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i know i'm a rich girl
when i stare into your eyes
i see dollars everywhere,
                   and they don't match
                   the glimmer in them

you dig the materialistic, sentimental, american traditions
i dig you more than any of that crap
and you ask me how i view this country
and i want out,

there's got to be profit in having none of it at all
there's profit in getting yours and my own bodies
together,                      because you're not
                      into running away, but i want you to

                     we go on road trips, we go sailing
                     and i want to bring the heat out of this
                     hype before it bites us both
 Jun 2015 Vishv sharma
RH 78
Dancing flaming lips
Bite me.
Hands around my hips.
Hold me.
Don't sin. You're pure.
Respect me.
You love me. are you sure?
Give me honesty.

Our partnership is based on trust.
Built on solid foundations with a super solid crust!
 Jun 2015 Vishv sharma
Randomly Running
at the "new" old asian restaurant...or was it the "old" new
new "old" or old "new"
or a combination there of
"I'll take combo #2"
(i.e) (ir)Regardless

Randomly Running
I trip over a boulder
which upon further/farther insp(dis)ection
seems to be shackled to my leg
I open it:
"You are unlimited"
Word Study.
 Jun 2015 Vishv sharma
 Jun 2015 Vishv sharma
They say God is the most important being,
But don't they realize
He's the one
That sends us to Hell?
And don't people understand
That by teaching someone to shoot,
They become vulnerable?
Dramatic irony.
Maybe we should be
More versed in Shakespeare
Than in the Bible.
Maybe then
I wouldn't have so many bullet holes
In my back.
 Jun 2015 Vishv sharma
Selio Aras
Isn't it ironic,
how we tell others to stay strong,
yet we cant do it ourselves?
Everyone seems to think
I am the “master” at
solving problems but,
I can't even figure out
how to solve my own…

— The End —