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1.4k · May 2022
HOPE May 2022
You say you're okay!
But the ocean within your eyes,
Articulate a different prose.
1.3k · May 2020
HOPE May 2020
I am not my brokenness
Yes I was broken in such a way,
that when I took a glance at thyself
I failed to recognize thyself
I am not my brokenness

They misjudged my brokenness
and reversed it into bitterness,
I was not bitter
It was just a cry of a broken soul
that they failed to recognize but rather level it as weakness
I am not my brokenness

If silence tears were a portion of a million,
at this moment I could have been labelled as one
If they were an ocean full of blessings,
at this very moment my name could have been Abraham
If they were a dwelling palace,
It could have been at the very right hand of the father
I am not my brokenness neither my silent tears
1.2k · May 2021
HOPE May 2021
I asked him the other day
"Do you love me?"
He placed my hand in his beating heart
Whispered on my ears with his calming voice
Opened my eyes to read between the lines
And made me taste the liquid from his well
Until butterflies were chanting on our heads
And he said "That is love"
846 · Oct 2020
HOPE Oct 2020
On this midnight hour
I desire to pen...

What is in the mind
What is in the heart
And unleash the heaviness in my spirit

To allow the ink of this pen to drip
And drive the desire within thee

The hands are willing
Yet the mind is impulsive
With omnipresent emotions
676 · Jun 2020
HOPE Jun 2020
Birthed me,
nursed me,
trained me,
And most of all you loved me

to the womb that became my home for 9 months,
to the arms that never grew weary for years,
to the chest that turned my pillow for decade,
to the back that forever bended for me to find a comfort place of sleep,
and to the lap I'll never outgrow for,
I raise my fist up there in the sky to say,
Thank you
538 · May 2021
HOPE May 2021
Every word said
Just felt unsaid
Wounds appearing healed
Unnoticeable kept bleeding
Like a drop of water on a loose tap

Only the smell of an ink
With the turn of each page
Wet with each tear,
Understood the procedure
Of her words becoming a prescription
495 · Dec 2020
HOPE Dec 2020
To dwell on laments,
Which corrupt the mind,
Ingest the soul,
And effectuate aperture to the heart?

Laments that only breed,
Even trepidation?

Initiating self-condemnation,
While free holding probability to Rise beyond
                                                          ­   Move past
                                                            ­ And letting go?
494 · Dec 2021
HOPE Dec 2021
How vulnerable we were
That night,
we made love
And shed tears
Then broke each others hearts
475 · Feb 2022
HOPE Feb 2022
I kept missing you each moment,
And I scribbled you a text
It came back in the twilight,
Not delivered!
471 · Jul 2021
HOPE Jul 2021
Maybe I believed too much in their intimacy
That I unlearned to indoctrinate this brittle heart
Pros and cons of disappointment
Now it all feels like hallucinations
That can never swivel into authenticity
Maybe I just believed much in the tale
Yet they took it as a play
Still I feel broken
468 · May 2022
HOPE May 2022
If it pours tonight,
It should be proof,
That I once loved.
460 · Feb 2021
HOPE Feb 2021
When He loves
Its never meaningless
He does it unconditionally

When He provides
Its never insufficient
He does it exceedingly

When He takes on your battle
He doesn't send angels
But He does it himself willingly

When He forgives
He doesn't only do it fourteenth
But He does it seventy times seven

And when He breaks you
He doesn't destroy you
But He does it with grace

I call Him one of a kind
458 · Sep 2020
HOPE Sep 2020
If only you learned to love me through my imperfections,
The affair of our hearts would have been perfected.
455 · Jan 2021
HOPE Jan 2021
I position my eyes to the east
And bow my head to meditate
More like a consecrated priest
Yet I have not been made great
#FourLinesPoetry #ConsistentPrayerMakesUsGreat
HOPE Feb 17
What if humans
were not created to be happy?
Only to exist, then deteriorate,

To the underworld where we belong,
Whatever it is,
Life seems to have no truth.
423 · Jan 2022
HOPE Jan 2022
I idolise it here
And despise it here,

We rekindled our love,
Under the stars,
Looking at the moon
Yet part of me died in here.
HOPE Feb 2022
Incriminating of oneself to criminal prosecution,
Into a place where its dark and cold as highways of California
Hands on my back bound to bottom in chains,
With no where to hide

A long walk to freedom,
As I drag my feet to the right,
And look up in the sky with my eyes closed
Finally, I could see a tiny cloud to liberation of Sunday morning blues.
#Grieve #FindingHealing
406 · May 2020
HOPE May 2020
When she's happy,
she writes
When she's sad,
she writes
When she's hurt,
she writes
When she misses,
she writes
When there is no wink of sleep in the middle of the night,
she still get in touch with her ink and a paper

She has found her hiding palace,
in the hands of her beautiful black diary
She has found comfort,
in the fascinating creation of her pen
That exquisite glance she get everytime she get in touch with her writings,
gives her a new breeze out of nature
The feeling of having to express her feeling without judgement,
gives her new outlook on life
Words are her chariots
Inks are her swords
Writting is the stain in her veins
403 · Jan 5
HOPE Jan 5
I found missing pieces,
In this board of riddle I assembled,
And only I realized,
It is not just them incomplete,
So is everything
392 · Nov 2020
HOPE Nov 2020
The antiquity of thy beam
Slowly swinging into gloom
Like the ancientness of thy giggle
That rotated into bunch of sniffle

Seventh heaven into blaze
Paradise meeting flame
Conveyed by chariot of fire
It's life full of adventures
Our lives came already patterned. Like a mountain high and a mountain low
376 · Jun 2021
HOPE Jun 2021
When my day is done
The heart stop beating
I breath the last breath
Close my eyes for the last time
And the sound of my voice is no more,

Don't shed a tear,
If you've never done
in my breaking moments

Don't come for night vigil,
If you've never came for a visit
in my most trying times

Don't put flowers on my tomb,
If you've never let me smell
the fragrance of the lilies
in my happiest times

Love me now
Hug me now
Wipe off tears
From my teary eyes
At this moment
Before my day is done
375 · Feb 2022
HOPE Feb 2022
I fell in love
And out of love with you
When truthfulness expired between us.
361 · Jan 2021
HOPE Jan 2021
You are too sweet
Yet excessively strong
My cold coffee in the morning
356 · Dec 2021
HOPE Dec 2021
Two hearts,
meant to beat as one
But yours beat for her
and someone else
Yet you say love isn't suppose to hurt
335 · Jan 2022
HOPE Jan 2022
Out of all highways,
I driven on with no destination,
And finally finding one within your heart,
Took my eyes of the steering wheel.
330 · Mar 2021
HOPE Mar 2021
Today I'm in awe
Like great miracles
Perfomed a decade ago
That left prophet Habakkuk in awe

Today I tremble down to my knees
Like the Israelites at the red sea
When seeing the impossibilities
Of the sea being divided

As I say goodbye to the roof
That became my umbrella
In the rainy days feeling cold
And gave me warmth

I say goodbye to the house
That became my refuge
And a hiding place
Still I called it Egypt

Goodbye to the place
That denied me peace
But left me in pieces
I couldn't even pace

Today blood
Become thin like water
New relations awaits us
Finally I call it home
325 · Apr 2022
HOPE Apr 2022
If love came in colours,
Definitely it would be white,
Undecorated yet pure.
319 · Sep 2020
HOPE Sep 2020
The door to tommorow,
Opens in the shadows of today,
So brush aside the path of sorrow,
And make your way

Changing your appurtenance,
To tackle your tomorrow with less scowl,
As you swing regrets into experience,
And channel through your scope
310 · Jan 2022
HOPE Jan 2022
Your heart stopped beating out of
When you starred right through my
And fail to notice you were racing
against the clock.
291 · Mar 2022
HOPE Mar 2022
Beloved soul,
The symbol of our love,
Is a moving vehicle,
Forever steady, yet not ready to reach the destination.
291 · Jul 2021
HOPE Jul 2021
Labored of immorality to immorality
By the blood sanctified
Apparelled with righteousness
Now gaze on the price,

Jesus Christ
HOPE Apr 2021
Collection of Stars
doctorate acknowledgement
Written her name on it
It all meant nothing

Its the bruises she wore
Wounds she had clothed with
Oceans she drowned on
Mountains top she fell from

A wounded lion continuing
To rule in the jungle
Like a general in the kingdom
Who is recognised by scars
276 · Feb 2021
HOPE Feb 2021
He told me to count the stars onetime
And he said if I lose track of time
He'll love me for a lifetime
265 · Jun 2022
HOPE Jun 2022
The truckload that sails within our shoulders,
Overweighs our struggling edges
We walk to find the pace,
countless sighs along the way,
But we will get there
253 · Oct 2021
HOPE Oct 2021
I'm still feeling blue
When I reminisce your smile,
so bright as though the ray of sunlight
yet mine turns cold and lovely
as frost on a windowpane.

I get blue,
When I reminisce your lineaments,
so innocent, the angel you were
And I close my eyes, nearer you are
yet you are so far away.
251 · Dec 2020
HOPE Dec 2020
To harmonize thyself
For sense of inclusion
Within thy brokenness
She tried

To take off this laprosy
Hanging around her
Producing rejection
She tried

To drown on thy vast
Of scented cologne of hers
To attract the attention of theirs
She tried

To overdose on pharmaceutical
At least they will besiege for life
Neither miracle to keep her alive
She tried

Of all that could come up to her mind
To end the misery deep within her spirit
She tried tried tried and tried million times
Yet she still felt like a loveless soul
241 · Oct 2020
HOPE Oct 2020
The rising of the waves in this sea
Are like the beating of hearts in degree
As you lie here beside me
240 · Oct 2020
HOPE Oct 2020
Remember that tear I once shed
That fell and filled the ocean
Yielding the waves into reaction
234 · Oct 2020
HOPE Oct 2020
Drunk she feel
Legs becoming weaker
Tipsy as she becomes
Eyes becoming heavier
Slowly paying no attention

Memory became blurry
Just as tongue turned loose
Talking more and more
Of her agony as well as misery

Under the musk she wears
Musk of smiles as well as of laughters
She is slowly drowning
Yet she feel better off drunk
231 · Jan 4
HOPE Jan 4
I hate to break it to you,
Believe me,
It's not my intention,

Don't be frightened of the journey,
Trust me, it's going to get better,
Yet it's never going to heal

Memories you'll get to hold forever,
that's a promise,
So is the excruciating pain with no promise of letting you go,
which will reside within you until the end date.
227 · Sep 2022
HOPE Sep 2022
From that point in time,
When I grasped a pen and a paper,
The transmission began,
Of which no soul could fathom.

Lately I realized, that is my hiding place.
218 · Dec 2020
HOPE Dec 2020
This sensation
Deep within thee
Enclosed beyond the margin

The perceive of agony
Concealed in a vast
Silently within thee
Like a bird lured on a trap

Its these phrases
These tales
Apprehended within the mind
Like a conviction of an unblemished soul
Yammering with excruciation
217 · Sep 2022
HOPE Sep 2022
I do not desire to dine outside my dreams,
As they have became my daily bread,

I get to feel you,
I get to touch you,
And I get to hug you one more time,

For in there you are forever presence.
205 · Nov 2020
HOPE Nov 2020
Love arrives like a whirlwind
Caught you between a rock
Either take you to the highest of highest
Or to the lowest of the lowest

All the way to the misunderstanding of you
Through uncontrollable feelings
Of which cannot be understood
Whereas her theory of love is drafted differently
How do you explain an unexplainable feeling?
205 · Jul 2022
HOPE Jul 2022
It is another day,
still learning to catch a breath,
yet I feel out of oxygen

I stopped counting the hours,
days, even the months
What's the point?

As time keep dashing,
like a midnight train,
yet the sky still pours,
Whenever and wherever.
202 · Sep 2022
HOPE Sep 2022
In my closet
I allow the sky to pour,
And take away the rainbow

I allow doubt to feed my mind,
And convince me otherwise

The smile moves away in seconds
At last no one judges me!
I get to feel however and whatever.
194 · Mar 2022
HOPE Mar 2022
Dashes as same as the midnight bird!
It doesn't stay long,
Yet keeps you awake
But it come and goes,
And leave you running after it,
Because we can never be on time.
185 · Jan 2022
HOPE Jan 2022
Not only you and I,
Hound that became a companion,
One you get intimate with,
Either chattels you adore,
That is meant to be loved!
Everything wanna be loved.
183 · Nov 2021
HOPE Nov 2021
Thought she got this in the luggage,
Stuffed through each pocket,
And secreted miles away
Yet she opened her eyes,
And found everything unpacked
182 · Aug 2021
HOPE Aug 2021
Today, just today
It feels blazing
More dazzling
Clouds so crystal
And yellow in colour

Waves so still
Streams evaporating
Just flows of recollections,
beautiful reminiscences
Of forever and a lifetime
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