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Serendipity and Luck; The only things that aid us in catching that one vital chance.
For the Romeo, the heart yearns for his Juliet's momentary glance.
So for a second they can share their love.
And fool the stars that hang crossed in the sky above.
Destiny still plays us like puppets in his evil game.
First be the soul of the hero seeking prestige and fame.
His life he would gladly trade to the devil himself for the mere opportunity.
His name be immortalized in history, his soul he would gladly sacrifice in perpetuity.
Second be the King that yearns for power to rule over all.
But Time turns his hands of the clock and soon every kingdom must fall.
Finally the holy man who only seeks inner peace and tranquility.
Is his destination even a possibility or a cruel lesson in futility?
The fickle gods make us mere mortals jester and dance.
In the end we seek those crucial moments of fortune and chance.
                                                                                                -Vijay M-
Tried to stay true to a set form
I lay on the ground ****** and bruised.
Momentarily dazed and confused.
Looking up at my opponent, that which we call Life.
Standing over me, filled with heartache and strife.
Trying to hold me down, foot upon my chest.
Taunting me to stand again, to manifest.
To reassess my situation, the choices that have to lead to this moment.
I lay battered and broken, silently moaning things left unspoken, wistfully hoping for another opportunity.
The possibility to show my determination and ability to overcome such adversity.
My opponent steps away smiling, encouraging me to get to my feet.
Yelling that my time is not over; telling me I have much to complete.
I look up to see Hope in my corner, that which fills me with light.
To stand again determined and continue to fight.
Knowing good and well I will fall again in this brawl.
That I will have to crawl, struggle, and give it my all.
For this opponent, Life, he ain't easy.
Though he smiles, he is crazy, quite unfair, at times ******.
I must remember the things I am fighting for.
Love, friendship, happiness, the things I adore.
Hindsight is 20/20, regret is meaningless, time cannot be reversed.
I look forward, smile back and yell ,"I am right here. do your worst!"
My best regarding always getting up and attacking life
Some people speak of living for the moment.
Having "carpe diem" as their slogan.
Their decree to want to take life day by day.
Hoping fate will lead the way, and things will always be okay.
Taking it easy; Life is a holiday to be enjoyed and  celebrated the right way.

Others say this is a hippie cliche.
That living day to day isn't living, its surviving.
It's not thriving, to truely live means striving.
Its realizing what you want most and trying.
About devising a plan to achieve all you aspire.
Gain the skills and knowledge you require.
To go higher, elevate and inspire, be someone others admire.
Stand with the fruits of labor in your hand that you have acquired and be proud for getting that which you desire.

Two ways to look at life I guess.
Value one view doesn't make the other less.
Assess what's important to you; pave your own road to success.
Some play the fame of life as checkers; others as chess.
Wanted to make it longer but felt it it the points I wanted to get accross
I take a breath. Slow and soft.
Clear my head of the past, disregard chances lost.
Focus on what lies ahead, clear all doubt.
Fixated on the here and now, what it's all about.
Eyes forward. Stead...visualize my upcoming victory.
Distractions in the periphery. Clear thoughts of failure or misery.
The trials and tribulations of my life hold no mystery.
Not to be forgotten, made me stronger, just my history.
Now is my moment, my time to shine.
My choices are guided by my heart and my mind.
Trust both to steer me true, faith in my capability.
Now I'm ready to face anything, the future holds endless possibility.
There's a multitude of people on this earth.
But in my eyes there are only a few that know their worth.
Some squander their potiential; complain about how they almost made it.
Have excuses. Blame others on why they decided to quit.
Then there are those that always want to do better.
They dont fear the work, don't crumble under pressure.
Ones that cease the moments that define who they are.
They reach for the stars, takes risks, learn from their scars.
They only regret the chances they didn't take.
These people fall like others but grow from their mistakes.
In this life you want to be part of the latter.
Cause it's really hard to measure almost, cause almost doesn't matter.
Built the rhyme from the last line backwards.

— The End —