladly do. But one more trip

and over the cliff


of us goes.

Though both of us know,

insignificant others will no longer signify us.

Future pain

out of the question is.

Though the remaining one


with every silenced complaint masked with trust:

We mustn’t say,

We mustn’t show….

Both of us have ending arguments.

Both of us win.

Both of us lose.

Both of us surrender.

After so many tears,

after so much steam and anger –

the experience doesn’t fail, to

show us human.

Doesn’t fail to let us

downgrade pride.

and value every breath-taking moment.

Let our sight take care of past feelings.

We deliberately forgive

…do we forget?

We never forget.

We repress.

Repression that hurts


but also prevents us from the

almost inevitable end.

Where do we fall?

Where do we combine,

repel any sign of despair?

A place where we can never go when mostly desired

– but always arrive in the

neediest of times.

A place where unconsciously we drown

into each others eyes - just once more.

Time non-existent.

Never will we understand

for never will we need to.

The plain fact is there,

And when there,

rationality suddenly becomes irrational.

My frustration to your ways.

Your hatred to my actions.

Our compassion for our love.

Bliss may come

when words of it are spoken no more.

Both of us

in mutual eternal exhilaration.
wordvango Nov 2017
wander down with gentle rains
along the furrows dug along those
long straight rows out

I seep and trickle
flow among each drop
seek the lowest spot
and gather

low with my kin
follow gravity to its

to the neediest root
the dryest eye
make tears

a pied pipers eye
to cry at the  drop of a
small seed

into the next cloud
to serenade
each fallen hero

making life renew
and look

I am

just dew
and heaven
Brent Kincaid Sep 2017
The rich never starve
So they don’t understand
When others do.
They have no earthly idea
What the starving folks
Are going through.

They are being taught
By those that have cash
That poor are lazy trash
And it’s fine to ignore
When they suffer.

If the poor were wise
They would choose another
Better way of living.
They’d surely not starve
But would rather carve
Out some way of  life
That brought wealth to
Their kids and their wife.

It’s got to be something
That the poor has done
To make them into
The neediest ones.
They should even work
For some fast food place
Because being poor is
A huge, social disgrace.

And the women should stay
At home with their kids
The same way our mothers
Of yesterday all did.
It’s shameful the way
The poor make their spouses
Work at jobs all the time
Outside of their houses.

The rich never starve
So they don’t understand
When others suffer.
They fail to accept that
We are their sisters
And their brothers.
Lonnie Nichole Oct 2017
The way her skin tastes makes you hum
Low sounds coming from your mouth
and all you can do is breathe into her because she is there
She is under you
and around you
and with you
in every single moment you are feeling her
You like that
You are burning with her on a high of the highest of highs
In a moment of the neediest of needs
She knows this and she is not okay with it
She will still give it to you
She will touch you
Hug you
Kiss you
Feel you in ways nobody else has felt you
You are so full of craving that you will use her and burn her out like a small, suffocating flame
You want to hurt her like you have been hurt
She wants you enough to allow you the pleasure
The Sensual Series Two
alanie Feb 2021
(Sometimes) I hate you,
But the neediest parts of me still crave
the vague admiration you hid between pages of manipulation and abuse.

I tell myself that I’ve moved on.
I ignore the cold sweats and screams that interrupt my dreams.
I push the thought of you to the bottom left corner of my mind,
Stored with other trauma, like family dinners and math homework.

It takes all the strength left in me
Not to set your castle of comfort ablaze
With the months of lies and exploitation.
How easily I could send it all tumbling with the flick of a finger,
Yet I don’t.
Maybe its because I’m humane and lenient in the ways you never were,
Or maybe its because I’m a coward
Just like you.

— The End —