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Serendipity and Luck; The only things that aid us in catching that one vital chance.
For the Romeo, the heart yearns for his Juliet's momentary glance.
So for a second they can share their love.
And fool the stars that hang crossed in the sky above.
Destiny still plays us like puppets in his evil game.
First be the soul of the hero seeking prestige and fame.
His life he would gladly trade to the devil himself for the mere opportunity.
His name be immortalized in history, his soul he would gladly sacrifice in perpetuity.
Second be the King that yearns for power to rule over all.
But Time turns his hands of the clock and soon every kingdom must fall.
Finally the holy man who only seeks inner peace and tranquility.
Is his destination even a possibility or a cruel lesson in futility?
The fickle gods make us mere mortals jester and dance.
In the end we seek those crucial moments of fortune and chance.
                                                                                                -Vijay M-
Tried to stay true to a set form

— The End —