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HOPE Nov 2020
The antiquity of thy beam
Slowly swinging into gloom
Like the ancientness of thy giggle
That rotated into bunch of sniffle

Seventh heaven into blaze
Paradise meeting flame
Conveyed by chariot of fire
It's life full of adventures
Our lives came already patterned. Like a mountain high and a mountain low
HOPE May 2020
My Africa, My Home
In the sky I raise my fist,
From beneath I bow my head,
to the motherland that carries our spirit,
to the homeland of liberty and peace
I am an African

I wear my colourful clothing,
with dignity and humility
They call them bracelets, with bold voice,
I say these are beads of life and purification,
My identity

I am an African,
And Africa is my home
HOPE Jan 6
I should have loved you from a distance,
That way I would have preserved this fragile piece of mine.
HOPE Jan 2022
Not only you and I,
Hound that became a companion,
One you get intimate with,
Either chattels you adore,
That is meant to be loved!
Everything wanna be loved.
HOPE Jan 2021
Dear father who art in heaven
Before I could be, You were
Before I am, You are
Definitely no me without you
For the creation could have been incomplete
without the formation of me
The Grace has found me as I am
and qualified me where I couldn't qualify
I am no longer called an orphan
for with you I am fathered
and not only fathered
but have found a friend as well
who is able to comfort me through
my spooky days where I feel haunted
through my breaking point
where I feel life reaching the breaking point
Thank you for being merciful enough
to choose a sinner as your own
and clothed her with a garmet of the glory
as well as of the beauty like Aaron
standing holy and blameless before God
In the name of your Son Jesus Christ I pray,

#Grateful #God'sLove #Concecrated #UnconditionalLover
HOPE Feb 2022
The execution take place without our Will,
Yes! No! Steadfast or not,
The Angel shows no compassion.

You board the train already geared to take off,
With no alert who will be getting off from here,
You or the passenger next to you!
HOPE Dec 2021
I never prayed for you,
I prayed for my soul

For I longed for peace,
I desired love

To see butterflies,
In someone's eyes

As mine sparkle like,
a midnight twilight

I prayed for a brotherly love,
I never experienced

Something to challenge me,
To see a better reflection of me

I never prayed for you,
Yet God gave me you.
HOPE Jan 2021
Contemplation always lies
Between I do and I don't
Primarily on yes or no
Definitely not in-between
That is not a counterclaim
Of whether you accredit prodigy or misfortune
Either Signs and wonders
But to her lies a sacred divination
Which permit her to wish you
a phenomena new year
HOPE Nov 2022
you were just someone I met on the road,
yet you found your way into my heart,

I gave you a place to hide,
yet in the end I was just someone you used to know.
HOPE Jun 2021
When my day is done
The heart stop beating
I breath the last breath
Close my eyes for the last time
And the sound of my voice is no more,

Don't shed a tear,
If you've never done
in my breaking moments

Don't come for night vigil,
If you've never came for a visit
in my most trying times

Don't put flowers on my tomb,
If you've never let me smell
the fragrance of the lilies
in my happiest times

Love me now
Hug me now
Wipe off tears
From my teary eyes
At this moment
Before my day is done
HOPE Aug 2021
Worthless and rejected
As your servant Joseph
Yet you carried me through

Discouraged and weary
As your beloved David
Yet you held me close

While the world convinced me
I wasn't meant to be loved
Unconditional love you showed me

I came with nothing
As empty as the sky
Dispirited like a sheep without a shepherd
Yet I became your everything, Daddy!!
God loves me that much
HOPE Feb 2021
This morning he gave me the longest hug of them all
Looked me in the eyes with his shining blue eyes
Tears escaping before he could utter these three words
"I love you" while handing me this box
Beautifully wrapped a million times with colour of love

You should have seen me overwhelmed
Kissing his cheeks with the box in my hands
Smile widely spread eagerly rushing to see what is inside
Could it be chocolate, a card, a teddy bear maybe
I kept on guessing while my hands kept digging

There was nothing huge inside but a piece of a paper
I looked confused while going through it
But the paper read "My heart couldn't fit
On that box, that's where I carry you with me each day.
Be my valentine once more and let me love you for eternity"
Love is a beautiful thing. When you find it cherish it and hold on to each other. Let valentine be Everyday ❤️
HOPE Mar 2022
Beloved soul,
The symbol of our love,
Is a moving vehicle,
Forever steady, yet not ready to reach the destination.
HOPE Dec 2020
In the beginning was you
God visibility of the spoken word
Of which became flesh
Unblemished Jesus tendered as a sacrificial lamb

The son nourished through the Holy Spirit
Propagated through the ****** Mary
Clothed with the garment of the glory
Only for His blood to spill on the cross of agony
We celebrate his birth today #WeCelebrateTheWordWhichBecameFlesh #SacrificialLamb #UnconditionalLover #JESUSCHRIST
HOPE Jul 2022
Dearest Bubblegum,
I chewed you while sweet,
Till tasteless and of no use,
Spit you out as far away as possible

Then life returned the favor,
Of treating me kind until comfortable,
Yet threw me into the Lion's den...
How bittersweet!
HOPE Jul 2020
Dear black love
How courageous you are,
to embark on a journey you do not know how it will turn out
How humble you are,
to trust your hearts and just listen to the silence
It is sweet and beautiful as you walk this journey
hand in hand relying on each other

Just like a vehicle written off
to my mind also it was written off that true love exist
Till I met you then you changed my perspective
and you left me with no any other option than to believe
How you get lost in each other's arms,
how you define love getting too different,
of what English dictionary define love
I guess that is love

Dear black love
Just like a heart always sing the song incomplete
until another heart sing back and complete the lyrics
Your love is so sweet
it smells like a fresh aroma in the morning sunrise
Your love is beautiful
like multitude of stars shining in the evening dawn
Your love is fascinating
like God miracles performed in the book of life

As you are ready to say I do
and ink your vows on pieces of papers
I'll stand as your witness
and witness the eternal love
being channelled right in front of my eyes
Dear black love
HOPE Jun 2020
There I was,
lying next to him,
as he lied underneath my head
feeling all kind of warmth of his chest,
vulnerable on each others arms,
feeling the softness of both our skin,
I took a blink,
because all to me was like a dream,
a dream that I don't ever wanna wake up,
Slow like the movement of a tortoise,
I open my eyes to check if I'm not dreaming
And there I was,
not dreaming but brimming with love
HOPE Dec 2021
I saw her face
On a broken mirror
Clothed with a smile
Yet fragmented as the reflection
HOPE May 2020
I am not my brokenness
Yes I was broken in such a way,
that when I took a glance at thyself
I failed to recognize thyself
I am not my brokenness

They misjudged my brokenness
and reversed it into bitterness,
I was not bitter
It was just a cry of a broken soul
that they failed to recognize but rather level it as weakness
I am not my brokenness

If silence tears were a portion of a million,
at this moment I could have been labelled as one
If they were an ocean full of blessings,
at this very moment my name could have been Abraham
If they were a dwelling palace,
It could have been at the very right hand of the father
I am not my brokenness neither my silent tears
HOPE Jun 2021
If you parade with your pains,
What would be the significant of smile?
If you parade with each drop of tear,
How are you ought to feel the rain drops?
If you wander with the visibility of your bruises,
What will make the dance circle not be painted red?
If you only hold broken crayons,
How is the rainbow ought to be coloured then?

Yes, you are broken,
Yet not destroyed
HOPE Jan 2021
I looked upon the sunset meeting the moon
As I sat there on the other side of the road
Lost in a train of flashbacks that kept moving
For a decade and century without reaching a destination
And all I had was this pocket-sized mirror before I
With a reflection of myself and I upon it
But all she saw was a broken piece not braced for reconstruction
HOPE Mar 2021
You have been too swamped to note
The colour of blood within me
That have been outpouring for decade

But how could you notice?
When I also take pleasure sighting
Over my veins becoming dehydrated
HOPE Oct 2020
Love her not
Other keeps on rejecting her

Forgive her not
Other keep tracks of her sins

Save her not
Other left her to die in misery

Please stay not
And give false hope
As if you gonna stay
Whereas you gonna leave
Just as others left

Please stay not
Don't try to stay
As she always disappoint
Yes she always does they said

But it is okay....
HOPE Mar 2021
Today I'm in awe
Like great miracles
Perfomed a decade ago
That left prophet Habakkuk in awe

Today I tremble down to my knees
Like the Israelites at the red sea
When seeing the impossibilities
Of the sea being divided

As I say goodbye to the roof
That became my umbrella
In the rainy days feeling cold
And gave me warmth

I say goodbye to the house
That became my refuge
And a hiding place
Still I called it Egypt

Goodbye to the place
That denied me peace
But left me in pieces
I couldn't even pace

Today blood
Become thin like water
New relations awaits us
Finally I call it home
HOPE Sep 2020
I love you
More like fine wine
As you persue
Through my whining
Till you capture me through your heart

I love you
Through cracky roads
Even wind blew
Breaking all cords
Like a hunk breaking hearts

You adores me
Though I'm sticky like a gum
Irritating like a bee
More like a broken drum
But still my heart is captured
HOPE Apr 2022
Perfect numbers, they say,
A symbol of divine life purpose
Came in with a thick breath of harmony,
As though everything is anew,
Yet the ocean within her eyes
Is still as deep as her yesterday thoughts,
Of becoming more richer, magical,
More kinder than she were last season.
#itsmybirthday #28yearsofGrace
HOPE Sep 2021
Would it make sense
How the emotions waves subdues
And desert me giggling through raindrops?
HOPE Mar 2022
Dashes as same as the midnight bird!
It doesn't stay long,
Yet keeps you awake
But it come and goes,
And leave you running after it,
Because we can never be on time.
HOPE May 2020
Can you hear the sound?
the sound of the lilies,
blossoming in the morning sunrise
Can you smell the aroma?
the aroma that carries the accent,
of a beautified chains of life

It is the coat of many colours,
that when the other colourful side has reached the very end,
the reverse of it find wings to fly the unseen colours of its own,
and turns Hopeless into Hopeful,
I call it the rainbow of undefined definable destinies
HOPE Jan 2021
You are too sweet
Yet excessively strong
My cold coffee in the morning
HOPE Apr 2021
Freedom declared
From hands of Pharaoh
But art have been mastered
Painted ourselves with colour of hatred

Blue rising against another blue
Self taught of being not good enough
Envying another instead of congratulations
Convincing one self that wealth is not a friend

Propaganda has anything to do with blue
Prison cells full of broken African souls
As convinced that we are worthy of conviction
Even persuaded of guilty of a fellow before proven otherwise
HOPE Apr 2022
If love came in colours,
Definitely it would be white,
Undecorated yet pure.
HOPE Nov 2020
If and if only
You can unlock this trunk
Lift up this plate
Over this already bleeding heart

Maybe and just maybe
You can shrug off....
    this pain
    this emptiness
    this numbness
    this heaviness
    this fullness
let alone this unconsciousness one feel
Yet not ready to let go
Of the comfortability of the darkness
But drained of holding on to such burden
Sometimes we get too comfortable in a place where the heart keeps bleeding. We feel like it's supposed to be like that whereas there is light somewhere.
HOPE Jan 2021
I position my eyes to the east
And bow my head to meditate
More like a consecrated priest
Yet I have not been made great
#FourLinesPoetry #ConsistentPrayerMakesUsGreat
HOPE Feb 2021
Love is a dangerous affair yet powerful
And it drowns you till you are left breathless
Yet you still desire to fall in love anyway
HOPE Jan 2021
I wish I can take out my journal
And read out sweet words I've written about you
But till now your piece in my journal is still blank

I wish I can stand on top of the highest tunnel
And tell the universe how you've been there
but the world would end up helping in shedding a tear
because my story is almost the same as a broken soul

I wish I can boast about your presence
As much as I boast about my soccer team
But wouldn't I be labeled as a qualified liar
Since you don't even know the colour my tears?

I wish I can say you taught me to tap
Through the rain like a fearless cub
But you kept dragging your your feet
To reach out to me as if I had a contagious illness

And I wish you were there to teach me about self worth
But unfortunately you taught me the opposite instead
To rather find comfort on the thighs of strangers
Who later rejected me as well
Because I lost myself in the process

Oh dear daddy
You should have been there
To cheer me on when I was giving up
Instead of watching from a distance
While breaking my heart not once or twice
But million times again and again
#ToAllAbsentFathers #DaddysPresenceMatters #ItIsOkay
HOPE Jun 2020
Dear our Father who art in heaven
during this pandemic,
where our eyes don't dry of tears,
where fear eat at the palm of our hands,
and there is grinding of teeth,
Believe me when I say,
I wish I can long for money,
but at this moment I don't
Believe me also when I say,
I wish I can long for materialistic things,
but they all don't matter but life do
Rich, poor, you name it,
we are only after two things,
which is life and peace of mind,
The preservation of our lives,
as well as of our family and friends,
is all we long for Dear God
HOPE Sep 2022
I acknowledge you,
I feel your presence,

Just one request,
Please, don't stay forever.
HOPE Jan 2021
He chose her
Before she was born
And placed the ink
In the finger tip of her hand

Inside Mama's womb
He commended thy hands open
And handed down a scroll
Which carried a pen

Thy words cometh out of thy heart
Shall pierce like a sharp sword He said
And In the palm of His hand
She was kept safely hidden
While her words blast like a pointed arrow
HOPE Jul 2020
Fell head over heels,
never with the accent of a human being,
but she was smitten with her passion
Her passion was her heart,
as long as her heart keep pumping with so much passion,
so was her precious passion towards life

I'm not a story teller,
but given an opportunity I'll tell you a tale
Depression got better of her
and frustration dined at the palm of her hands
The desire of escaping these traumatic experience was there,
but she was trapped for her dear life
Like river Jordan flowing with powers,
so was her tears that never ran dry
And at that moment the rope became her solution,
to eliminate the pain she felt on the inside
Because the visible smile of the invisible brokenness,
could not be patched

She wanted to live I'm telling you,
but she was tired of holding on
Depression took it all away from her,
with no mercy,
and her soul and her mind betrayed her as well
HOPE Jul 2020
I'm swimming
in the ocean of my own tears
in these perplexity thoughts
that keep replaying at the back of my mind
The sweet melodies are passing
replaced by plaintive songs
that keep the river of Jordan flowing
round the clock
Disoriented to the core

I'm drowning
through these memories
we brought into existance in our ecstatic moment
to last for eternity
only to be existing within a blink of an eye
not eternity
HOPE Jan 2021
Every evening dawn
When eyes are never closed
Filled with tears of endless agony
The heart is forever breaking
Sinking deep into lifeless land
Where life becomes more impossible
Yet forever revealing this dimple smile of mine
Maybe if you can ask my pillow
It might show you how its drowning
HOPE Nov 2022
There are moment I just miss you,
Like then, like now, right here,
Where your presence is forever hidden,
I just miss you

Divided by oceans,
Separated by Heaven,
Your face hidden forever,
I just miss you

I loved you when you visited,
I loved you when you packed and left,
Even when you broke my heart,
I loved you

No! Wait,
How can love ever be in the past tense,
When it reside in the heart till forever?

I love you, I love you,
And endlessly, I love you
And if forever is a long time,
That's how I'll continue to love you,
With no expiry date.
HOPE Aug 2021
You vowed lifetime
Yet you gave half of the time

You strategized our alleviation
Within the face of the universe
If I could stroll the heaven with you
Yet you vanished, all alone
And captured half of my heart

Split second on the clock
Ticking and ticking soundlessly
To forecast we are running against time
Maybe I would have mastered to let go

But look, the enemy of mankind,
Like a rushing mighty wind came
And grab you within a blink of an eye
And left my heart bleeding
Oh let this God see through this pain,
That I feel entitled to ask "why"
As He effectuated a cryptic pierce within thine heart,
Yet you are stronger up there than you could ever be in here
Shona Ferguson Tribute
HOPE Jan 8
I would despise the rainbow,
Whenever it stopped raining
As It felt like I was beginning to miss you less,
For everytime I felt the raindrop,
I knew you were closer
HOPE Jan 4
I hate to break it to you,
Believe me,
It's not my intention,

Don't be frightened of the journey,
Trust me, it's going to get better,
Yet it's never going to heal

Memories you'll get to hold forever,
that's a promise,
So is the excruciating pain with no promise of letting you go,
which will reside within you until the end date.
HOPE Oct 2021
I'm still feeling blue
When I reminisce your smile,
so bright as though the ray of sunlight
yet mine turns cold and lovely
as frost on a windowpane.

I get blue,
When I reminisce your lineaments,
so innocent, the angel you were
And I close my eyes, nearer you are
yet you are so far away.
HOPE Nov 2021
Thought she got this in the luggage,
Stuffed through each pocket,
And secreted miles away
Yet she opened her eyes,
And found everything unpacked
HOPE Dec 2021
I am switched back to the factory restore
From fully charged,
to connect your device
Smile within our faces,
to Sunday morning blues
Holy night under the stars,
Christmas carols with burning candles,
and I look at yours with no one to hold it

Our song on the radio "Oh holy night, the son of Mary"
I sing my part, look over my shoulder,
close my eyes, to think I'll hear your voice,
as you sing your part,
yet nothing but breezes of trees

Everything is new even life where you are not on it, it's new
Even this Christmas without you,
is filled with fresh water from the moon
Like Mary, I have embarked on a journey,
I never prepared myself for
Oh! I'm Engraved forever...
HOPE Nov 2021
I took the photo album out today
Of what we call our frozen memories,
I hold dear to my heart
How I wish I got to hold you forever,
not just these pieces of papers in my hand

Sometimes I hide behind my smile
Sometimes I find a corner and just let it rain
Yet you taught me that every that I misses you,
I must look up in the sky
But there is a tear everytime that I blink
And sometimes I go insane,
neither lose myself when the emotions weighs up

I realized I'm not strong enough when I miss you,
Oh I'm engraved forever...
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