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David Sep 2015
The river of vile
that streams through the main living room
your bile
and into crowded basements
now a flood plain
it doesn’t compare much to your smile
and as your body lays heavy
contorted, distorted
reaching for boulders
that erode quickly into sediment
hapless in attempt
your parents disinterest now retorted
hapless self directed contempt
with pants shackled at ankles
o’keefe sweet lips flower showing
you drown
and sink

and crickets chirp
and fish swim
David Aug 2015
your body, the drain plug,
that climactic days of a day
murky sweet strawberry milk water
ebbs and sways
around, surrounds, and surmounts you

Your body the dumping ground
for pretty poppy seeds
seep, steep
seeded somewhere deep


synthetic stinging metaphor rain
pours on your mistreated singing skin
spotted, dotted, synaptic rule
akin to lemon poppy seed muffin tops
your head- a top
spins round
and mimics
never-ending bath drain whirlpool

ambulances and ambivalences soundtrack
this nocturne
night of a morning
mourning already
my poor lost sister
a little less than intact
lost in her head
I'm loosing her

and she's nodding

            and she's nodding

                          and she's nodding

                                    and she's nodding
and she nods
and grumbles,
fumbles for words that aren't there
four words that aren't there
forward isn't there

because what do you say
about matters
when your high
and breathing last breaths overlapping
in humble showers
in heart crumbling nakedness
your faithlessness trapping
murky sweet strawberry milk waters.
David Jun 2015
Couldn’t sleep last night
so I did the next best thing
and quaffed caffeine until
cerebral vasoconstriction
set in
I think
I know I have always been embarrassed to be me
but I guess
if nothing else
Humiliation breeds diffident dissonance humbly so
so foggy up here
a tad bit soggy,
saturated with my diseased anatomical atoms
my dendrites retreating
softening like rotting fruit
so much potential so little actualization
synapses overloaded
with drugs
that I didn’t know

Like the lone tree in the farthest forrest
dendritic pestilence is high and corrosive
I’m high and corrosive
I sigh for the lovers that never knew I loved them.
I miss the lovers that I never knew I loved.
I love the lovers who didn’t don’t and wont love me.

Couldn’t sleep last night
so I did the next best thing
and mirrored the rain until
pillows were
I think
I know I have always wanted to be caressed slightly
but I guess
if nothing else
creation breeds ****** succulence cunningly so
so sticky down here
a tad bit rickety,
saturated with my diseased anatomical atoms
my elevated coronary coronated erosion
sputters like a misused Porsche
so much beauty so little left
arteries caked
with yesterday’s cigarette
that let me let go.
David Jun 2015
Each raindrop explodes
into millions of tiny oceans
that I can’t see.
As if written in code.
I know of their existence
they mean the world to me
but I wish I could feel and know
without emotion
that one of the millions of oceans
was bigger than the sea

from which the raindrop first appeared
and was lifted upwards just to fall again
again, against all agony an aging raging storm
dropped its first few bombs.
Signalling to the rest it would soon be time
for their own demise,
surmised from the fallen
they form the same sea scenically placed
where we will first meet
they are chastised for their ability to
reconstruct from their own destruction.

I shake in my bed thinking of all the millions of oceans forming over head
and all of the oceans they have been and will be
all the seas they were a part of then
and now that they can’t and won't be
David Jun 2015
Social ineptitude
summarized as “self-solaced in solitude"
becomes nightmarish
in late night fright
I worry I will never make my desires known
Sewn into the fabric so even the
sharpest seam rippers
do little to nothing to repair
my inability to tell the truth,
my lips have been sealed, healed and sealed again
To the Yous
I used to call
You're gone and
I am reminded of your presence in this world
and your absence in mine.
David Jun 2015
I'm uncomfortable  

And always tense
In observational
From my corner coffee shop
I see simple embrace
One for which
my body aches.
My body breaks
I realize
I'm alone and
In doing so actualize my own fate.

People are aliens
Foreign and speaking a language which seems eerily  
familiar but forgotten
years ago.
It seems I am not getting
better at conversing
just daily Rehearsing
The same rhetoric
Stoic lows
recycled and recited
to a new day, a new ethereal face

Inadequate Inadequacies
Inadequately Inscribed,
,described and, imbibed.

Please, oh Lord,
Let me imbibe
before subscribing
to speak to you, me, every and anyone.

Send Help!
Send Anyone!

A person
to make my lips feel
a little
less caustic.
Casual conversation
by the wayside
I want what I had
Not what I can or could have.
I don’t want love.
I’d rather have a dog to put to sleep
than no dog at all.
David Jun 2015
Something about a cigarette and a cappuccino
gives me solace
but not more than the layers of my bed.
I know it’s all “in my head”
but when did
losing you
become worse than
losing myself
I drag on
I drag on
I drag on

like the dragons breath
out comes the
smoke and flame
and with it
my dignity
and affinity for you, myself, and everyone else

Something about a cigarette and a cappuccino
keeps me at bay
but not like you did
its not the end of may anymore
but the beginning of June
and with it I come out of ruin
ashes fall out of my lungs
I don’t know it now
but my eyelids
won’t close tonight
and instead
in fright and flight
I fight with myself
I plead with my psyche to think about all
the infinite world of nothings
that seem to ease my mind
I should come with a warning:
be kind
I’ve been hurt before
and wouldn’t find
it terribly wrong
if you would,
or could
find it in yourself to
love me
one time more

Something about a cigarette and a cappuccino
gives me solace
but not more than the layers of my bed.
I know it’s all “in my head”
but when did
losing you
become worse than
losing myself
selfishly I
drag on
drag on

I quit.
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