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Of what once was called love,
The enigmatic intimacy
sparkling as diamonds
Ocean blue as violets,
Look, it doesn't look red as Roses anymore

Flashback sails within the galaxy
As clouds journeys within the sky
Grief has taken over the dance
And happy feet seem to find no rhythm
In the end all withered, like flowers it did
HOPE Sep 13
A beautiful Spring Monday
with lilies dancing in the sun
with the melodies of the bees chanting
like happy feets in the musical concert

The butterflies roaming around
wearing their colourful clothing
which they cannot see
yet the world can

It looks overwhelming,
you should see the view
HOPE Sep 4
Its the feeling you feel
Not spoken in so many words
Or in a language precisely understood
Just one word, maybe this and that
But it is unexplainable, as love is
Definitely causing a scar, of holding on
In hope and in faith,
Yet a new day is not so new anymore
HOPE Sep 2
Would it make sense
How the emotions waves subdues
And desert me giggling through raindrops?
HOPE Aug 30
Today, just today
It feels blazing
More dazzling
Clouds so crystal
And yellow in colour

Waves so still
Streams evaporating
Just flows of recollections,
beautiful reminiscences
Of forever and a lifetime
HOPE Aug 4
You vowed lifetime
Yet you gave half of the time

You strategized our alleviation
Within the face of the universe
If I could stroll the heaven with you
Yet you vanished, all alone
And captured half of my heart

Split second on the clock
Ticking and ticking soundlessly
To forecast we are running against time
Maybe I would have mastered to let go

But look, the enemy of mankind,
Like a rushing mighty wind came
And grab you within a blink of an eye
And left my heart bleeding
Oh let this God see through this pain,
That I feel entitled to ask "why"
As He effectuated a cryptic pierce within thine heart,
Yet you are stronger up there than you could ever be in here
Shona Ferguson Tribute
HOPE Aug 1
Worthless and rejected
As your servant Joseph
Yet you carried me through

Discouraged and weary
As your beloved David
Yet you held me close

While the world convinced me
I wasn't meant to be loved
Unconditional love you showed me

I came with nothing
As empty as the sky
Dispirited like a sheep without a shepherd
Yet I became your everything, Daddy!!
God loves me that much
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