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Apr 2020 · 213
Christine Apr 2020
I’m not anxious.
I’m not confuse.
I don’t feel anything.
I think I’m on a loose.
I always think that I cannot go on with life without you, but I realized that life can be better without you.
Apr 2020 · 854
Blind and deaf
Christine Apr 2020
I didn’t see what’s coming
because my eyes were close.
I didn’t hear what you’re saying
because my ears weren’t listening.
I’m processing at the moment. :)
Mar 2020 · 93
Christine Mar 2020
I wanted to talk to you,
but words doesn’t come out.
I want to say something,
but my heart is broken.
They say it’s real if it comes back.
I say it’s real if it never left.
Aug 2019 · 748
Help me
Christine Aug 2019
I need a saving,
From the person
I am drowning.
I love him,
But he can’t love me
The way I love him.
I don’t want to be regretful, but thoughts are keep coming. My trust issues are growing, I can’t make someone to love me the way I want to be loved. Can someone save me?
Aug 2019 · 123
Christine Aug 2019
When I’m happy
You’re in sorrow.
And now you’re already happy,
I’m the one who’s in sorrow.
I’m not regretful, I’m just sad on how things turns this way. Why can’t we be happy at the same time? Even though we’re not together.
Jun 2019 · 240
Broken heart
Christine Jun 2019
There is not a single word,
In the whole world.
That could describe the hurt.
Lyrics from Paramore’s I hate to see your heart break.
Apr 2019 · 109
"He who loves me"
Christine Apr 2019
He who loves me even though I'm taken.
He who loves me even though were not talking.
He who loves me even though he doesn't see me.
He who who loves me,
Even though I can't give the love he's been waiting.
He who still loves me despite of everything.
Why me? Still me. Of all the girls in the world that you could have, why choose someone like me.
Nov 2018 · 319
Slave of Love
Christine Nov 2018
I chose to be a slave
To serve my own King
Over being a Queen
Of the other Kings.
Jul 2018 · 696
Is he?
Christine Jul 2018
A man who prays for you.
Is truly madly crazy in love
with you.
God knows what's best for you.

— The End —