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Bashir Ali Najar Jan 2019
Born like other
I also have Mother
i am teacher
i am teacher
some call me call teacher
Some call me cheater
Do u know I also am sweeter....
Some call me weird
But to make your son best
i always tried
To imped evils
from the side of devils....
I saved your sibling from waste
I am the Teacher I never Haste
I never Fuss what money I get
I give u my life and U BET !!!
I nourish your son
When you yourself shun...
Still you treat me like a best !!!!
You Slaughter my Heart and Cook your feast !!
Still never mind
Teacher  preacher
Perveiz Ali Dec 2015
Social Climbing

How many asks what is the way forward?
The lack of thought impregnates our air.
By thoughts and acts we pursue social achievements,
Exhibiting selfishness, chaos and insecurity.
We promote ourselves through groups and individuals,
Paving the way to social fame and glory.
All while our country rivers crest with blood,
Peaked by the sacrifices of those socially conscious.
Their protests to gain our freedoms unrecognized,
By those of us ******* in the hunt for fame.
Is it this the dream, we strive to gain?
Shamed am I that we have not addressed their demise.

— The End —