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HOPE Jan 8
I would despise the rainbow,
Whenever it stopped raining
As It felt like I was beginning to miss you less,
For everytime I felt the raindrop,
I knew you were closer
HOPE Jan 7
I'm gonna shut the world,
And just be on my own,
At times

Don't take it otherwise,
You are not at wrong,
It is all me

An introvert,
Who need to recharge,
Away from anyone
HOPE Jan 6
I should have loved you from a distance,
That way I would have preserved this fragile piece of mine.
HOPE Jan 5
I found missing pieces,
In this board of riddle I assembled,
And only I realized,
It is not just them incomplete,
So is everything
HOPE Jan 4
I hate to break it to you,
Believe me,
It's not my intention,

Don't be frightened of the journey,
Trust me, it's going to get better,
Yet it's never going to heal

Memories you'll get to hold forever,
that's a promise,
So is the excruciating pain with no promise of letting you go,
which will reside within you until the end date.
HOPE Dec 2022
Trying to make calculations of it all,
Nothing seems to make sense
Everything is just shackles of glasses,
Where it is forever new,
Feels like there is nothing to look forward to

Others grieve their loved ones,
Others have no meal to share amongst each other,
But others have, Yet with no one to share it with,
Others tries to keep it together,
Yet it feels like it doesn't wanna be kept

Lord, we are so empty,
So is this Christmas...
HOPE Nov 2022
with just one stolen glance into each other's eyes,
a picture perfect of our love was designed

we laid on each other's arms throughout the night,
and made promises too perfect to be broken

Honestly, if eternity calls our names,
I'm picking up the call,
and get to do this lifetime thing with you
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