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I take a breath. Slow and soft.
Clear my head of the past, disregard chances lost.
Focus on what lies ahead, clear all doubt.
Fixated on the here and now, what it's all about.
Eyes forward. Stead...visualize my upcoming victory.
Distractions in the periphery. Clear thoughts of failure or misery.
The trials and tribulations of my life hold no mystery.
Not to be forgotten, made me stronger, just my history.
Now is my moment, my time to shine.
My choices are guided by my heart and my mind.
Trust both to steer me true, faith in my capability.
Now I'm ready to face anything, the future holds endless possibility.
There's a multitude of people on this earth.
But in my eyes there are only a few that know their worth.
Some squander their potiential; complain about how they almost made it.
Have excuses. Blame others on why they decided to quit.
Then there are those that always want to do better.
They dont fear the work, don't crumble under pressure.
Ones that cease the moments that define who they are.
They reach for the stars, takes risks, learn from their scars.
They only regret the chances they didn't take.
These people fall like others but grow from their mistakes.
In this life you want to be part of the latter.
Cause it's really hard to measure almost, cause almost doesn't matter.
Built the rhyme from the last line backwards.
Keiya Tasire Jan 2019
When it all seems to hard
Are you crippled by fear?
Asking, "What do I do?"
Meditate, Ponder, Pray
within silence
The answer is clear
"Just one step at a time
You will find yourself there.
Never, never give up!  Keep going. It is hardest just before you arrive. Keep going. Keep stepping forward and through until you arrive at your destination.
If I am ever anything
I was never to be the man who walks away
Everyone else seem to do so
But I'm the only one left in the line that was on the chopping block
And stayed until the end
I have my pride and my dignity
I think that's the strongest thing
No matter how bad I mess up
I hold my head up high
Trying to coordinate a way to fix the discrepancies that were there
Most people wouldn't care
But I give it my all
I will break this fall
Over and Over again
Don't count me out
Just count me in
I like numbers that penertrate my brain
Like they did before
Don't worry
No more grudges from this heart
Just help given when you've fallen apart
I'm not wasting my time being the same
I'm not doing it for a hot minute of fame
I know what its like to be formerly lame
So I made the cut now
And I'm giving the upcoming ones as much as a chance as the wiser few did when I was young and aimless
They're my motivation now
I hope I can duplicate this notion
Causing so much commotion
That you wake up from your coma
My words should be gradually uplifting, taking it in like meslotheioma
But I heal instead of ravage
Sometimes I get a hit savage
Only when I'm fed up with someone overstepping their boundaries or crossing the line
Or just when I'm upset and flustered
Then that case the fault is mine
Join me this time
Let's look at the Stars
Let's not think too far
Drinks on plastic cups are on me
Millions of miles,
Burdened with all of life's criminal files,
But the overbearing tropes have shown no effect,
My willingness has caused no defect,
I have seen where the leaves have been left,
And now i know where i am in this *** of gold
That used to be bronze within the mantle,
I was on the monkey bar that had no handle,
But i found it when everyone else wasn't looking
The brigade of stallions looked over for a second
Eyeing the achievement i made that i did not think required attention
It feels like the crowning that sent invitations.
Dutch Aug 2015
Even if the roads are narrow, don't like it curve you.

— The End —