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Oct 5 · 128
It's nothing personal
Aa Harvey Oct 5
It’s nothing personal

It’s nothing personal; I hate the entire human race.
It’s the way they talk, the way they act,
I hate the look upon their face.
In fact I hate everything about you all.
Like I said before, it’s nothing personal.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 25 · 129
Kiss me twice
Aa Harvey Sep 25
Kiss me twice

I saw you rocking on a Saturday night.
I fell in love with a beauty wrapped inside a light,
That snaked its way over your body.
Scream aloud.  I need to love somebody,
So I can appear in front of your eyes.
Devil dancing, under multi-coloured lights, at night.

Raise my soul up to newer heights and let me get lost inside,
Of the sound of your heart as it eternally sighs.
I love you in this moment in time.
Fire heart needs a soulful cry of delight
And a kiss that remains electrified,
As I move my fingers down your spine,
Pressing all the right digits in all the right places.
Forget all of the other faces.
We are alone in this moment in time.
Kiss me twice in case it doesn’t immediately hit you right.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 25 · 160
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Everything is a chore.
Everything is a bore.
Everything is worth nothing at all
And everything is no more.

You want to get high, but not experience the lows.
You want a life where anything goes.
You want the love, but not the pain.
You want a love who promises to stay.

If you get high, then low’s you will find.
If you want love, then you will lose your mind.
If you want to find your own way,
Then you will end up lost and one day fade away.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 25 · 129
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Take a second to enjoy the moment.
Slow right down to find fulfilment.
Wait a while to see the change.
You could become spiritual and fly away,
Or remain lost, living life head on,
Accepting all comers, bring it on,
Show me what you got.
If you have anything at all.

Are you a wolf howling at the door?
Or are you Bambi?  Is that all you want to be?
Write a book on how to love.
Snap a paint brush when your work is done.
You are not all you have to entertain,
Relax your brain and find a new way,
Float on waves over the pain,
Then draw a line through the fear and win again.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 25 · 154
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Feeling dead when I’m alive,
My sun no longer shines.
Crazy days are all behind me;
All I have is half-remembered memories.

Time is not a healer and I am not a friend.
Every time I see her face,
I want the world to burn to its end.
For all love ever caused me;
The scars upon my heart.
An empty box of what I could have been.
Written down is not who we hope we are.

These are just in pieces, the thoughts upon my grave.
Mask to hide diseases.
Once you have been lost, you have had your love me days.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 25 · 332
Aa Harvey Sep 25

I never said I was dead.
I never claimed I was real.
I never saw you as a great.
I only tried to feel.

I couldn’t help you in space.
I’m way too far away from love.
I remember your tear-stained face.
I am giving up.

I never believed down there.
I never believed up here.
I never seemed to care.
I only saw what was never near.

I lived in my dreams.
I hid away from the world,
By floating off into a place of make believe.
Fantasy kept me alive when I wanted to be still.
Here, take my grief.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 25 · 203
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Long hair waving in the new wind.
Time changes and it’s a **** beginning.
Bowie, I only worship one king.
All that is left are the songs we are still singing.

Heroes fall under the thunder sounds.
Waterfalls endlessly come crashing down.
Inside my own existence I continually drown.
I can never find the right way out.

Primal heart; bitten Devil man.
Longing for a new wave to send me to a better land,
Where people are free from eternal suffering.
I hold aloft the heart of endless dreaming.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 23 · 91
Love love
Aa Harvey Sep 23
Love Love

Maybe I am just in love with love,
But is that such a bad thing?
If I want to find love, why can I not keep on believing?
I may just love love, but surely when I am in love that is good.
Surely to be with someone who loves love should be good enough.

I would love her the way I love to be in love,
And still you say that this is wrong?
Who are you to say that?
What is it that you have you done?
Who have you loved to say my love is not right?
Who are you to tell me anything other than goodbye?

I do love love and I will love her until the end.
I am in love with love; I will love her without pretend,
Because she is love, so I do love love.  On that you can depend.
You can go ahead; you do your own mistakes this night.
I'll create my own and you can keep on believing,
That only you can be right.

What insight do you have to tell me what to do?
Do I care?  I love love so boo-hoo,
I hope I scare you away from telling me what to do;
How to love and what to say.
I do what feels right; I say what I like.
I love the only way I know how, I love love my way.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 23 · 84
Kill me with your love
Aa Harvey Sep 23
**** me with your love

Show me your creation,
Written down in black ink.
Let me see your darkest thoughts;
I need a place to sink.

I want a place to disappear;
There really is no escape.
If I cannot have someone to love,
Then I will no longer fight my fate.

Love is out there somewhere to find.
All I have to do is look with open eyes,
But I am blind to anyone who could be nice,
Because of the tears I have cried, so many times.

So cut me with your truthfulness,
I want this pain to hurt.
I am no longer playing just for jest,
Put me six feet in the dirt.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 23 · 132
Heavy feather
Aa Harvey Sep 23
Heavy Feather

Life is on top of me, eating my soul.
Whatever happened to all the hope?
People come and people go.
Why am I unable to just say no?

I am weak in a world of warriors.
Feeble mind, broken pieces of truth.
All life has done is make me a worrier.
All this pain is nothing new.

From the darkness comes a hope.
She is light inside a shadow.
I run to love with all I know.
Still haven’t learned; soon saying “Ow!”

Heavy Feather weighing me down under water.
Subconsciously I am falling apart.
Make me a bird so I can fly back further,
Before all of this when I had a heart.

Before I decided to put on the bird suit,
I had dignity and a body of my own,
But lately all I do is try to soothe,
The flesh burned skin-suit I call a home.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 23 · 107
Broken bottle
Aa Harvey Sep 23
Broken bottle.

Heart breaks in two, waiting on a love to come.
Save me from the time that I don't have; where is my fun?
I am in need of ears and lips and a hand to hold,
But it is too cold in my bed for any lost soul,
Other than mine to lie and lie I do about how I feel,
Because I hide my life away from all those who would steal.
When once upon a time I would have given it away.
Now I am too late to make a change.

Still I age and with age comes reasoning and clearer thinking.
No intoxicated, medicated, not interested, only spinning,
To pass the time with friends which I have now lost,
And I can no longer stare into the bottom of a bottle.
My personality defect is the reason for the loss,
But blame is going nowhere except back to me in full throttle.

It smashes into my chest and leaves me to confess,
I never did my best to keep you near, so goodbye stress.
It’s crystal clear in my space now,
I am heading for another row,
With myself and the thoughts inside my head,
Because all I have left is a billion regrets,
But no apologies will be coming from me,
Because all I think is killing me,
On the inside; so you don't need to say,
Because try as you might I will not try to understand your way,
Of thinking; so just leave me be.
Leave me to my suffering so I can pretend that I am free.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 23 · 67
Interesting Times
Aa Harvey Sep 23
Interesting Times

We live in interesting times when it comes to rhymes.
I can say what I want but never mind.
I went a little insane when I lost my love life,
But like I said…Interesting times.

You can never be bored when dancing with the Devil.
Being so close to natural born evil.
Free the people for the people.
Always on the level when talking of my steeple.

Never had an ego that you could quash.
Don’t love myself, or you, or God.
Raised on love, brainwashed into believing.
Now all I have is endless dreaming.

Stuck at work building a future.
Seems so pointless when I have not even met her,
But loves prevails!  It’s the perfect fail.
Setting sail on the journey of a loser.

Gave up age eleven; stopped believing in Heaven.
Depression set in and woe is me again.
Everywhere I looked I saw the signs,
The eternal sighs, the crying eyes,
The lies, the lies, they shaped my life.

Thought about suicide, didn’t like it.
An idea too big for a scared little kid.
Stood up tall, took the verbal kicks.
Spent too long saying “I’m with stupid.”

I guess intelligence is always relative,
When it comes to someone becoming relevant.
Never liked a dummy C-class student.
D is for life, still becoming a numan.

All I have now is me, myself and I.
Scatter-gun tongue gives me a sharp side,
And I will bite back if you are worthy.
Most are worthless…hope you heard me.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Feb 25
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is this.
Love is that.
Love is wonderful,
If love is what you have.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 294
Reality driven
Aa Harvey Feb 25
Reality driven.

Hand on heart I love you.
From the start my love has been true.
So beautiful, as soon as we met.
You caught me looking and I was trapped in your net.

Stuck to you through thick and thin.
You are on my mind again, I think,
About you nearly every day.
I still desire you in every way.

I want you bad, to be good to me.
I have always needed you to let me be,
The one you love until the end.
This is no time for me to pretend.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 247
Aa Harvey Feb 25

Shot a rebel through the heart.
Cancer kills but life is art.
You tried to put a stop to all that we are,
But we are too hot to handle; you can’t grab hold of a star.

Fire your guns; I’m invincible.
Speak your words; I’ve heard them all before.
Condemn a man for condemning your war.
You will never stop what we are.

Your system of control and degrade is beginning to fade.
Push my buttons, I’m a microwave,
Blowing through your wall like a hand grenade.
A tongue so sharp, I’m a razorblade;
Cutting your lies apart…your truth cannot be saved.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 173
A complex God
Aa Harvey Feb 25
A complex God

I can’t always be your salvation.
One day I will rip you apart.
I won’t always be a helping hand,
Because one day I will reach inside and tear out your heart.

If you allow me to love you, utterly and truly,
Then you must allow me to write about you in my art.
Let me show you all that I am and all I could be.
Come travel with me beside a shooting star.

We can learn to fly hand in hand.
Walk with me over foreign lands,
That are new to our being.
Maybe one day we will become all knowing and all seeing.

If you are my God and I become yours,
All things will become possible in this crazy mixed-up world.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 276
In pieces
Aa Harvey Feb 25
In pieces

The debris of my shattered soul,
Is all that remains of the old me I used to know.
I, the ghost, who haunts my life of cold,
Just sits here shivering…lost without a hope.

Broken by love a thousand times.
Crippled permanently by all the lies.
I live this life inside a lie.
I say I am happy, so they don’t have to cry.

If I tell the truth to anyone who cares,
I fear that it would leave them to be scared.
So I will just tell ‘you’ what goes on inside my head.
Today I thought ‘I want to be dead.’

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 313
Head down
Aa Harvey Feb 25
Head down

I'm still walking.  I'm still talking.
I'm still trying to find a way for this life to mean something.
I got no direction…just using self-reflection.
Trying to find a way to see me under closer inspection.

I wanna be in love, but no one loves me and they never could.
I could have wrote a book, but that's another story.
Just advice from a reflection in a mirror that I never took.

I could have reached high, but I just passed on by.
Now I'm another Mr. Nobody who spends his time staring at the sky.
I could have made it, if I just tried to;
But there’s no way I'm ever gonna be safe with you.

So I still walk alone; no interest in my phone.
Just use it to write rhymes that don’t ever matter,
While I'm walking home alone.

I got no lover. I got no life, besides,
I couldn't ever try to make it to the other side.
Just staying in this hole; the only place I know.
It keeps my feelings safe, when I just bury them deep in my soul.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Feb 25
A matter of life and death

Life; the infinite circle of dreams written in the stars.
Death; is on the back of a turtle waiting for the far.
The time stretching sand, dripping destiny into jars.
Life is a destination; what will be your car?
Choose your vehicle; which will carry you on?
Death is unspoken; a funeral of songs.
If all you wished for was all suddenly gone,
What would you desire first in front of the new sun?

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 138
Mr. Muscle
Aa Harvey Feb 25
Mr. Muscle

You might not lead a revolution,
But maybe you could inspire a change.
You might not lead a righteous life,
But every dog has its day.
You might not know the meaning of life,
But maybe your life will have meaning.
You might not understand your dreams,
But still we keep on dreaming.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Feb 25
I will not be quitting you

I’m not ready to be quitting you;
I still need your love.
You may be ready, but I will never be,
Ready to give up.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 137
Aa Harvey Feb 25

Here we stand, alone and in pain.
We are all you never wanted to be.
Somewhat damaged in this broken brain.
Let’s all welcome the lonely.

Come join us in this loneliness;
Make sure you walk alone.
With all friends gone,
Without a sun,
Pretend you have never shone.

The best love songs are, written with a broken heart.
The love I need could not exist, because the love I need is infinite.
I don't like change; why have you got to rearrange?  
Just keep things the same, and I will be ok.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 25 · 109
Patent No. 1
Aa Harvey Feb 25
Patent No.1

Give me directions to find my car.
Arrows on the key fob, point near or far.
North by North West; is this the right way?  Yes.
There is my car, under the star.
This invention is the best.
Trackar, twenty yards away, easy to find.
All you need to do is follow the line.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 24 · 129
Unfinished Business
Aa Harvey Feb 24
Unfinished Business

Feel like giving up.
Think I have had enough.
Impossible to finish a book.
Keep on getting stuck.

All begins with good intentions.
It all ends with procrastination.
Thought it time for me to mention,
I never reach the end…

Keep it real or never said.
We are all a long time dead,
So do something that matters.
Hearts are made to shatter.

Throw your words through each and every window.
Heaven’s knows where they will go.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 24 · 123
Aa Harvey Feb 24

I want my next connection to be my last,
And I want it to be a connection that I know will truly last.
If the connection is lost due to ill-communication breakdown,
I hope in the universe there can be heard its eternal sound.

I want an upgrade on what I have had.
I want the possibility to become a Dad.
I want a woman who joins me in my laughs.
When I write poems for her, I want her to be sad.

Not the feeling; just the illusion.
I want her tears to create confusion.
I will ask why so sad?  She will say they are happy tears.
I will weep with her, for years and years.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 24 · 223
Aa Harvey Feb 24

I will be with you through blood sweat and tears.
I will stick to you like note paper for years and years.
When you need someone to listen to, I will be all ears.
When the end comes and I fade away,
I will never truly leave your side; I will never disappear.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 24 · 467
Aa Harvey Feb 24

I'm feeling disillusioned, all because of you.
I'm lacking all my desire for love, because of your truth.

You sit there on your throne of thorns,
Not caring about the lives that you have torn.
The lives that you simply ignore.
Your world is you and you are all.

Banish me to anywhere that I can’t become King.
I never wanted to be a fallen Prince.
I hate royalty to the ‘nth degree.
I don’t believe in Peace, Love or Empathy.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Feb 24 · 155
Aa Harvey Feb 24

I’ve been catching sunbeams in a little glass jar.
I’ve got nothing to lose now, apart from my self-control.
I want to set free the world and release my soul afar.
I’ve lost control of growing old.

Head still thinking sideways, but now I don’t know.
With youth I was so sure, but now I fall alone.
Lost my support family, friends used to surround me,
Until I gave them away to live again happily.

Reaching out for independence.
Lost the will to learn to dance.
Inhaling songs never heard before.
Trying to cure the endless bore.

I call me ugly;
Unhappy underneath my empathy.
I am empty, skeleton bones.
Stripped bare of skin, broken soul.
Drink everything away to sink into oblivion.
Riding high over the world gliding on the equilibrium.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jan 21 · 256
Woodstock '69
Aa Harvey Jan 21
Woodstock ‘69

At first they said we couldn’t;
And then they found they couldn’t stop us now.
We came together as one people.
The smoke we blew, flew up and made the clouds.

They said it wouldn’t happen,
But the happening is louder than one sound.
With peace and love we could be happy;
Try as they might to bring us down.

There stands a sea of people.
The band on stage, the force behind the hand.
We come in peace, so peaceful.
We crash wherever, sleeping on the land.

The voices spread like a virus.
Chinese whispers write a novel of romance.
They couldn’t understand what lives inside us.
Now they see, we only came to sing and dance.

Love is all you need, to truly love your life, man!
The concert is a sell-out.
The tickets all say free; it’s no more plans.
Just flowing with the motion, taking all we have.
The rain came down and some said, that was the end of that.

Up rose a half a million peace signs.
The food is free; the peace is in your hands.
This thing that they called Woodstock,
Grew bigger than you…and I’m a hippy man.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jan 21
Brighter than the stars at night

Nature is colour, the vastness of space,
The roll of the thunder, the streams gentle waves.
Goodbye fellow being, be gone to the lost.
Cut down by life, we are still counting the cost,
And we may never know what we could have had together,
But as I stare into the Heaven’s, all I can think about is the weather
And the seas that rise and the ice bergs that fall.
Goodbye fellow being; goodbye to you all.

Man has been here and left his footprint forever.
Forever changed is this land, crushed beneath tire like a feather,
That no longer flies on the wings of a dove.
Goodbye fellow being.
Goodbye to the love.
Goodbye to this place that we like to call ours.
Goodbye to the planet and hello to the stars.

I am waving a little early, but there is no past.
It is all gone.  This little light is lost, to being out last.
Along pavements and roads to nowhere, I have walked with them all;
That is why I can only stare at the floor
And hope to see through, but this city gives me no view.
Just architecture, nature, Circle of Life has a puncture.
And we are at a junction…Do we choose right?  
I can no longer see the stars through the city lights...

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jan 21 · 143
Madly, Deeply, Truly
Aa Harvey Jan 21
Madly, Deeply, Truly

I am writing this poem just for you,
Because madly, deeply, truly,
I love you.

Your love has given a life to me.
All I can give you is simply me.
All the love, you have given to me,
Has improved everything for me.

For you and I have become us.
Love, lust, passion, trust.
You plus me equals love.
One plus one, equals us.

My dream woman, you took my heart with just one look.
You are the muse I need to write a thousand poetic books.
My angel sent from up above.
My heart is yours; it’s full of love.
My heart I have given to you, so I could become us.

I’ll love you long after I turn to dust.
I will be with you in Heaven if there is no end for us.
My beautiful Angel…
You are loved.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
Time to bee invited to Honeycombe

The news of Blues-Bee’s demise had far reaching effects.
The worms had disappeared deep underground
And the fleas had all fled.
Harmony was going to bee restored,
To the happy place it was a long time before.
This was nice to hear for a Bee who was far away,
For he had already lived through The Hive Wars.

He happened to overhear a conversation about a bee one day.
His name was Heroshima and he knew of Humble’s hive.
He heard how it had been attacked and was almost destroyed,
But fortunately The Queen had survived.
Blues-Bee had hired a group of ***** rats,
But try as they might the bees never succumbed to the attack.

One night Heroshima said this bee has been through enough;
Bring him to me.  His hive is welcome to move in with us.
There is plenty of space, so make haste with the messengers.
Go find this Humble B. Bumble, wherever he is, never mind the danger.

Tell him about us and tell him he should come to bee with us soon
And he will bee welcomed always into Honeycombe.
So bees were sent out and eventually Humble was found.
He didn’t want to go; he wanted to go home,
But the bees were insistent and gave Humble a crown.
This is a sign of our loyalty to you.
Come live with us in Honeycombe as a King; you can start anew.
Your Hive are all welcome to join us too.

Humble took the crown and said thank you friend.
We will take a look around
And then placed the crown on Bee Bee’s head.
I guess this belongs to you, Love.
Oh no sir, it is yours.  You have been so good.
You are to bee made a King and you may choose your Queen.
I have no need for a title; I already have all that I need with Bee Bee.

Then neither do I said Bee Bee throwing it away.
But sir!  But maam!  You have no idea what that crown is worth!
We have no wish to rule your domain anyway.
Let all bee’s bee equal and rise from the dirt.

You shouldn’t bee throwing it around.
It is made from the finest honey.
Then you can have it, take the crown,
I already have my honey, buddy.
Humble held Bee Bees hand and said lead the way…

I will just fetch the crown first sir.  Ok?

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 756
14D - It's not meant to bee
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
It’s not meant to bee

Humble and BlondeBee’s latest date was at ‘Where it’s at.’
All their friends were there too, so it wasn’t that bad.
But by the end of the night, they realised there was no spark.
Sure enough, good friends they were and still are,
But there was no love, even when the two of them slow danced
And by the end of the night,
They each had the same doubts about the romance.

They arranged a date for the following day,
Because they both really wanted it to work.
They went for a fly and made their way to a pool,
And the two of them began to friendly flirt.
But after a while BlondeBee said I’m sorry Humble,
I can’t do this anymore.
I do like you, but only as a friend
And Humble said thank The Queen!
I was worrying for sure.

I do like you too, but I’m not falling in love.
If we can remain friends, that would bee so cool,
But I think we both agree, that this should end,
Before I act even more of a fool.

Yes Humble, it was nice to dream,
But there is someone else on who I am keen
And I think he could bee the one.
You sure move fast, Humble said with a laugh.
I wish you all the luck in the world BlondeBee.
I will see you anon.

The two of them parted and Humble’s new search started.
He still had such hopes on who she would bee.
The Queen had been right.
If it doesn’t feel right, it’s wrong;
But it was time for Humble to go and find his own song,
But who would Humble’s bee bee?

He hummed to himself as he made his way home
And he told his parents what had happened when he arrived.
He coped with it quite well, and only once when all alone,
Did he allow himself to cry.
Soon he was fine and a new love he would find.
There has to bee a way.
He knew his heart would once more fly.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 639
14C - It will never bee
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
It will never bee

Humble knocked on the door to BlondeBee’s parents home
And her Mom answered the door.
Hi Mrs. Friendly, I’m here to see BlondeBee.
I’ll just give her a call.

BlondeBee, Humble’s here, are you nearly ready?
Just doing my hair Mom.
Take a seat Humble.  Would you like some honey?
No thank you Mrs. Friendly, I’m all full up.

What are you two up to tonight?
Oh, we’re just going for a walk.
Make sure that you don’t go outside the hive
And to bee back before it’s dark.

Humble and BlondeBee tried dating for a while,
But they never really made the connection.
Sure they were friends and could make each other smile,
But the relationship lacked any passion.

At the end of one night on the doorstep to BlondeBee’s house,
The kiss opportunity came along, but Humble feared like a mouse
And no sound came out, when he tried to ask her for a snog.
She didn’t ask either, for she wasn’t a believer.
She was starting to have her own regrets, knowing it to bee wrong.

So nothing happened, three nights in a row.
Then along came a whole new threat.
BlondeBee cancelled a date, after turning up late,
And Humble walked home alone feeling bad and fell into bed.

Little did he know, BlondeBee was not alone.
She went dancing with a bee from her past.
They shared a kiss and BlondeBee did confess,
That Tiny Dancer was the one that made her laugh.
Humble thought maybe he should forgive her.
When she was around, he could still act the clown,
But there was no way he could ever bee her lover.
Humble was happy for BlondeBee, but he still felt so let down.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 212
14A - Beeuty
Aa Harvey Aug 2019

Humble wasn’t a pretty bee, nor was he what you would call ugly,
But somehow he did ok with the ladies.
He got the eye, lots of smiles and feels,
But he never knew how to seal the deal.

So on he went, a lone little bee.
Most of the time, he seemed to bee quite happy,
But underneath, his heart was aching.
There was no mistaking, it was good love he was needing.

So one day he somehow managed to get BlondeBee
And sure enough, she sure was pretty,
But all the time they seemed to disagree,
About almost everything.

They had their time; Humble thought it was love,
But he had never experienced the real stuff.
So he stuck it out and liked it when they danced,
But at the end of each night he would never make romantic plans.

I guess he just didn’t see a future.
Well maybe he did, but it wasn’t with her.
So he decided to live in the here and now.
Who knows what will happen anyhow?

But BlondeBee could see this wasn’t the real thing.
She spoke to her friends in the hope of finding meaning,
But they were just mean and told her to dump him.
Move on, find someone else, you go Girl-Queen!

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 331
35. Beedazzled
Aa Harvey Aug 2019

The hornets appeared on the horizon.
Zipper was on lookout with Tryin’ Flyon.
The two of them were in an argument
And didn’t see the hornet’s a-flying.

In fear Tryin’ stumbled back and hit a plant,
And all the water came raining down with a mighty splash.
Sound the alarm!  I can’t, Tryin’!
My wings are soaked through, said Zipper, nearly crying.

The two of them ran and watched as above a squadron of hornets,
Crashed down with a thud!
What have we got here lads?  A couple of wet-through bees.
Please don’t hurt us, please!
Oh this doesn’t look good!

Shut up Tryin’, we are not scared of hornets.
You should bee, we’re bigger and stronger that you lousy maggots.
Zipper grabbed his stinger and said en garde!
The lead hornet laughed and insofar,
As to actually consider Zipper a threat,
Grabbed his stinger sword and said ok Bee, let’s!

The two of them fought and soon Zipper was no more.
Tryin’ was desperately trying to find a door,
But he was surrounded, soon to bee pounded,
Like the honey in the hive,
When it was deemed too rounded.

But the hornets didn’t know that the two bees were a three.
Scaredy Bee flew off as fast as he could,
Heading back to the hive and brotherhood.
He didn’t wait to see what happened to Tryin’,
He was too busy screaming and rapidly flying.

The guards saw him approach at an incredible speed.
Who the heck is this?  The fastest bee I’ve ever seen!
The guards said wait!  He said no way!
And he was past them before they knew what else to say.

Did he say hornets?  No way, get your ears fixed.
He did, he said hor…He said there were hornets!
With that the two guards turned tail and fled.
The commotion caused by Scaredy Bee was up ahead…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 255
Handbags at dawn
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
Handbags at dawn

A man in the middle of Handbags at dawn.
Two lovers for one heart.  This is war.
A mighty showdown; a choice is needed.
One man, one love; never being greedy.

People don’t worship love anymore.
It’s just a thing they do.  Forget about being faithful.
It’s so much easier to do what you want.
Consequences don’t happen, just have fun.

Standing face to face, eye to eye.
Fighting for love.  Crocodiles don’t cry.
Learn the pattern, then anything can happen.
Love means nothing, truth only saddens.

Another body is all that matters baby.
Sleep with two until one is unhappy.
There are no rules; promises are made to be broken.
Sleep with convenience.  Lies are easily spoken.

Have an argument to get rid of one.
Then find the other one when they are gone.
When you have used them, say goodbye,
Then find the other one and apologize.

Demand privacy when it comes to your phone,
So you can hide when the other one calls.
Tell them you want a night out alone,
To stop the fights…hand bags at dawn.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 328
Goblin Face
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
Goblin Face

Let me paint you a picture so you can picture my kiss.
You will never again be anywhere near it.
You no longer exist.  Why am I writing this?
I guess I need you to inspire my hatred.

You are not good enough to know of my love.
Go read a book.  Any ******* book!
You think you think you still know me.
Well let me send you an epiphany.
You are nothing to me.

I’ll see you around like a ghost that haunts me,
But all you will ever be is a distant memory.
The further the better; you never even loved me,
So all I am asking for is a world where you do not exist.

But here you are again on my wish list.
I wish it would die and get out of my life,
But it’s talons are hooked around my eyes.
Wishing to see what I can see.
Well here is some Kodak pity.
It goes away and it never comes back!
Ha, ha, ha ; ha, ha ; ha, ha ; ha, ha.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 508
I hate you
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
I hate you

You took the love away.
That is why I hate.
You can never give it back,
No matter what you do or say.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 133
I can't write
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
I can’t write

I haven’t written a good poem in ages.
Throw away phone pages, end of messages.
Nothing important to say, but I’m still speaking.
Body is full of words, now all with lame meaning.

Speaking truth, but no longer believing.
Wish I could write the things I am dreaming,
But all that inspiration is lost,
To being bored of forget-me-nots,
That I just do not remember.
My heart feels like December rain.
I want the summer to come back again.

She is gone, the one named love.
Given away like all the drugs.
Now all I have is one big heart.
I am desperate to give it away…but I can’t.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is born.
Love is raised.
Love is family,
Beyond the grave.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 222
Aa Harvey Aug 2019

A black rose signals the end of time.
A white rose is a sign of life.
A red rose is sealed with a kiss.
A yellow rose shows you are unique.
A blue rose is a beautiful thing.
A pink rose is as sweet as can be.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2019 · 293
You know
Aa Harvey Aug 2019
You know

You’re dead to me; as dead as can be.
I hope your life is misery,
So you can join me in this Hell.
I hate you so much I had to tell,
The world how much I hate your guts.
I despise you and your empty love.
I hope you never love again.
I want you to suffer eternal rain.
I need to know you are unhappy.
That would make me incredibly happy.
Just thinking about your memory,
Makes me wish for the end of everything.
Let all the love in the world disappear.
I hate the fact that you are so near.
I hate sharing a planet with you
And all the stupid things that you do.
You had your chance and kissed it goodbye.
You know I hate you…don’t even cry.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2019 · 238
Aa Harvey Jul 2019

This place is my wasteland of fear.
There is nothing for me here.
Out there, there is a whole new world to discover.
A whole new land which is at the moment undercover.
Remove the covering, begin discovering,
A whole new home in a place where I believed there was none.
Am I not too far gone?

In here I am polluted by the gaseous air.
Here is where the nothingness grows.
Day by day and night by night I want to be out there,
Instead I am trapped in-between, in limbo.

There is nothing to see when I close my eyes.
I have nothing to say, because all is grey skies.
No artist could make this a place of beauty.
I broke my crown and now I await,
The day of my destiny.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2019 · 220
Welcome to Far Town
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Welcome to Far Town

On what forsaken endless shore,
Is grief a friend where Devil’s crawl?
Does all we have seen have no worth at all?
What end of time disaster is fate asking for?
Did you not know the signs all align
And all is lost to banshee’s cries?

When all hope is gone, you hold tight the cross,
You wore around your neck, which now you hold aloft.
Trying to ward off any evil spirits.
Do you think Jesus would really want to see it?

All your enchantments are meaningless.
Your self-defence lacks being blessed.
A whispered prayer, no faithful dead.
When Death approaches you begin the test.
The end is here, there is no sanctuary.
Deeds written on parchment, treated as sanctity.

Agony shall surely rip a mind apart.
No safe-way found in a billion stars.
No guiding light coming from near or far,
Can save a soul so below par.
Your purity was bargained for;
Tempted away in days of being poor.
Faithless messages lost to your,
Choices made in days of yore.

When all was taken and ambition was gone,
You signed your name, your kingdom come.
Your kingdom gone, life ebbs and flows.
Did you choose to stay the course, or did you take the gold?
Take a hold of your consequences.
Life is not about happy endings.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2019 · 135
Aa Harvey Jul 2019

All these clones, these human drones,
Who destroy with their creations.
I am left alone, to bemoan,
The loss of the legendary situations.

The death has come to take them all away
And time floats away with the fairies.
Wishes wished upon shooting stars,
Never got me far enough to land in Brooklyn,
But I am still cooking up new recipes.

Adding ingredients;
Still always listening and looking,
And in my own way I find myself in the words of someone else.
I live inside ’The Book of Nothing’.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2019 · 210
Muddy memory
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Muddy memory

Blood, sweat and tears, in exchange for notes.
Improve your situation, or have a smoke.
Try to relax your bad back at home.
Yesterday is already lost to ‘where did it all go?’

I lost the whole week and all I feel is weak.
Making money; got to fill this *** with honey.
Got to strive, staying alive!  Got to thrive.
Trying hard to buy a life.

Bought and sold is all I owned.
All is worthless when I am unknown.
Hundred films I am yet to watch.
I have no idea of the price of this priceless watch.

Nine Inch Nails engraved upon my wrist.
Suffering is the purest bliss.
Misery is right here with me,
Holding me tightly, suffocating me endlessly.
Oh how I love the misery.
It gives me focus, hocus, pocus, alakazam!
Breathing fire in a mystery van.
Cruising along to Dead Crows songs,
Along the road which just goes on and on and on and on...

Into darkness, seeking the freeway.
Loved to rock since back in the day.
Grew up with a guitar in my head,
Now I walk with The Walking Dead.
Station is stuck in a rut,
Driving on through puddles of mud.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2019 · 263
Forever and ever
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Forever and ever

The best of me isn’t worthy of the worst of you.
It’s clear to see I will never be what you need me to.
If all you are is in my dreams, then I need to leave to find my reality.

When you sing high, I mumble so low,
For I am still waiting down here for wings to arrive,
Whilst you have a history with the sky.
And me?  This mere mortal condemned to walk alone,
Will never have a place inside you heart or your home.

You want me to visit, but be gone by the morning,
While I want to hear the wedding bells ringing.
Singing my song for your ears only, leaves you snoring
And your temporary leaves me to all my sinking.

And so I will go and build a home;
A place where I must live alone.
Until the time comes that I have all that which I need,
Except the heart of my true loved one; where is she?

When she arrives I will be ready.
Done with waiting and dating; ready to go steady
And a bond will be made that can never be severed;
Loves hand tied to love forever and ever.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2019 · 876
Even after
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Even after

You will always be cool in my eyes.
Even after you have broken my heart into a thousand shards.
Even when you leave me behind to die.
You will still be cool to me and my heart.

People find a way to survive the lies.
Lust comes and lust it goes.
Your love for me was that of a ghost,
It floated out with you when you were creeping
And I closed the windows.

I could never love another even if I tried to.
When you are wishing upon stars calling another name,
I will still be thinking of you.
The pain it still remains.

If I have to spend each day crawling through Hell,
I will remember I met you for a split second.
I hope you remember you met me as well,
But you won’t even recall my name, I reckon.

In this sacrificial life of mine,
I made your acquaintance and created a magic inside.
I became a spell
And sparks did fly!

When the candle is blown out by the wind,
Through the opening, you remain with me.
You will claim my body with scratches down my back
And I will still dream of you, I know that,
But even after all this time,
I still love you and you still lie.

You broke me apart with liar’s words,
But you lost someone who was always yours…you never heard.
No longer mortal, when we were immortal.
You are just a doused old flame and now you’re just ****** awful!

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is old.
As old as time.
Love is following me.
I wish it would die.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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