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TS Ray Nov 2019
It’s a brand new day
shall we celebrate as they say
'tis not just a holiday
Gotta be thankful to someone someday.

Baskets of fruit and food,
stuffings and dressings,
yes it’s that good,
sweet potato and yam sides in all likelihood
for as tasty a gathering,
Come on over, if you are in my neighborhood.

You wonder then,
What are you thankful for?
sun that rises to brighten every turn?
stranger who helps you without expecting anything in return?
Poems that touch you and make you yearn?
Pondering by a pond to live and learn?

There are many moments to be thankful for,
just be with me oh special one,
your magical presence is like the sun,
lets make it our sweet harvest times,
for all good moments under the sun.
TS. 2019.  Thanksgiving reflections.  Happy Thanksgiving Poets :)
TS Ray Nov 2019
I've been unicyclist before,
balancing myself on a tight rope,
juggling to perform when losing hope,
oh wait, its not my new slippery *****.

Can I wear a mask?
take the clown to task,
you needn't ask,
the smile will wear on
despite a tearing cask.

I don't need a ringmaster,
I keep my own show,
magically will pull through,
'tis true there is nothing that you owe,
except maybe a friendly hello.
TS. 2019.
TS Ray Nov 2019
I stay in vigil,
we won’t go in peril,
scraping the bottom of the barrel,
I am ready for a planet saving quarrel.

Sprinting to be a warrior,
making my name glorious,
showing other girls who like to be zealous,
not for them to be undone or imagining only men can be this audacious.

I possess a mighty orb of the blue kind,
don’t under estimate or not keep in mind,
my powers were always for the entire mankind,
not a concern if men weren’t always inclined.

Just know equality is here,
as I step up,
so it will rise to follow up,
“Cos I need no approval,
taking power in my own hands,
needless to say it’s only time for grand plans,
only sharing my wisdom to let men execute my commands.

So, mankind, make us shine! :)
TS. 2019. Women empowerment - contest - warrior - beliefs.
TS Ray Nov 2019
I pose for you
from a broken armchair
at a crowded fair
crying for freedom,
Is that rare?
TS. 2019.
TS Ray Nov 2019
For three he plays,
For three he strays,
For three he stays.
I stayed and I was one among the nines.

Arias for my Giovanni,
thirty minutes for the thirsty,
it was over too quickly, at the gramercy.
leaving my moods in the open for a mild controversy.

Cozily encased like in a womb,
attached to you by an umbilical cord,
no matter the type of chord,
It was clear you were singing,
through Mozart’s vocal cord.

I was ready to swim in place with you,
to be drenched in musical shower,
with open skies as my shower curtain,
come cleanse my soul,
as my heart tugs,
at your tone in nature.

TS. 2019.
TS Ray Nov 2019
Early morning of an Indian summer,
to hear the pitter-patter of a newbie rock ‘n’ roll drummer,
still music to ears right out of slumber,
just close your eyes and pick your magic number.

For the droplets maybe bringing,
new messages for a worrying mind,
to hold them in a bottle to remind
the force behind the tiny droplets when combined.

Gone are the days of longing to be drenched,
the thirst for beauty has been quenched
moods of creation has in it totally entrenched
tiny sparkles that have those tiny droplets clenched.

Count those wishes,
earth is giving out riches,
just observing those tiny droplets,
will pull imagination like conjuring new puzzle pieces.
TS. 2019.
TS Ray Nov 2019
Writing a chapter full on mystery,
with a few needed twists and turns,
like a fresh rose out of many thorns,
it is my own self that I need to lock horns.

Describing you in detail,
to walk through your life trail,
doesn’t matter if my love for you was frail,
all I need to do is set sail.

Wish I had your vocabulary,
I know my wisdom about you is temporary,
I love to make it our new dictionary,
for when you search for me,
you will always find me even if I was imaginary.
TS. 2019.
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