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 Mar 17 HOPE
Eshwara Prasad
Solitude is gratitude for silence filled with serenity.
 Mar 17 HOPE
David P Carroll
My heart beats
Just for you and
I smile everytime
I think about you
Filling me with joy
And ease and
With you everything feels
So right the love of my life
And your laughter a song so
Sweet and it's music to my ears and
With you by my side
Holding my hands
My life is complete.
My Life Is Complete 💯✅💟
 Feb 5 HOPE
We hug
We kiss
We cuddle
In bed

We were just friends
We made out
To him
We were having ***
To me
We were making love
I was his friends with benefits
But he was my lover
 Feb 5 HOPE
Anna Patricia
 Feb 5 HOPE
Anna Patricia
There are pauses in between musical notes and stops between an artist's strokes and periods in between a writer's sentences. We have come to an end. We have come to a stop. But sometimes the only way to continue is to halt. The only way to begin is to end.

- apbq, pauses and stops
 Feb 5 HOPE
Saint kaya
The sky is
A graveyard of stars

And I remark
Something so tragically beautiful

Just like fireworks of art
From here to the nearest star

And I wish
I could lay awake
In the night

With you
And our lingering hearts

And tell you all about a tragedy
Called life
 Jan 16 HOPE
Salmabanu Hatim
It was only you,
My love at first sight.
My heart became a canvas,
Where I splashed colours of endurance,
And when at last you accepted me,
With your soft lips on mine,
Waiting for you was worth every single moment.
 Jan 16 HOPE
ok okay
Sometimes it feels easy to rot away
To lie in bed
As your mind decays
Some nights feel lonely
And as boredom sinks in
Your thoughts run wild
Until you can no longer think
It can hurt sometimes
To waste the day
As you watch the sunset
You wish it could all go away
But as hard as life is
You are cared for and loved
So do not lie in bed too long
And know that you are enough
 Jan 16 HOPE
i tried to find
a song
a poem
a piece of art
something, anything
that felt like
or sounded like

i looked
and searched
and wondered
yet no matter what
i tried
there was nothing
that came close

for you
my platonic soulmate
are one of a kind
a light in the dark
warm, soft
kind, loving
a best friend

i couldn't find anything
nothing is like you
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