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I'm lonely as a
dancing ghost in
empty Halls,
waltzing through
memories of a
Banquet set for
many, yet no one arrived.

I long for
him on winter nights
when Christmas is a lie.
In deepest memory
my mind escapes
to places yet journeyed
undreamed they await

In deepest memory
the future untold
awaiting unbeckoned
—the next bell to toll

(Dreamsleep Tribute To Laura Nyro: March, 2023)
He stretched out his hand
& Caught Me.
That's how I fell into the abyss.
Love is a double-edged sword. Wield it well.
 7d HOPE
 7d HOPE
It’s raining,
And I wish you were here.
Because, and I know it’s cliché,
But I’m falling a lot harder
Than this rain, and dear,
It’s torrential here.
But these sheets of rain
Remind me of the sheets we share,
And I’d just as quickly
Wrap myself up in them
If I thought you were in there, too.
It’s 101° there.
But here it’s raining.
And I miss you.
 7d HOPE
Every expectation sits on all ten finger tips
how do you even
 7d HOPE
the morning is a cold clean shower
making me happy to be alive
the brain is a lovely washcloth
 Mar 13 HOPE
Solaris Lanayru
Don't listen to that voice
The one within your mind
That tells you everything is going to be okay

Because it's not

You know it's not

You struggle every day and every night
Always tired of this fight
It draws you in and lures you too far
Then you're trapped and there's no going back
So why bother?

Why bother?
Why care?
It's not like anyone is there
To hear you cry out for help
Or to see you reach out desperately

So you sit there and you cry

Until the one you truly love comes along
To pull you back from the depths of the hell within your head
I still pine
       for what I’ve lost
               the promise and

I still search my memory
                for hidden fragments
                                 of that treasure.

     Time has covered
                some of them in
                            shadows of nostalgia.

     But the flaming pain
                        still brightly burns and
                                      tears will not extinguish it.
Sometimes I feel like a broken record.  Healing much too slowly.
 Mar 5 HOPE
Octavio Paz
La tinta verde crea jardines, selvas, prados,
follajes donde cantan las letras,
palabras que son árboles,
frases que son verdes constelaciones.
Deja que mis palabras, oh blanca, desciendan y te cubran
como una lluvia de hojas a un campo de nieve,
como la yedra a la estatua,
como la tinta a esta página.
Brazos, cintura, cuello, senos,
la frente pura como el mar,
la nuca de bosque en otoño,
los dientes que muerden una brizna de yerba.
Tu cuerpo se constela de signos verdes
como el cuerpo del árbol de renuevos.
No te importe tanta pequeña cicatriz luminosa:
mira al cielo y su verde tatuaje de estrellas.
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