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Hope A Apr 2020
my memories stay
in my footprints on the shore
always remembered

Hope A Apr 2020
there’s something
about how the dawn sings to the sea
”i will carry the pain of yesterday”
that blesses hope on our shoulders,
the simple softness in its voice
restoring peace within all

Hope A Apr 2020
as the moon softly faded away
again I was left alone
but i know that in my darkest nights
the stars will lead me home 💫
there is always light x
Hope A Apr 2020
Your eyes are my moonlight
in these starless skies

hope everyone is staying safe & well.
better times are coming <3
Hope A Mar 2020
On each gentle wave beauty smiles
like the sky’s reflection sent down,
every breath is the ocean’s rhythm
sending calm all around.

Crystal waters dance to the shore
returning to where they belong.
Taken by the whispering breeze
Power and peace, together as one.

Hope A Feb 2020
I’ve been asking the sun
to tell me where I went wrong

I’ve been counting every star
to show me where I belong

I’ve been gazing at the sky
for somewhere to call home

but it always just rains on me
and leaves me on my own
Hope A Feb 2020
Whispering “goodbye”
you didn’t see “don’t go” in my eyes

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