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  Dec 2018 erica court
flash from beneath the christmas tree
like a person diving in the water
truncated by a fluffy tail, a blur of reality
a ball of fur as fast as lightning
thumping up the stairs
then back down
then back up
then back down
  Dec 2018 erica court
when there's dark
when there's dark, there's no you
big moods, therapy's too expensive
sometimes it's better to lie
than to **** the vibes
and waking from dreams
'cause when there's dark
there's no you and i'm staring
at the ceiling instead of stars
  Nov 2018 erica court
just look ‘round
what’s the news—
same old, fussing over holidays
open hand or closed fists
hear the noise on the staircase

what’s that?
christmas eve, just around the corner
you can see the sweet evanescence
in the hanging lights,

like colorful wreathes in our eyes
merciless even when November
is still here, nostalgia sweetens
my blood and melts me to sobbing song
  Nov 2018 erica court
All these boys do is meet
behind the shed, 4:20 alert
dagger of the day climbing rocks
and making bets on their teams
pressing feet on gold coins
dropped from birch trees
and well trodden hills
Idiocy comes in many forms—

I join em and ignore the world
the cries replaying hundreds of time
during the daytime, night time,
  Nov 2018 erica court

dreams drip and drop
saliva draped and daubed
across fine lips

the gallery of night
drawn curtains, unwoven robes
falling plump in the mist of a crush

want to be more than friends
before the kingdom of day
coldly sheds light in yellows and orange
  Nov 2018 erica court
rofl the test worked
ya throw fits at the mall
speak ***** in a child's voice
i hear delicacy in your dialect
but it's optimism, imagination
on my part, trepidation and mistaken identity
tantrums later, spilled coffee
deforestation in my thought's trees
skinny love, blood in sinks
listening to that song
ya don't dig a whole lot
about him, you don't have a shovel
but you drive your
pink nails in the sheets
it's probably why i can't escape you
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