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Aa Harvey Aug 18
Time to bee invited to Honeycombe

The news of Blues-Bee’s demise had far reaching effects.
The worms had disappeared deep underground
And the fleas had all fled.
Harmony was going to bee restored,
To the happy place it was a long time before.
This was nice to hear for a Bee who was far away,
For he had already lived through The Hive Wars.

He happened to overhear a conversation about a bee one day.
His name was Heroshima and he knew of Humble’s hive.
He heard how it had been attacked and was almost destroyed,
But fortunately The Queen had survived.
Blues-Bee had hired a group of ***** rats,
But try as they might the bees never succumbed to the attack.

One night Heroshima said this bee has been through enough;
Bring him to me.  His hive is welcome to move in with us.
There is plenty of space, so make haste with the messengers.
Go find this Humble B. Bumble, wherever he is, never mind the danger.

Tell him about us and tell him he should come to bee with us soon
And he will bee welcomed always into Honeycombe.
So bees were sent out and eventually Humble was found.
He didn’t want to go; he wanted to go home,
But the bees were insistent and gave Humble a crown.
This is a sign of our loyalty to you.
Come live with us in Honeycombe as a King; you can start anew.
Your Hive are all welcome to join us too.

Humble took the crown and said thank you friend.
We will take a look around
And then placed the crown on Bee Bee’s head.
I guess this belongs to you, Love.
Oh no sir, it is yours.  You have been so good.
You are to bee made a King and you may choose your Queen.
I have no need for a title; I already have all that I need with Bee Bee.

Then neither do I said Bee Bee throwing it away.
But sir!  But maam!  You have no idea what that crown is worth!
We have no wish to rule your domain anyway.
Let all bee’s bee equal and rise from the dirt.

You shouldn’t bee throwing it around.
It is made from the finest honey.
Then you can have it, take the crown,
I already have my honey, buddy.
Humble held Bee Bees hand and said lead the way…

I will just fetch the crown first sir.  Ok?

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 18
It’s not meant to bee

Humble and BlondeBee’s latest date was at ‘Where it’s at.’
All their friends were there too, so it wasn’t that bad.
But by the end of the night, they realised there was no spark.
Sure enough, good friends they were and still are,
But there was no love, even when the two of them slow danced
And by the end of the night,
They each had the same doubts about the romance.

They arranged a date for the following day,
Because they both really wanted it to work.
They went for a fly and made their way to a pool,
And the two of them began to friendly flirt.
But after a while BlondeBee said I’m sorry Humble,
I can’t do this anymore.
I do like you, but only as a friend
And Humble said thank The Queen!
I was worrying for sure.

I do like you too, but I’m not falling in love.
If we can remain friends, that would bee so cool,
But I think we both agree, that this should end,
Before I act even more of a fool.

Yes Humble, it was nice to dream,
But there is someone else on who I am keen
And I think he could bee the one.
You sure move fast, Humble said with a laugh.
I wish you all the luck in the world BlondeBee.
I will see you anon.

The two of them parted and Humble’s new search started.
He still had such hopes on who she would bee.
The Queen had been right.
If it doesn’t feel right, it’s wrong;
But it was time for Humble to go and find his own song,
But who would Humble’s bee bee?

He hummed to himself as he made his way home
And he told his parents what had happened when he arrived.
He coped with it quite well, and only once when all alone,
Did he allow himself to cry.
Soon he was fine and a new love he would find.
There has to bee a way.
He knew his heart would once more fly.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 18 · 126
14C - It will never bee
Aa Harvey Aug 18
It will never bee

Humble knocked on the door to BlondeBee’s parents home
And her Mom answered the door.
Hi Mrs. Friendly, I’m here to see BlondeBee.
I’ll just give her a call.

BlondeBee, Humble’s here, are you nearly ready?
Just doing my hair Mom.
Take a seat Humble.  Would you like some honey?
No thank you Mrs. Friendly, I’m all full up.

What are you two up to tonight?
Oh, we’re just going for a walk.
Make sure that you don’t go outside the hive
And to bee back before it’s dark.

Humble and BlondeBee tried dating for a while,
But they never really made the connection.
Sure they were friends and could make each other smile,
But the relationship lacked any passion.

At the end of one night on the doorstep to BlondeBee’s house,
The kiss opportunity came along, but Humble feared like a mouse
And no sound came out, when he tried to ask her for a snog.
She didn’t ask either, for she wasn’t a believer.
She was starting to have her own regrets, knowing it to bee wrong.

So nothing happened, three nights in a row.
Then along came a whole new threat.
BlondeBee cancelled a date, after turning up late,
And Humble walked home alone feeling bad and fell into bed.

Little did he know, BlondeBee was not alone.
She went dancing with a bee from her past.
They shared a kiss and BlondeBee did confess,
That Tiny Dancer was the one that made her laugh.
Humble thought maybe he should forgive her.
When she was around, he could still act the clown,
But there was no way he could ever bee her lover.
Humble was happy for BlondeBee, but he still felt so let down.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 18 · 103
14A - Beeuty
Aa Harvey Aug 18

Humble wasn’t a pretty bee, nor was he what you would call ****,
But somehow he did ok with the ladies.
He got the eye, lots of smiles and feels,
But he never knew how to seal the deal.

So on he went, a lone little bee.
Most of the time, he seemed to bee quite happy,
But underneath, his heart was aching.
There was no mistaking, it was good love he was needing.

So one day he somehow managed to get BlondeBee
And sure enough, she sure was pretty,
But all the time they seemed to disagree,
About almost everything.

They had their time; Humble thought it was love,
But he had never experienced the real stuff.
So he stuck it out and liked it when they danced,
But at the end of each night he would never make romantic plans.

I guess he just didn’t see a future.
Well maybe he did, but it wasn’t with her.
So he decided to live in the here and now.
Who knows what will happen anyhow?

But BlondeBee could see this wasn’t the real thing.
She spoke to her friends in the hope of finding meaning,
But they were just mean and told her to dump him.
Move on, find someone else, you go Girl-Queen!

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 18 · 87
35. Beedazzled
Aa Harvey Aug 18

The hornets appeared on the horizon.
Zipper was on lookout with Tryin’ Flyon.
The two of them were in an argument
And didn’t see the hornet’s a-flying.

In fear Tryin’ stumbled back and hit a plant,
And all the water came raining down with a mighty splash.
Sound the alarm!  I can’t, Tryin’!
My wings are soaked through, said Zipper, nearly crying.

The two of them ran and watched as above a squadron of hornets,
Crashed down with a thud!
What have we got here lads?  A couple of wet-through bees.
Please don’t hurt us, please!
Oh this doesn’t look good!

Shut up Tryin’, we are not scared of hornets.
You should bee, we’re bigger and stronger that you lousy maggots.
Zipper grabbed his stinger and said en garde!
The lead hornet laughed and insofar,
As to actually consider Zipper a threat,
Grabbed his stinger sword and said ok Bee, let’s!

The two of them fought and soon Zipper was no more.
Tryin’ was desperately trying to find a door,
But he was surrounded, soon to bee pounded,
Like the honey in the hive,
When it was deemed too rounded.

But the hornets didn’t know that the two bees were a three.
Scaredy Bee flew off as fast as he could,
Heading back to the hive and brotherhood.
He didn’t wait to see what happened to Tryin’,
He was too busy screaming and rapidly flying.

The guards saw him approach at an incredible speed.
Who the heck is this?  The fastest bee I’ve ever seen!
The guards said wait!  He said no way!
And he was past them before they knew what else to say.

Did he say hornets?  No way, get your ears fixed.
He did, he said hor…He said there were hornets!
With that the two guards turned tail and fled.
The commotion caused by Scaredy Bee was up ahead…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 1 · 141
Handbags at dawn
Aa Harvey Aug 1
Handbags at dawn

A man in the middle of Handbags at dawn.
Two lovers for one heart.  This is war.
A mighty showdown; a choice is needed.
One man, one love; never being greedy.

People don’t worship love anymore.
It’s just a thing they do.  Forget about being faithful.
It’s so much easier to do what you want.
Consequences don’t happen, just have fun.

Standing face to face, eye to eye.
Fighting for love.  Crocodiles don’t cry.
Learn the pattern, then anything can happen.
Love means nothing, truth only saddens.

Another body is all that matters baby.
Sleep with two until one is unhappy.
There are no rules; promises are made to be broken.
Sleep with convenience.  Lies are easily spoken.

Have an argument to get rid of one.
Then find the other one when they are gone.
When you have used them, say goodbye,
Then find the other one and apologize.

Demand privacy when it comes to your phone,
So you can hide when the other one calls.
Tell them you want a night out alone,
To stop the fights…hand bags at dawn.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 1 · 218
Goblin Face
Aa Harvey Aug 1
Goblin Face

Let me paint you a picture so you can picture my kiss.
You will never again be anywhere near it.
You no longer exist.  Why am I writing this?
I guess I need you to inspire my hatred.

You are not good enough to know of my love.
Go read a book.  Any ******* book!
You think you think you still know me.
Well let me send you an epiphany.
You are nothing to me.

I’ll see you around like a ghost that haunts me,
But all you will ever be is a distant memory.
The further the better; you never even loved me,
So all I am asking for is a world where you do not exist.

But here you are again on my wish list.
I wish it would die and get out of my life,
But it’s talons are hooked around my eyes.
Wishing to see what I can see.
Well here is some Kodak pity.
It goes away and it never comes back!
Ha, ha, ha ; ha, ha ; ha, ha ; ha, ha.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 1 · 425
I hate you
Aa Harvey Aug 1
I hate you

You took the love away.
That is why I hate.
You can never give it back,
No matter what you do or say.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 1 · 83
I can't write
Aa Harvey Aug 1
I can’t write

I haven’t written a good poem in ages.
Throw away phone pages, end of messages.
Nothing important to say, but I’m still speaking.
Body is full of words, now all with lame meaning.

Speaking truth, but no longer believing.
Wish I could write the things I am dreaming,
But all that inspiration is lost,
To being bored of forget-me-nots,
That I just do not remember.
My heart feels like December rain.
I want the summer to come back again.

She is gone, the one named love.
Given away like all the drugs.
Now all I have is one big heart.
I am desperate to give it away…but I can’t.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 1
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is born.
Love is raised.
Love is family,
Beyond the grave.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 1 · 137
Aa Harvey Aug 1

A black rose signals the end of time.
A white rose is a sign of life.
A red rose is sealed with a kiss.
A yellow rose shows you are unique.
A blue rose is a beautiful thing.
A pink rose is as sweet as can be.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 1 · 198
You know
Aa Harvey Aug 1
You know

You’re dead to me; as dead as can be.
I hope your life is misery,
So you can join me in this Hell.
I hate you so much I had to tell,
The world how much I hate your guts.
I despise you and your empty love.
I hope you never love again.
I want you to suffer eternal rain.
I need to know you are unhappy.
That would make me incredibly happy.
Just thinking about your memory,
Makes me wish for the end of everything.
Let all the love in the world disappear.
I hate the fact that you are so near.
I hate sharing a planet with you
And all the stupid things that you do.
You had your chance and kissed it goodbye.
You know I hate you…don’t even cry.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 160
Aa Harvey Jul 29

This place is my wasteland of fear.
There is nothing for me here.
Out there, there is a whole new world to discover.
A whole new land which is at the moment undercover.
Remove the covering, begin discovering,
A whole new home in a place where I believed there was none.
Am I not too far gone?

In here I am polluted by the gaseous air.
Here is where the nothingness grows.
Day by day and night by night I want to be out there,
Instead I am trapped in-between, in limbo.

There is nothing to see when I close my eyes.
I have nothing to say, because all is grey skies.
No artist could make this a place of beauty.
I broke my crown and now I await,
The day of my destiny.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 145
Welcome to Far Town
Aa Harvey Jul 29
Welcome to Far Town

On what forsaken endless shore,
Is grief a friend where Devil’s crawl?
Does all we have seen have no worth at all?
What end of time disaster is fate asking for?
Did you not know the signs all align
And all is lost to banshee’s cries?

When all hope is gone, you hold tight the cross,
You wore around your neck, which now you hold aloft.
Trying to ward off any evil spirits.
Do you think Jesus would really want to see it?

All your enchantments are meaningless.
Your self-defence lacks being blessed.
A whispered prayer, no faithful dead.
When Death approaches you begin the test.
The end is here, there is no sanctuary.
Deeds written on parchment, treated as sanctity.

Agony shall surely rip a mind apart.
No safe-way found in a billion stars.
No guiding light coming from near or far,
Can save a soul so below par.
Your purity was bargained for;
Tempted away in days of being poor.
Faithless messages lost to your,
Choices made in days of yore.

When all was taken and ambition was gone,
You signed your name, your kingdom come.
Your kingdom gone, life ebbs and flows.
Did you choose to stay the course, or did you take the gold?
Take a hold of your consequences.
Life is not about happy endings.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 94
Aa Harvey Jul 29

All these clones, these human drones,
Who destroy with their creations.
I am left alone, to bemoan,
The loss of the legendary situations.

The death has come to take them all away
And time floats away with the fairies.
Wishes wished upon shooting stars,
Never got me far enough to land in Brooklyn,
But I am still cooking up new recipes.

Adding ingredients;
Still always listening and looking,
And in my own way I find myself in the words of someone else.
I live inside ’The Book of Nothing’.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 112
Muddy memory
Aa Harvey Jul 29
Muddy memory

Blood, sweat and tears, in exchange for notes.
Improve your situation, or have a smoke.
Try to relax your bad back at home.
Yesterday is already lost to ‘where did it all go?’

I lost the whole week and all I feel is weak.
Making money; got to fill this *** with honey.
Got to strive, staying alive!  Got to thrive.
Trying hard to buy a life.

Bought and sold is all I owned.
All is worthless when I am unknown.
Hundred films I am yet to watch.
I have no idea of the price of this priceless watch.

Nine Inch Nails engraved upon my wrist.
Suffering is the purest bliss.
Misery is right here with me,
Holding me tightly, suffocating me endlessly.
Oh how I love the misery.
It gives me focus, hocus, pocus, alakazam!
Breathing fire in a mystery van.
Cruising along to Dead Crows songs,
Along the road which just goes on and on and on and on...

Into darkness, seeking the freeway.
Loved to rock since back in the day.
Grew up with a guitar in my head,
Now I walk with The Walking Dead.
Station is stuck in a rut,
Driving on through puddles of mud.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 186
Forever and ever
Aa Harvey Jul 29
Forever and ever

The best of me isn’t worthy of the worst of you.
It’s clear to see I will never be what you need me to.
If all you are is in my dreams, then I need to leave to find my reality.

When you sing high, I mumble so low,
For I am still waiting down here for wings to arrive,
Whilst you have a history with the sky.
And me?  This mere mortal condemned to walk alone,
Will never have a place inside you heart or your home.

You want me to visit, but be gone by the morning,
While I want to hear the wedding bells ringing.
Singing my song for your ears only, leaves you snoring
And your temporary leaves me to all my sinking.

And so I will go and build a home;
A place where I must live alone.
Until the time comes that I have all that which I need,
Except the heart of my true loved one; where is she?

When she arrives I will be ready.
Done with waiting and dating; ready to go steady
And a bond will be made that can never be severed;
Loves hand tied to love forever and ever.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 534
Even after
Aa Harvey Jul 29
Even after

You will always be cool in my eyes.
Even after you have broken my heart into a thousand shards.
Even when you leave me behind to die.
You will still be cool to me and my heart.

People find a way to survive the lies.
Lust comes and lust it goes.
Your love for me was that of a ghost,
It floated out with you when you were creeping
And I closed the windows.

I could never love another even if I tried to.
When you are wishing upon stars calling another name,
I will still be thinking of you.
The pain it still remains.

If I have to spend each day crawling through Hell,
I will remember I met you for a split second.
I hope you remember you met me as well,
But you won’t even recall my name, I reckon.

In this sacrificial life of mine,
I made your acquaintance and created a magic inside.
I became a spell
And sparks did fly!

When the candle is blown out by the wind,
Through the opening, you remain with me.
You will claim my body with scratches down my back
And I will still dream of you, I know that,
But even after all this time,
I still love you and you still lie.

You broke me apart with liar’s words,
But you lost someone who was always yours…you never heard.
No longer mortal, when we were immortal.
You are just a doused old flame and now you’re just ****** awful!

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is old.
As old as time.
Love is following me.
I wish it would die.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is unfaithful.
Love lies.
I have never had true love,
So all my love’s I despise.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is poetry.
Love is my world.
Give me good loving,
So that I can build.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 141
When the ship goes down
Aa Harvey Jul 29
When the ship goes down

The ship is sinking, flee with the rats.
The end is nearing, do not look back.
Memories change and soon they will fade.
The ship is sinking; move on, find a way.

The ship is sinking and I am drowning,
In total apathy for everything.
I am no longer singing; I stay out of misplaced loyalty.
I saw the truth and it destroyed me.

I know my time is temporary.
The ship is sinking…
Wait with me.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 29 · 92
Aa Harvey Jul 29

You hit me like a bolt right out of the blue.
Every time I think of you,
And every time I try not to,
Still all I think is, I need you in my view.

You lift me from the Earth to the stars.
You spin my mind around, feelings fly like darts,
Between my left and right hemispheres;
I need to have you near.

I see you when I am hypnotized.
You float with me like butterflies,
And all around I feel you strike;
My heart beats twice, because of your eyes.

The electrodes hit my dreams;
The dream’s in which you leave me to scream.
My day dreams become a nightmare,
Because I am without you, to lift me up there.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
Rocket Man : Still flying

It’s cold as Hell up here in outer space.
I left the old me way behind.
It’s hard to see that there’s another way.
I always said that I wanted to fly.

But now I’m way up here, spinning out of control.
I need a safe space to reel me in, but I can’t grab a hold.
So I’m gonna fly even higher than I’ve ever been before.
I’m a rocket man who is swimming far away from the shore.

I never wanted to be a rocket man.
They just let me go alone, so I took the chance.

And I think I’m gonna find a way to be,
Got wings attached, no ejector seat
And I’m travelling faster than I ever should,
I’ve gone a million miles further than they said I could.

Left Mars behind, I think it’s been gone a year.
No turning back time now, the Earth’s not here.
A distant star that I can no longer see.
I’m drifting away and there’s no tractor beam.

I never wanted to be a rocket man.
They just let me go alone, so I took the chance.

Man on a mission, searching galaxies.
A lonely man in space alone.
I fly with shooting stars, they comfort me.
I guess we’re both a long, long way from home.

My destination is the universe.
A forward explorer from way away.
Forever searching for the perfect words,
But all I find is more stars in space.

I never wanted to be a rocket man…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
People believe what they see

People believe what they want to believe,
If you do not let them truly see.
People need to believe what they truly believe,
Because the real truth would seem like trickery.

If you allow them to judge you, then judge you they will.
They will point the finger at you and you will be left still.
Silent in your real responses.
Afraid of ever taking chances.

They are unable to recite your recital.
It’s not that important, it’s just vital.
Their interpretation of your real-life events,
Will always be different to your self-evidence.

People cannot handle the truth,
Unless they have time to attune and retune,
To your mathematician mind, leading the blind,
Showing them a universe, they alone could never find.

People like stories about love,
For true stories are never boring.
A tale of romance will always be good,
Until you reach the ending.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 29
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is free.
Give it to me.
Love has what I need;

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 158
I never made it across
Aa Harvey Jul 22
I never made it across

There are cracks in the pavement everywhere I walk.
The road goes up and down and up.
I don’t have the strength to continue to talk.
Neither do I have the will to be strong enough.

I am loves survivor, walking alone,
Staring at people that I just don’t know.
They see a man who is down on his luck.
I see my reflection and I don’t want to look.

I didn’t used to be this broken,
But love breaks the heart into a thousand pieces.
I no longer think of words never spoken,
Because all that would cause is misery.

I wander along, wondering about…
No direction, no compass, no hope.
I live alone, with no way out,
Of this Hell I call life…The only life that I know.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 259
My soul is hurting
Aa Harvey Jul 22
My soul is hurting

Looking at the world with open eyes;
There is too much to despise.
If all you see is truth in lies,
Then love will break your heart, as it did mine.

My soul is hurting, my heart is sad and depression is my darkness.
I can no longer carry on living with this.
Love is light, love brings me happiness and love is the only cure.
Love is gone, love no longer exists; I no longer go through doors.

I walk the roads alone at night,
With no hope left in sight.
I have fallen too many times for no love,
That I no longer head towards any light.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 101
Aa Harvey Jul 22

History is anything that has already happened.
The future is anything that will, or could, possibly happen.
The present time does not exist, it is already gone;
Not even a chance to place a full stop,
As existence is constant, evolution permanent.
All stupid questions have never been relevant.

Living a life of apathy is not a God send.
It hollows me to not care about pleasing others.
Write the words that make you happy in the end.
Paint my dot-to-dot with any colours.
In front of you all stands a giant wall.
A barrier between us to save me when you fall.

Now is the time to draw a line under what I have said.
Cross out your anger,
As your picnic hamper is glowing red,
From all the second cheapest wine you could order;
So casual this disorder.

You think you exist, therefore you do not.
I have already lost everything that you think you have got.
I didn’t miss a single thing.
All I want is for you to say something.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Question marks behind your eyes

Why do you have love hearts in the centre of your eyes,
When you look at me?
Why do your iris’ glow a different colour,
Each and every time we speak?
Why does your smile rise, when I appear out of nowhere?
Why do you think about me, when I am not even there?
Why do you find me attractive?
Nobody else does.
Why are you always waiting,
For a time when there is an ‘Us’?

Why are you bothered if I don’t notice your look?
Why do you mention me when you are talking about love?
Why can you not concentrate when you are reading your book?
Why do you persist, where other people have given up?
Why dream at all that I could be the one?
Why think of me when you hear a love song?

Why describe me when talking of your ideal mate?
Why never speak until it is too late?
Why keep it secret, the way that you feel?
Why be scared of rejection, when only love can heal?
Why not take a chance at a thousand ‘I love you’s?
Maybe one day I will say, I love you too.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 112
Naturally Evil
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Naturally Evil

I have given up on love, I’m done.
I have seen enough.
I watch people claiming to be in love,
Living ordinary lies.
I see people pass each other and genuinely fake a smile,
As they tear apart each other’s lives.

I’ve seen the mighty heart fall to the weak,
In the hands of the cruelest defeat.
The hand of the person they are holding hands with,
Is the hand that will strangle them with a kiss.

I’ve seen mountain’s moved as living proof.
I’ve seen the worthlessness of this cause.
I have been a man with truth absolute.
Love is a nice idea, for you and yours.

The reality is, it is yet to exist.
I have seen ‘true’ love disappear.
The oceans of tears that have been cried,
Couldn’t stop the break-up of the year.

I have sunken beneath the waves,
And seconds later been replaced.
A rendezvous was so easily arranged…
I saw it on your face.

Left hand waving goodbye, right hand dialing.
Left hand blowing a kiss, right hand lying.
Beckoning and greeting as you are leaving.
I have seen them come and go, believe me.

The buttons on the dress,
The fall of Adonis.
The Fairy Princess,
And now gone is,
All the pointless love!

Earthquakes roar, there is nothing more.
No rise, no fall, just dust.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 209
Aa Harvey Jul 22

De ja vu.
De ja vu.
Things happen sometimes that have happened before.
Find a way through.

Not all destiny paths lead to the same finale.
Life improves with age, but always slowly, gradually.

I am not as young as I used to be.
I am not the same version of me.
I improve with age, fading every day.
I am not your remedy, but we could find a way.

I self-repair with your care.
I need your help as well.
I know what I need and just like air,
I float along giving life to all who I can tell.
Help me to help you out of your Hell,
So just like you I can repair.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 107
Faithful or hateful
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Faithful or hateful

Faithful or hateful, the choice is yours.
I can only ever be grateful for your company ‘The one I adore’.
You’re so funny; you make me laugh like no other does.
I guess you love me.  Is this what you call love?
I am still asking the questions, never getting satisfaction.
Still searching for clarification, so here I am asking.

Are you faithful or hateful?  The choice is always yours.
You are still ‘The one which I adore’.
You showed me your light
And I was blinded by such a beautiful sight.
Your beauty thrills me;
You make my heart skip a beat.
You make me rise, to my feet,
Just to kneel down before you unworthy.
If only you could, I would ask you to love me.

I don’t know if you’re faithful or hateful.
All I know in my heart is that I will always be grateful,
For once you loved me and I too loved you
And between us two, we had something unnamed
And it could never be tamed,
Because once we were real…
Now we are only in old flames.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22 · 127
Life in the slow lane
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Life in the slow lane

There’s a tree over there.
I know you can’t see it, but I don’t care.
I never needed you to see it, for you are not here
And I could be anywhere.

The kids are playing and singing their songs.
With experiences they learn their rights from their wrongs.
We are all teachers, learning all the way along.

Why is that dog barking?
When no-one pays it any attention.
Oh yes I forgot to mention, that is it *******.
It has never truly ran free.
Prisoner sent to detention.
Taken wherever its master may lead.
It shouts out loud I need to eat!
I need to run!  
Or I need to ***!
Language is evidently not in what you see.

I chase a ball of love alone.
Got no hot number on my phone.
The buttons are not worn out from typing text.
I have stopped my endless search for ***.
Just give me fresh air and a place of peace
And I will leave you all to your jealousy.

I see a couple holding hands, with smiles on their faces,
But I have seen this before and I know how the story will end.
The beautiful nectar that begins as love, ends as faeces.
At the end they are not even friends.

Here comes the bus.  Next destination please.
It’s getting late now, heading home for tea.
Still thinking of peace, love and empathy,
But I am incapable of understanding anything I have seen.

A motorbike goes flying on by.
Pretty soon they will be up in the sky.
I take the slow lane, no need to rush into the darkness.
All that is there is an endless list.

I already see the mother as she cries.
He’s being praised for the fact that he died.
I read about him the morning after in the paper.
Adrenaline seeker seeking similar.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 121
My last hope
Aa Harvey Jul 18
My last hope.

In a world of death and chaos, you are a sunbeam.
In a war against the senses, you are serene.
In another midnight of madness, you are our last hope.
In a land without true love, you stand with the many, as one.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 18
There is nothing chivalrous about a ******.

In days of yore, when the rain did pour;
Inside an inn, they spoke of was and when.
Even then their present was defined by their history,
As they prepared to march off to war again.

With muddied boots, we stomp on those which we call our enemy.
With feasts of meat and ale and fruit, we happily fill our bellies.
We raise the roof with our own self-importance.
We sing of past deeds and of how the battles were won.
Where we once used swords so chivalrously,
Now we fight each other using any surreptitious means;
Instead of swords, now we use guns.

Will we ever learn to end these battles
We insist on having with our fellow humans?
We are righteous in our reasoning, never mind the consequences.
If I am stood before God and He asks me to defend humanity;
Humanity shall stand alone; indefensible and defenceless.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 879
Fake news
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Fake news

A man was seen walking down the street,
Greeting people;
No souls on his feet.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 92
Enemy of being great
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Enemy of being great

The Gods are clearly angry at the way we live our lives;
They have warned us, they have threatened us
And still we pay them no mind.

Alcohol is the Devil’s gift to the world;
It stops my brain from being able to think.
I shouldn’t complain about alcohol,
Because I have decided to no longer drink.

You are handed a book telling you how to lead your life,
But there is no time left to complete the story.
I have my independence, my own thoughts and I cannot fall in line;
Enemy of being great…my old friend apathy.

The bigger you are the harder you will fall;
I will rise so far above the norm
And still I shall remain nothing at all.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 80
Aa Harvey Jul 18

Love, hope and faith can change the world for us all.  
One life can change two lives from the moment the baby is born.  
In a land full of fear where every path is covered in thorns,
Why not wish for a way,
To remove the pain,
That remains inside your foot?

A way to walk through that door,
Which leads us past all of the thorns.  
If we can find our way,
Then why not try, to at least try,
To walk through that door?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 120
Kill a love
Aa Harvey Jul 18
**** a love

There are times when I feel like just leaving you alone,
But there are times I don’t want to be here all on my own;
But I know if we keep on, keep going on,
I can be right there with you when things go right
And when things go wrong.

I hang out with the losers and the freaks;
I love those people, they are just like me.
Why are you so cruel?  
Why did you treat me like a fool?
Why do I care about anybody in this world?

I’m going to see you as a star and pick you apart;
I love you with all my heart, but to destroy is to create art.
To **** a love is to tear apart a connection.
One plus one equals love; this is what they call a misconception.

One plus one equals the possibility of two equaling love,
But it is not a definite answer to the question.
What happens when you put two people who love each other together?
I’m sorry the answer is not they stay together forever.

**** me please; my life is a tragic comedy,
Written by the Devil and acted out by Jim Henson.
Love was my all, now it is just another word,
I have become the killer of love, I have become another version.

Version 2.0, the new me I became;
I have changed from lover of love to the death of hearts.
I live in a hole of endless pain,
I must **** love; I must banish it to the stars.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 126
Home for the holidays
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Home for the holidays

Welcome home, to the place you have never wanted to be.
The place you have never felt at home.
No longer the only place you have ever known;
Now you have somewhere else that you can go.

Oh, just smile; the past arguments are just forgotten memories.
The times of change are already here
And this is the place where we all want you to be.

Please don’t leave; we all know it has already been too long.
Surely it is time for us all to just move on.
Those arguments can never be won.
If one side loses, we all lose.  
How can that be fun?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 111
Aa Harvey Jul 18

All your beautiful flaws.
I am left crawling at your feet, begging, let me be yours.
Cynicism and pessimism; I see a beautiful prism,
Floating inside your galaxy eyes.
Bitter words choke realism;
I guess the party has to die.

Left behind to tell only lies.
I love the way your truly despise.
You are so apathetic and that’s to your credit;
You have nothing to hide behind.

They say miserable; I see incredible.
So credible, you do not speak their dull,
Repetitive slogans, no catch phrase needed.
No advertisements; you’re real and I mean it.
I love it when you say you really hate.
I love to see you act that way.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 121
The complete truth
Aa Harvey Jul 18
The complete truth

I honestly do not care about anything.
Nothing has flavour; nothing matters.
I do not care about a thing.
I could live or die; I don’t mind your disasters.

I could be happy, or I could cry.
It’s not in my eyes, but from my mind.
I could have written a better line,
But tell me please, who has the time?

I could love, but what is the point of that?
I could give someone a hug, but no-one is worthy.  Just stand back.
Do not get too close or the truth will have to be exposed.
I truly don’t hate you, but well, you know.

Apathy for apathy’s sake.
Rip out my heart so I can throw it away.
Punch me hard in my expressionless face.
I do not care if I have a nice day.

It’s not dislike; it’s not like you did anything wrong.
It’s just every single thing in the entire world is gone.
It all means nothing, I do not care.
I don’t want to shame you, when you say cut my hair.
There truly is no point, it really doesn’t matter.
Believe me, I could show up with green teeth, a disease
And my hair all matted, face unclean, with clothes all torn.
They have never been ironed, because I was never taught.

At the end of the day I could get fired
And I wouldn’t have the tiniest bit of sadness for the loss.
I will gladly accept it because I am so bored of liars.
Tomorrow should be something to look forward to,
But it is not.

So empty inside, but I have to smile.
I have to ask how are you, it’s been a while.
I leave no question mark because the answer does not interest me.
For this I no longer have any empathy.

I could explain, but I will not.
You do your own thing and get lost.
All you say is falling on deaf ears.
I am not listening, so do not expect tears.

Maybe I am a psychopath; I have no remorse.
Compassion I lack, how do you feel about that?
I exist inside all these flaws.
Are you answering?  I am mute, step back
And keep on walking in any direction.
I have no desire to make any kind of connection.

If you get too close, you will see on closer inspection,
That there is no lie here to be found, because this is perfection.
The antipathy of a verse of truth,
Written with a clarity of thought absolute.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 113
Continuous rhyming
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Continous rhyming

Misplaced the pennies I saved up to buy me a dream.
Lost all the marbles I tried to keep inside of me,
But nothing tastes like home
And nothing outside can beat my dome.

People in corners tell secrets you don’t want to hear.
Liars and truth sayer's speak words like they are diarrhoea.
Love’s Angels sing at night and I want to smash them with all my might.
**** all the goodness and split open all of the sores.
Wounds never heal when you are fighting for the wrong cause.

Rivers always flow; the wind it always blows,
But lonely as I am, I’ll never admit to defeat
And happy as I am, you’ll never see me in the street.
A ghost man with no name,
I have no interest in fame.
Just give me the money to buy myself out of this job.
Just send me the freedom I need to write the stories that I want.

The things we dream in dreams,
Are never quite what they seem.
Met me a reader who has never written a thing.
Wannabee singer; I wrote lyrics, but I could not sing.

Losers lose their mojo; don’t ask me where it goes.
Princes in palaces; I want everyone to go!
Princes and paupers are all the same when the end comes.
Death is the eternal entity and the end of all fun.

Everyone wants to live a life without the struggle and doubt,
But life is a razor and we stand on the edge waiting to be taken out.
Love is memory I hope to God I never feel again.
Continuous rhyming…same ol’ same…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 443
Global extinction
Aa Harvey Jul 18
Global Extinction

The fires you start will come back and burn you.
The idiots are in charge and they deny the truth.
Enjoy the sunshine whilst remaining blind to the drought.
We as a species deserve to be dying out, no doubt.

When the waters rise and the lives disappear,
You will turn around and ask to hear,
But it will be too late to make a change.
The end is nigh, if things stay the same.

The sun is nice, until it is not.
The sea’s will rise and the land it will go.
The bats have all died because it is getting too hot.
Welcome to your inferno.

No fossil fuels left for you to dig, you dig?
You will be left on your little island, surrounded by what you did.
Emptying the ground for oil and gas.
The life they have, the life they must have.
The gas has taken the future and all the president can do is laugh.

I guess he knows that money talks.
The silent majority will rise and tear down your new wall.
Protest against the murderers, they **** the planet while I write verse,
To tell a tale of man-kinds fail; the words will never be heard.

Extinction Rebellion;
Our future wails.
No more extinction!  No more contradictions.  
No more self-punctured nails.

Once upon a time a clean air act was written as a promise.
No take backs, set in stone, the lies beat the Hell out of being honest.
The Earth is empty, it’s elementary.  If you eat until it is all gone,
You will get a nice tan from a hundred degree sun.

Speaking like a hurricane, tornado range,
It’s climate change.
The amazon is nearly gone, because Mr. Amazon is number 1.
The Earth is first, humanity thirsts,
I see no saviour fighting for our Earth.

All that remains is a scorched planet.
Just one more degree and we have all had it.
Polar bears drown, forest fires.
When the power ends and the planes are all downed,
We will be climbing the trees to get higher.

The tsunami will set us free,
By wiping out man’s technology.
Welcome to another ice age.
Man will walk alone one day.
The last man on Earth will have his say,
But nobody will ever hear him again.
For too long now we have all stood still,
By driving pollution through our hearts.
We have all become so ill.
This is how the evil starts…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 18 · 73
Aa Harvey Jul 18

From the darkness comes a sound.
A heavy footstep on the ground.
The Earth it shakes and twigs are heard to break
And all the animals quickly run away.

From the shadows there comes a growl,
From a beast so deadly foul.
It moves so slowly as it prowls,
In search of something to ****; its face a picture of scowl.

Within the trees it is camouflaged.
It blends into the background
And from the jungle there comes an “arggh!”
A man to death is eternally bound.

The claws that rip and tear at skin,
Before the teeth sink deeply in,
To such soft flesh; the touch of death
And at the end there is little left,
To ever say man stood at this point.
The bones skinned bare of muscle on joints.
All that remains is the sleeping tiger, next to a pool of blood.
He is the lone survivor, for this is his neighbourhood.

Later as the tiger leaves,
The remains remain hidden behind the trees
And all that was, is no more.
All that is left are the prints of the paws,
That lead away through leaves of green.
A broken path is all that is left to be seen.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 5
All abuzz about a bee

The name’s Humble B. Bumble; welcome to my mall.
How do you do?
If there is anything that you need, I am sure we have it for you.
Need a fresh *** of honey to go with your food?
Not a problem, keep the bottle; I saved this one especially for you two.

Do you need to buy your honey something new?
Not a problem, all honey is good here, I can make honey too.
If you see something you like, I am sure we can find you a good price.
The sugar sure is nice; we just got this frozen stuff,
You won’t believe your eyes!  
They call it ice;
It keeps the water cold
And you just need to add flavour to savour,
The refreshment of your soul.

Your honey’s no good here; the first drink is on the hive;
But I must insist after that, your wallet must appear
And please do not drink honey and then dive.
I will have the bar-staff make you something to drink
And when you are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside,
There is a quiet section for you to sit and think.

Only you can decide what will bee next on your shopping spree.
We’ve got ‘Beegee’s and Banana’ and ‘Our-army’ suits.
There is the Jumper Gotye fashion store
And Kelvin Flies if that is what suits you.
Gooey has more high-end goods, if you have got the honey to spend.
Whatever you need, you will find it here at the ‘All A Buzz’ Mall,
PO Box 3B, Fly Mile End.

If you live in the sky and want to bee a diner,
Then you won’t find a place that is finer.
If these syrupy sweets are not at all to your taste,
Maybe you could think about some bling for your wings?
We have the little shop of forgotten treasures;
I am sure we can find whatever you need or think,
Would improve your life.  Our doors are always open to new idea’s!
We work through the night, to fit your clothes, right on;
If you need a refund, we will always bee right here.
Here, take my card and don’t forget to mention my name.
The middle initial stands for Bee
And Y’all Bee sure to have yourself a nice day!

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 5
Bee happily ever after

So Bee Bee was ready, the larvae were on the way.
She was worried about looking after new larvae;
But now all female bees could grow up to become mothers in the hive,
If they wanted to bee.
So the brood could bee smaller
And anyway…
Humble wouldn’t want it any other way.

Bee Bee was with the man that she loved
And Humble loved Bee Bee, oh so much!
But he was always worrying too much
And he couldn’t hide his true feelings;
Like when he was nervous, or when he was in love.

The midwife was there;
There was snow in the air.
The bees were all safe and warm indoors,
Waiting for the ones they already adored.
They had waited so long and now the day was finally here.
The nurse closed the door to all the waiting family and friends,
Who had been waiting for oh so long;
Humble had waited his whole life.
The midwife told them all jokingly, “Get out of here…
This may take some time…”

…As the doors once more opened,
Bee Bee lay there with Hope in her hands,
Giving her a hug.
Humble was sat beside her holding Ethan in one hand
And Fen in the other…
Two daughters, one son.
Two sisters, one brother…
Two proud parents…so in love…

One love…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 5
It’s good to bee home.

Home at last; how I have missed you all.
It has been so long since I was here.
Many days have passed;
Has it really been a year,
Since we last set eyes upon each other?
Oh wonderful home…
Oh!  Hello Queen Mother.

The Prince has returned to tell you of a future,
Where we leave this land and head to another.
I have found us a place to which we can migrate,
Where the sugar is plentiful…our new home awaits.

We must inform the others of our decision to depart.
Winter is approaching; it is time for our mission to start.
The scouts must bee sent to gather information about the destination.
There is a universe of wonders out there just waiting for us;
I have seen it on my vacation.

I have met many kind and wonderful folks,
On my journey around this world
And I have stood where our ancestors spoke.
I do believe I have discovered a place where we can finally rebuild.

There are other hives there;
Other communities to trade with
And in this land of sugar and honey,
We can all raise your brood of kids,
To become bees of great stature and substantial presence.
We will never go hungry.
Start the celebrations; we can all begin to dance
And sing our songs until we are ready to go.
The hive must start packing; we must head to our new home.

This hive is beginning to crumble;
This is no longer a place of bumble.
There is a new home waiting for us,
Beyond the edge of what we thought we knew.
Have faith in me, the time of change is here
And if you still do not believe in me,
Then send others to confirm my truth.

Our friends and family are waiting for us to arrive;
Please give the order to prepare to leave the hive.
Will we all wait until we are nearly all gone?
Or will we move as one…?
I think it is time for us all…
To fly to our new home.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 5 · 191
29. Bee true to love
Aa Harvey Jul 5
Bee true to love

Bee Bee, my Queen.
I do love you;
With every piece of my honest heart…
I swear, I do.

I know for a fact, if we can still be together
And still in love, like we are today;
I will be the luckiest bee in the hive.
You are my only way.

You are my light, my hive,
My love, my wife
And when we are in our olden days,
I will hold your hand and ask for…nothing.
For I will need nothing more, than to see your effortless grace.
I will only need to see the most beautiful smile,
On The most beautiful face.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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