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Dec 2018 · 368
The Musketeer
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
The Musketeer

People don’t want to hear negative truth,
Even when they say they do.
If I told you of my life,
You would disappear out of sight.
You only want to see smiling faces;
You don’t want to hear I have no light.

Bury me with good intentions.
Say cheer up to bring me down.
You want my love? You cannot have it.
You have not earned anything from me but a frown.

My face a portrait picture;
The eyes occasionally move.
I only look up from my despair,
So that I can see right through you.
All I see is no reflection of me.
Such empathy, such apathy.
Why does nobody feel like me?

I relate to all, only through things I saw.
There is no love for me anymore.
All you say contains no truth.
I am broken, beaten, used.

If I fall for you, I will fall alone,
Because you are already lost without your phone.
All I own could never buy your attention,
So endlessly I fail to mention.
There was a time I stood for you only;
That time has passed because you never secured me.

So at long last the time has passed,
I am standing alone at an impasse.
None shall pass, goodbye I’m leaving,
For I still protect my every feeling,
By saying naught of my ten thousand thoughts,
That I wish I had said before I left.
Now not one negative word will ever be said,
About the idea which I protect.

The lies have been said and I have faced death;
Stared right down the barrel into nothingness.
With my last dying breath,
I will hope to somehow see love again.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 148
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

I was trying to build a future using the chaos theory,
But now is the time to compartmentalize.
I visualize a future happiness one day near me;
In love maybe with me, or because of me, despite.

If she is happy, then I will be happy.
I seek the extraordinary truth in you.
Do you fit the shoe of destiny?
Or is hot farfetched from obscurity?
Placed before me waving endlessly,
Look at me!  I am a mirage of what could be.

Things take time, the bigger the better.
Never say never or nothing lasts forever.
It is never too late to make a change,
Or learn from your mistakes, again.

Drag ink across the page with love, not rage.
Just say what needs to be said and keep the rest caged.
Be a poet of great understanding.
Truly amaze them and leave when they start clapping,
Shouting “Bis!” and “Encore!”
“We want more and more and more!”

That is the time to open your minds door
And then you step on through…
I wish you all the luck in the world.
Fly out into the blue.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 86
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

Upon this death I see before me,
Four stood soldiers waiting patiently.
Beneath my feet I guess there could be,
An empty space of contemplation.
I built this place for only my eyes to see.
I come here occasionally when I need a vacation.

I am bound to watch the day pass.
I plead ignorance with such sincerity.
Because I stole a broach, apparently, in the past,
I am tied to the mast, by the quarter mast.
Nobody believes in me and as the sun burns my eyes,
I cannot close them for they hold no water inside.
The lid upon my soul is dry,
But I am yet to truly sink into the depths of my subconscious.
I can still hear them talking all their meaningless phrases,
Sounding like a thousand drunken babies,
As I honorably sink deeper into the abyss.

Communication breakdown, silence of the ages,
And all is but a single drop in the ocean; gone are all the praises.
This life of mine hangs in the balance and from the rafters.
I would not jest simply for the amusement of laughter.
With a face of iron, I am all done a-lying.
Stoically I still proclaim to tell the truth from upon high,
For soon I will be dying.

And then I spot the villainous rake,
And all of his duplicitous, surreptitious plots,
That wrap around their feeble minds,
Like the coil of a snake’s tail; their will is soon gone.
So they follow him into the darkness so blind;
Tongue tastes like dust from the burning sunshine.
It intoxicates all the other ship mates into seeing guilty.
Through all their mistakes they have misjudged me.

I am not, nor have I ever been, an infallible being,
But I was never ever seen to steal anything.
I never truly took, because I never truly looked, deep into the chest.
They ripped out my heart in search of plunder through contempt.
Now I stand here lost and all alone;
Shattered through not only a lack of food, but my lost home,
Has been taken from me, by those who would lie.
Why try to enlighten those who will not hear my side?

If I ever speak of this tale again,
Then you should know, I know your face, for it caused me this pain,
And on the day when we come to rest upon the shore,
Or even if we sink, slowly to the ocean floor;
I will remember all you took from me and I will rise with rage.

My silver piece, my one of eight,
They stole it from me and tossed it into the silver plate.
The trust of my shipmates broken this day,
When the end truly comes I will rise again.
I will point a solitary finger in only your direction,
And you will have to look away to hide your guilty expression;
But I never mentioned, just left them guessing.
We are all dead men walking, this death is a blessing.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 115
Lost warrior
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Lost warrior

There is a grave where my heart was once in peace.
It has been used and consumed, taken piece by piece.
Now the hands that want to take my only happiness,
Reach into the black hole inside my chest.
They are searching for what remains of my soul.
They want every part of me, for then I will have to go.
They want to see me gone.
They want the last remnants; they want to silence my song.
To be a fading memory that people knew him once.
I am trapped in misery, for I have become undone.
This life I now live,
Oh this life and all it is;
This life, has been, no good for me.

All I have to give is that I give you my all,
But sometimes please I could just give it all up and fall.
I say I can no longer try to impress.
I have taken too much already I confess.
I can never be happy again, for I have no love to my name.
I only know of the same heart ache, the scars that flower my grave.

This stain remains where once there stood a mighty guardian.
The last believer in true love now stands alone in this garden.
Now all I see are dead wreathes and winter-bitten trees.
The weeds have destroyed everything that I ever held dear to me.
Life costs too much to ever pay for your mistakes.
My redemption fire is a taxation day.

There is no way to change for my train only goes forward,
Into blackness, life with no foreword.
I missed the stop, excuse my tardy arrival,
In this vastness of sea and sand, I am fighting for survival,
And the many dunes I have already crossed,
Show the gravedigger has already chosen my plot.

Devil on one shoulder, mute angel his reflection.
Cannot hear either of them reflecting on genuflection.
They give no good advice, a route to joy I cannot device.
So I crawl on my hands and knees throughout this life.
Screaming at the world, give me peace, love and empathy!
Nobody listens; listen to me!
The sound of the wind reads my fears in audible quotes.
A hopeful cry will be a silent sound, this lost warrior knows.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 114
Here I am
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Here I am

I am a stone and I am crashing through my own window;
Where I will end up, nobody knows.
I am sure to never become a sure thing;
I doubt I will ever find a path to leave you to your wondering's.

As I scream through the air like a banshee at night,
My words fall apart in front of your eyes.
I know a fool when I see one in the mirror;
My vision of love has become so unclear.
Next to you but without you, I stand here all alone.
Sit peacefully with me in these times of madness,
So when I fall I can hold my clone.

I have no ready-made rhymes written within my mind,
But still I drag these lines from deep down inside.
Just broken thoughts, on broken lines;
Broken hearts see all the signs.
A broken clock, my heart it dies;
Only twice in a lifetime will it tell the right time.

Until we are forever herein and going there,
We are always nothing, forever nowhere.
Nothing and no-one;
No-one, so gone.
I was loved once; will there be time for another someone?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Never met someone like you before

I never claimed to be perfect;
I only claimed this was worth it
And if we didn’t do it, then tell me who did?
My silver bullet Princess, my darkest dream,
You make me feel complete.

A shot through my heart and hello or goodbye.
We will not be finished by this sunlight,
For we will continue to search, maybe in vein,
For love eternal; eternally loves *****.

If the skies keep on falling down on me,
Then how am I supposed to live, not grieve?
I am living at the end of tomorrow,
Too fearful of new beginning’s.

All I am selling is worthless to your soul
And in the end we end up with what we began with long ago.
The things on this Earth we gather to our hearts,
In time become worthless when compared to the stars
And all we cherish only to become lost,
We wish to keep, or take back, but are unwilling to pay the cost.

At my weakest point, still I reach for your love.
If we never did meet, then would we ever have known trust?
I trust in you because love dares me to;
I risk it all on the roll of a chance dice,
Hoping your hand will carry me through.

It’s our differences that define us,
So let our similarities forever bind us.
Two hearts beating as one;
An endless love built on trust.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 151
Love gives
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Love gives

Love evokes memories long since forgotten.
Love lifts us up when life leaves us rock bottom.
Love gives us strength when we feel we have none.
Love shows us how we feel in a new or old song.

Love is just a word, but it means so much to all.
Love is my reason to rise when I fall.
Love gives so much and asks so little of us.
Love survives when two people truly trust.

Love can be gone in a second or a word.
Love cannot be lost without regret.
Love is the greatest thing on this world.
Love is lying next to you in our bed.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 412
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

The grief of loss, when death is the cost,
Is soul destroying, when you know they are gone.
We used to cross the water together;
We ran so fast in any weather.
We will have our place, forever and ever
And nothing will replace those memories.

We built a bridge to cross the river.
We created a land called Terabithia
And now I walk here with my sister,
Where once upon a time my love walked with me;
Now I only miss her.

I haven’t cried this hard in ages.
It breaks my heart to turn the pages.
I want to see beyond this end,
But the story has not finished yet.

I cannot talk to her anymore;
Where once we ran through our own world
And now she is gone, the beautiful girl.
The Dragon Flies that kept us safe; they are flying no more.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 115
Only she knows
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Only she knows

Love; it’s all the silly things.
You know what I mean?  It’s everything.
The slight lift at the edge of her mouth when she smiles,
The hidden eyes that look away so quickly;
The things she cannot hide behind lies.
Her image is imprinted in me.
I am never left to doubt the things I cannot believe,
Because only she knows how to tell me what I need.

The two second stare and then the silence;
The endless thoughts flying by like pilots,
In planes that will soon crash and burn.
Still she is here and still I yearn.

She is so much stress, but the dress it calls me endlessly.
She could release me; she could reach out and fix me.
She pulled me from my crucifix,
I had waited there so long.
I had forgotten what the Earth felt like,
Until she up-righted my wrongs.

Way up in the sky I was weightless and sightless,
But she feels right and now I am blessed.
She feels right where no other does.
What the **** is this feeling called love?
Please explain to my brain, so that I can sustain,
Because I stupidly threw my crutches away,
When she walked into my life and all the black clouds became grey.
Now they are white and soon they will be gone,
Because she raises me up and sings the right songs,
To my instrumental heart, she pulls at my strings,
And leaves me believing in everything.
All the heart ache, it ain’t going away;
It still remains, but I am happy again.

Then she disappears, so I try to forget her,
But my God!  Without her it’s all once more a blur.
She is the only definitive object.
All else is cloudy, no more to collect.
I am floating on nothing when she is not around.
One love is in the distance and I am back on solid ground.

She loves me not, but I am trapped in suspense.
Suspended animation, two hearts of an alien nation,
Separated until she comes back again.
I am broken and vacant without her love;
Love in loves wilderness and all because,
I know she is the best I can get;
I also know without her I have nothing left.

What is there left when only she can be right?
Out of sight, out of mind?  Believe me I try,
But out of my mind leaves me crying inside.
Only she can make me happy, only she can find,
The things I need to find happiness.
Without her I am lost and all is a mess.

I could go there another time, simply to avoid her,
But then what would I do if I never again managed to find her?
All I want is splendid but she has that piece of me.
I keep myself hidden from temptation, while she misjudges me.

So much attraction, but she is leaving.
No more to say, she can see me grieving.
Today has become a bad day now.
This morning it shone, but now all is clouds,
And I am left standing staring like a stalker.
That is not what I wanted, but she is not my caller.
I cannot call her and she does not call me;
Is this the way things have to be?

I just want love, but she does not,
So why can I not just walk on?
What to do, what to think.
Forward no more…love is killing me.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 148
In heat
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
In heat

It’s hotter than you right now,
And you are super-hot;
So I am praying for a rain cloud,
To wash all this sweat off.

It can stay nice and hot all day tomorrow,
But right now I need to sleep.
So let me chill to ease my sorrow,
I am boiling here like a frog in heat.
Give me the mind of a hibernating polar bear,
Instead of leaving me here burning like a solar flare.
Burning brighter than the sun.
My tan looks nice but big brothers nanny state,
Leaves me in danger and fearing the fun.

You like the way I look right now,
But please I need a single rain cloud, to follow me around.
Everything itches, like picking at stitches,
I need a way to turn my mind off,
But it is too **** hot!
Thinking of you turns me on and that sends me over the top.

Thinking of you taking off your top,
Makes me feel like a boiling ***, I really have to stop.
Bubbles a bubbling, cuddles I’m missing,
Don’t leave me hanging here high and dry.
I need some fresh air to cool me down there;
I need a missus, or I think I am going to just give up and cry.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 162
Shopping bags
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Shopping bags

In a concrete building, there lives a man.
He has not moved in many days.
There comes a knocking upon his door,
And he returns to his reality once again.
He has been floating in a land of clouds,
Speaking with his creator,
But now a knock, knock, knocking upon his door,
Has brought him back to being, a doorman with an answer.

Through the door there stands a woman,
She has appeared from the floor below.
She is standing upright, still hopeful lips pursed together,
It is time for him to let her know.

At the main entrance there is a knock, knocking upon the door.
The guard gets to his aching feet, his walking stick no aid at all.
This is no age for him to be working,
But he has to pay for his dangerous drinking.
He hides a bottle of whiskey behind the counter,
As the bells inside his heart and mind are still ringing.
He opens the door, as the winter blows in,
Sending shivers down his spine;
This bouncer has long ago stopped all his fighting.
He looks at an angry man in his twenties;
This is no time to be staring at your prime.
He offers the man no help at all,
And sends him away with a sorrowful reply.

The children run throughout the hallways,
To the discontent of Mavis Davis.
She has not been able to sleep this week,
Due to the couple next door and their new born baby.
The sound is soon gone, the children rush by,
The baby is fast asleep, and now unfortunately so is Mavis Davis.

Her friend will find her when she remembers to visit,
But her friend has not visited this place in so long, the liar.
The last time she saw Mavis, was when they sang together in the choir.
Nobody has the heart to tell her the truth,
That behind her back they call her ‘The Trier’.
One day I read their story in the local news.
Upon her door there still hangs a flier.

I live in a home without a number.
The floor I use is not relevant.
This cul de sac which has drained all its wonder,
Has never been Heaven sent;
But there are artists and poets in residence,
They all speak of changing their lives.
They paint their pictures of a better time,
They write stories of better lives.
Only their diaries tell the truth,
And they are all kept hidden from view.
After each full stop they seek a review,
But I cannot always glue them to an answer of truth,
Because I would always disappoint their fragile ego’s;
They need to be needed, whilst I need them to go.

I turn the key and hide away my manuscripts;
The books I no longer show.
Once upon a stormy night, I allowed the world to see my soul,
And all the pens became broken, paint brushes were all snapped in two.
Now I exist in a higher rise building and I always feel too low.

The lifts are never working here, up or down is unpredictable.
Nobody can plan a future here,
Sometimes when Alice returns home from school,
There is no food waiting for her on the kitchen table.
Her Grandmother recently passed, so Alice has no more fables.
Her Mother arrives home late too exhausted to even speak.
Alice rifles through the shopping bags, so desperate to eat.
Her Father arrives home later with a rumble in his tummy,
And as he walks in and smells the hot cooking food,
He says “That smells yummy honey.”

The caretaker lives in the basement.
His wife passed on, so many years.
The engineers are called to look at the lifts again,
Without the oil to turn the gears.
They say they will return tomorrow,
But tomorrow becomes Wednesday.
As the ambulance arrives half an hour too late,
Mavis’ friend kneels down in sorrow,
Her life so left in a sorry state.

A heart attack on the Fifteenth floor;
A friend in need, a Good Samaritan called.
The desperation of the voice,
Could be heard loud and clear through paper thin walls.

Knock, knock, knocking on the door.
There comes a knock, knock, knocking upon the door.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 191
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

Art is more than a three letter word.
It began with the word, art is life.
It has a spirit of its own;
Some think they cannot hear the zeitgeist,
But you do not even have to listen,
To hear the philosophers speaking,
To understand the reason;
To genuflect to all their thinking.

Poetry is more than a six letter word.
It is soulful and meaningful and so full of nerves.
Emotions move mountains,
Fear leads to the darkside.
There is joy and laughter, patience and pride.

The voice of a nation is writing her book;
The world is out there for you,
If only you would look.
Do not hide away from the gifts you are given.
They belong to you; they are from a place of Eden.

All men, women and children
And the billions more who came before,
Have led to this very moment in time…
Take a bow and shine…
Await the applause…

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dec 2018 · 228
The empty hand
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
The empty hand

Life is a black hole and I am forever falling deeper.
Down I go into a light-less hole, no sign of my keeper.
I would say it is nice to see you, but all is mist inside the deep.
When there is no vision to guide my hands, for you I cannot reach.

I reach out into the nothingness and I return not a man.
I cannot give thanx for this cryptic master plan.
I become part of the space between reality and this place.
Forever ****** into the next realm where time has been misplaced.
If I ever return, I will only be love’s skeleton;
No nourishment can sustain my soul when I exist inside oblivion.

As the memories of me fade, in this wide open space;
I cannot recall what a smile is when I see it appear on your face.
It has been so long since I last saw a miracle,
That I do not recall how to make my smile actual.
I must have imagined it when I was a kid;
A head of fantasy creations, like happiness and bliss.

Sure you people talk of love and it sure does sounds nice,
But I can only speak of the love that doesn’t exist in my life
And good things don’t happen in front of my eyes.
I never got to feel what marriage was meant to really be,
Because I am surrounded by my apathy in this reality.

There are dreams, of course, like that dream where I was loved,
But dreams are not real; people are not enough.
They are separate entities; none will ever join me hand in hand.
I will never be standing matrimonially;
Love does not have me in its plans.

I make up words that do not exist,
Like truth and trust, this twaddle is twixt.
The meaning is lost on the journey between foolishness and death.
All this nonsense is irrelevant to a dreamer head.

This bed has no place for another to fit,
For I have never ever been seen to be fit;
So all I do is sleep in it.
Boy am I tired of living this life.
Can I not just grow up and become someone who shines?
It’s been so cold without a woman in my heart.
I have kept her spot warm; waiting in the dark.

I am a single particle in the great mass of the universe.
What chance do I have of meeting my equal; my poetic verse?
What chance do I have of communicating with her,
On a chemical level,
On an intellectual level,
Or any level at all?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
The Endless Poem :
Part One - Requiem

This is the Endless Poem.
I shall always add more to this…My Requiem.


The Song for the Dead.  

In life and death,
In thought, in breath,
In song I sing,
To The Restless Dead.

In life and death,
In thought, in breath,
In song I sing,
To The Restless Dead.

May they all rest in a sleep of peace
And never be forgotten.
For they have all once upon a time,
Allowed our hearts to be softened;
Or affected, or captured, or hurt.
But they are all gone now;
So celebrate their lives on this Earth.

In life and death,
In thought, in breath,
In song I sing,
To The Restless Dead.

In life and death,
In thought, in breath,
In song I sing,
To The Restless Dead.

The watchers,
The seekers,
The believers and non-believers,
To all Gods up above;
May we all rest in peace please?

In life and death,
In thought, in breath,
In song I sing,
To The Restless Dead.

In life and death,
In thought, in breath,
In song I sing,
To The Restless Dead.

This; I’m afraid to say,
For anyone who just began to feel at home.

This is the end of the first part of

The Endless Poem

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 126
Winter's call
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Winter’s call

I see you there looking right through me.
I, your ghostly apparition; I who chases who I should be.
I am the creator of destinies; you hear my call in your hour of need.
Repent! Repent! Lay down your greed.
You took my life, you stole from me.
The end is nigh from upon high;
The time has come, none shall survive.
You have seen the pictures and heard the words,
Yet still you failed to believe, so you deserve,
The end of all that has come before.
You stand alone as all men who fall.
Welcome to your winters call.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 106
Aa Harvey Nov 2018

Missing home, because I feel at home;
It’s difficult to accept change.
Walking in circles with no direction to roam;
Remembering all those other ways.

Feeling lost, like I am trapped in a six foot box.
They say cats like to play in empty boxes.
Dancing on, never learned to foxtrot;
In this place there does not exist any foxes.

Waiting on change, waiting all day;
Waiting for tomorrow, waiting on change.
Tomorrow is a whole day away.
24 straight; try reading again.
Lost my place, found my pain.
I need my independence to make a change.

Cannot cook because they will not teach me.
Feeling bored, like I have been here for eternity.
All I want is a little normality.
That is not my reality.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 96
Nobody can tell me
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Nobody can tell me

Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to love you.
Ain’t nobody who can tell me how to live.
There ain’t nobody I’d rather be with.
There ain’t nobody I can truly forgive.

Women are beautiful creatures,
Sent from God up in Heaven to teach us,
How to love and how to be loved;
You are divine and love is a must.

It’s so much easier for me to commit, than it is for me to lie.
I await you each and every night.
I have been lost; so on I go, heading into the darkness.
At a loss to all those who say they care;
I am left alone to break the hardest.

Your Devil’s in your details and your words are only false promises.
You live inside a house of liars; you only wish you could forget,
But I do not forgive and you are nothing to me now.
Walk away like all the others, I am used up anyhow.
Your heart is a reminder of broken oaths.
Let me leave and watch me burn as I go.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 281
Aa Harvey Nov 2018

I need to find a stronger kind of love.
Not a love that could become,
But one that has been destined.
I have no time for mere pretending.

Not a love taken to build it wrong;
Love does not last if it begins undone.
Love must be free for me to find it,
Because I am unlike any other, I truly am gifted.

True love truly believes in the truth,
While all else fails through lack of faith.
I believe in your empty needs, you they suit,
But I am searching for a unique kind of grace.

If I was like you then the whole world would remain wrong.
All the tales you tell are other people’s songs.
Go create and live your life.
Allow me to find the right shape and then I will be gone…

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 76
Ghost flight
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Ghost flight

Speeding light, heading throughout the night.
Trying to find another ghost.
Just a ball of energy shining so bright.
Nobody saw it appear; nobody knows where it goes.

People see it flashing on by,
But as soon as it has vanished from their eyes,
All is darkness and they cannot describe,
The light that flew by like a meteorite.

Lights in the sky bear a striking similarity,
But the two are very different.
One is unknown…the other simply a memory.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Black ink thrown onto a canvas

Art is a betrayal of the senses.
The thoughts you think only leave you senseless.
Like an apprentice, endless, defenceless and depressed.
A hole inside a whole mind of a complete mess.

An image of emptiness can never be painted,
But painstaking hearts are willing to try this,
For they have waited for this long,
For you to write their wrongs in songs
And cure the curse of verse, chorus, verse.

Release the words or remain entrapped,
Hidden in the dark beneath the mask.
True remorse I lack,
Because of a reminder to self:
Don’t look at the sword in your back.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 92
Winter's call
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Winter’s call

I see you there looking right through me.
I, your ghostly apparition; I who chases who I should be.
I am the creator of destinies; you hear my call in your hour of need.
Repent! Repent! Lay down your greed.
You took my life, you stole from me.
The end is nigh from upon high;
The time has come, none shall survive.
You have seen the pictures and heard the words,
Yet still you failed to believe, so you deserve,
The end of all that has come before.
You stand alone as all men who fall.
Welcome to your winters call.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 740
Aa Harvey Nov 2018

There was a poet walking through the sand,
And he didn’t know it, but there were eyes on his footprints.
As he walked along there appeared a man.
The man he spoke of a world of fortune and asked…
Do you have anything to give?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 112
Grand theft auto
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Grand theft auto

Key in the ignition, let’s begin.
Foot on the pedal, it’s not stealing,
Just borrowing, for an hour or two.
Doing ninety now, no sign of lights of blue.

Music blaring without a care.
Who said peer pressure isn’t fun?
Each of us daring to go out there;
No fear of crashing because we are young.

Still learning to lose control.
Shackles released; let’s see how fast we can go.
Flew past a ton in the blink of an eye.
Touching the sky in our under the influence minds.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 99
Forever together
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Forever together

I promise I will get up the nerve,
And tell her I like… I like her,
Before it is too late;
Because if I don’t I will only regret
And my mate will be taken away.
I will be too late to say we could have been something,
We could have done something, amazing together.
I hope she can resist temptation for just another day.
Hopefully tomorrow I will find a way to say,
I want us to be together forever.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 74
I don't belong here
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
I don’t belong here

The fate of man is to fall into the dirt;
For what we are worth.
I heard it first that we are all creatures of God's Earth,
But he/she has never been seen on a television screen
And all the hope has been taken away from all my dreams.

All I had, I have lost along the way.
No words left to say,
To comfort me each and every day I live in pain.
All along I knew they were wrong,
So I never believed in or sang their worship songs,
Of days that passed away a long time ago.
All they left me with is endless sorrow.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 87
Just before
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Just before

New romance, is there anything more enjoyable?
At this moment in time for me this feeling is undeniable.
I understand that love is better than this,
But the anticipation, waiting to see her,
Dreaming of a kiss is pure bliss.

I love love, but it has to start somewhere,
So I am going to enjoy this moment without a care.
Just hope and happiness before I confess,
A few questions needed first, before splendid, or drat!
What a mess.

I know one day I will be deflated,
But in this moment in time, I am elated!
So I will look forward, instead of back,
Because one day love will appear and that will be that.
I will speak and she will hear
And then I will hold her for a thousand years.
Inside my heart for she will be forever loved.
It may all be a fantasy right now,
But to me it sure sounds good.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2018 · 91
Love is a whore
Aa Harvey Nov 2018
Love is a *****

Lovers are doomed from the start.
Unrequited love has destroyed my heart.
If you are one of the lucky ones,
You may get to fall in love until they cheat and you are done.
They get to continue being happy while you die;
They start again straight after with another guy.
Yes your heart will completely shatter,
But let’s face it, you never even mattered.

People fall in and out of love depending on who they are with.
Married people are an embarrassment;
Especially those who are raising kids.
The mother doesn’t know who the real father is;
Oh you make me feel so sick!

I want to get married;
Ha, it’s a tragedy in the making,
Because while wedding bells are ringing,
People are texting and later faking.
Another fool who believes in love.
Love ***** because nobody is good enough,
For anybody, anymore.
Everybody is somebodies *****.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 127
Forever waiting
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Forever waiting

Rivers of pain, flow through my brain,
Spreading the fear through every vein.
Lights so bright, call my name in the night.
My future is beckoning; love life.

Sweetness is a virtue;
I need to be with you.
Beautiful eyes of blue leave me with nothing else to do,
But surrender my heart to your womanly ways.
I will remain faithful, because I am always betrayed
And when I meet one who can truly stay faithful,
I will be who I can be and I will be eternally grateful.

On my journey to the grave, I am still yet to meet her;
But even though my life has sped by like a flash and a blur,
I know there is a single person who loves like I do.
Of this I am certain; so I will wait, maybe in vain,
But I will still wait, through sun and through rain;
Waiting here for her truth.

I will be standing, never demanding, simply asking, for understanding.
I will wait for her, until I am broken and defeated.
I will be here, forever waiting, for you to not mistreat me,
Like she did.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 132
A sleeping dragon
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
A sleeping dragon

Beneath the ground there lives a beast.
For aeon’s it has lain asleep,
Upon the bones of those it defeats.
The hopeless slain in graves so deep beneath.

The firelight in only darkness.
The ghost of old, it’s only witness.
A beast so foul, so pitiless,
Has killed a thousand men in a thousand feet deep pit.

It waits in slumber, further under,
The kingdom beneath which it constantly plunders.
A fire in the sky at midnight,
Alerts the keepers of the last kings keep.
The beast has been awoken after a hundred years’ sleep
And although it cannot be seen, it screams through the air,
Breathing fear, which destroys the hope of every man,
Who still has a care.

Now none will fight or lend a hand
And all but one are stood in silence.
The king listens to the chosen, his guards his only violence,
Against a demon which strikes such fear;
It has done so for many years.

But now at last there stands the hero.
Never more will he hold a purse of zero,
For riches have been promised by the King,
To any man who may slay the thing which sleeps beneath.

The curse upon the peaceful land,
For many a moon, but now this man,
Shall lead his band of many men to slay the beast,
Or until they are deceased.
So until the beasts’ heart beats no more,
The day has come…
To victory!

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 301
Aa Harvey Oct 2018

A hooded figure watches over the sleeping.
Peacefully, suddenly colder, soon to be weeping;
A body of a thousand slumbers.
Tonight will be its final number,
For without sound or any sign of remorse,
Death has come, and in due course,
The time will come when the sleeper breathes no more.
The clock has not yet struck midnight.
Witches are waking their feral beasts and al-
So, their frogs are leaping,
And all the while he lays there sleeping.

His silk pajamas and knitted blankets.
The bottle he was given, he slowly drank it,
And now through snores, he hears no more,
The open door downstairs where footsteps call.
If only he could hear them passing,
Maybe he could somehow foresee the morning happenings,
But this is not a happy ending tale.
This is a time for woe; a rose upon a grail.
A dearly departed letter of discontent.
A scarlet rose has been placed upon his deathbed.

As the clock strikes, a metaphorical piercing knife.
The depths to which some men will delve,
And all in aid of a silent war.
A change in fortune for another who did not fall.
For this assassin was bought and he sold,
His service to another victim old.
For as he stood above his prey,
A bag of monies did come his way,
And with no word, a swift hand grabbed,
The jewels inside the felt covered bag.
All that needed to be said:
“It is not yet my time; send your services back instead.”

Now riches bulged from spoils of war.
The hooded figure waited until he could wait no more,
And on the chime of the seventh call,
The end appeared, a discovery made, the snorer was no more.
Only silence, through such violence.
The hooded figure was never seen again,
But the world had swiftly and suddenly changed.
His services would surely once again be called upon,
Lest his deeds become ineffectual and his tale too soon forgotten.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Unwavering hope, in the face a dead hole

All your thoughts are bullet points,
Shooting through our broken hearts;
And all our hearts are bullet proof,
When we are joined in a state of love, you can stay where you are.
You are stationless; we are unmoving and motionless,
In our ardent belief that you are becoming less and less.

Why can you not understand the evil that you are?
We are the innocent passer’s by, running in fear of your gun.
If all we are is soon to be gone and you our last red star,
Then I hope you have a peace of mind, a better life
And a way to cope before you are done and we are only found afar.

We are the innocence of youth, broken in two by people like you
And all you have is already ashes, broken pieces of war on classes.
War on man and woman kind;
War is all that is on your mind.

All we ask is please don't shoot;
Please don't let us end up like you,
With your braindead minds and lack of kind;
You have to hide, from your own cruel conscience.
Never let it be said that you are only subconscious,
Because here you stand in front of me now,
And all I ask is why and how?

Why take a life so easily?
And how are you so different from me?
For all I am is humane and helpless;
All you are is death and worthless.
Who decided to let you go?
What was the price of your worthless soul?
What is it that makes you think you are right?
You have no right to take a life.
So find a place of peace and leave it be.
Just leave; just leave and let us live in peace.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 165
Goodbye bitch (Reprise)
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Goodbye ***** (Reprise)

My sweetest angel, you are all that I need.
The only one to ever truly know me.
The only one to take the time to get inside.
The only one in whom I could confide.

So I'm writing to you to simply tell you
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

You broke my heart, when you kissed me goodbye,
And every time I found out, you'd told me a lie
And every day of my life, that you’re not by my side.
I've no more tears left, because I've cried so many times.

So I'm writing to you to simply tell you,
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Thinking about you makes me breakdown and cry.
Thinking about those times, you kissed me goodbye.
I can't go on anymore, I wish I could die!
You took my heart and soul, now inside I've died.

So I'm writing to you to simply tell you,
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

I was a kid and you were my girl.
Thought we’d grow up and conquer the world.
Always believed that love conquers all;
Immature feelings between a boy and a girl.

Rushing through the years, never taking the time,
To say the words that I simply couldn't find.
To really make you believe,
That we were worth all the trying
And to simply appreciate,
The beauty in your smile.

So I'm writing to you to simply tell you
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 157
Natural rhythm
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Natural Rhythm.

Hey Mr. Guitar, keep on strumming them strings.
Then play me a song that will keep us all moving.
Keep all of the ladies, just a shaking their thing;
That will keep everybody in the room dancing,
To the natural rhythm.

I’ve got a natural rhythm in my heart and soul;
I’ve got a natural rhythm in my head.
I’ve got a natural rhythm in my heart and soul;
I’ve got a natural rhythm as I lay here in your bed.

Bounce to the rhythm of all of the drums.
The drumbeat booms against your chorus of twiddling thumbs;
Demanding your attention at the top of their voice.
The low beat shriek, as we bang on the drums.

Come on everybody and dance to the beat;
The natural rhythm, that flows through you and me.
The invisible hand, that guides our every step,
Makes you bounce to the beat of every word that I have said.

I’ve got a natural rhythm in my heart and soul;
I’ve got a natural rhythm in my head.
I’ve got a natural rhythm in my heart and soul;
I’ve got a natural rhythm as I lay here in your bed.

Keep on banging the drum to the sound of my rhythm;
Keep on dancing and keep on giggling.
Keep on keeping it real, for the people in the street;
Keep on keeping it banging, to the funkiest beat.

You see I got this natural rhythm, that’s in all God’s men
And you also got the rhythm in your head, in your head.
‘Cause the rhythm of my rhyme, will drop right on time,
As long as the sun is shining and I'm feeling irie eyed;
As long as the bongo’s keep on banging in the smoky background,
As long as to be rich, means more than acting the clown.

You see the rich get the women, because to be rich is to be a ****
And this is the best way to get the women.
Flash a *** of cash at the latest one you think is pretty;
Tell her you are loaded and pay her the money.
Buy the woman you like; moneys all that you've got.
I'm happy being poor; it's freedom at no cost.

I’ve got a natural rhythm in my heart and soul;
I’ve got a natural rhythm in my head.
I’ve got a natural rhythm in my heart and soul;
I’ve got a natural rhythm as I lay here in your bed.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 106
Girls names
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Girls Names

Hope stands eternal.
Faith is still lost.
Charity helps the needy.
El Liberte counts the cost.

Sophia my darling, you are simply charming;
Whilst Vivienne Westwood, is rather alarming.
Ruby Tuesday; Have you met Wednesday?
*****-Anne’s Mary Jane is of the highest quality.

Victoria Skinny; isn’t she a funny yummy mummy.
Posh?  Oh gosh!  No she’s not.  She’s just interested in money.
Rosie! Oh **** you!  This was brand new!
Now I’ll have to go and get changed thanks to Little Blue.

Pixie, Poppy, Penny and Missy,
Every single one of them a Jane Doe – Missing.
Serial Killer Cathy waits…
For Rachel and her friends, to bring Uma to their graves.

Charlotte is a harlot;
Emmanuelle has blown a pilot.
Suki *****, while Pamela just likes to ****.
Demi is more than beautiful.
Holly is the curse of Christmas.
Go be jolly good Sally-Anne; get drunk and do a striptease.

Betty drives a Ford; insured of course.
While Jade is being a pain in the ******* ****!
Veronica of ****** and Marilyn are snorting coke.
Senorita Angelina knows how to satisfy a bloke.

Dannii, Kylie; Kylie, Dannii.
Whichever way you say it; it still equals ****.
Britney hit me, Christina slapped me
And I’m not telling you what Jennifer Low did.

Amy’s a drunk, she loves to whine.
Courtney’s a punk, like Skin Anansie.
To all the Girls who like to get high…
This is your final line…  It’s simply Divine.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
I Need Some Space To 'Think.'

You asked me to give you some space;
But in space no one hears you scream.
There's nobody out here with me
And there's nothing for me to see.

If I'm giving you space,
Does that mean I can't get with someone new?
I have to turn down the offer of love, while I'm waiting for you?
Look if you want your space, then you can have it without me;
I'm gonna leave you to have your space, to yourself, to think.

Keep on going through space, thinking I'll hang on for you.
Desperately awaiting your decision,
On if your mates allow you to,
Go out with me tomorrow
And let me shower you with gifts.
Well I'm afraid my space is now filled
And you've lost me; bye, bye, *****.

Come back I want you!  I've made up my mind.
Doh! Why you gotta keep spinning me a line?
You've already got me hooked; I'm just putty in your hands.
I was your man completely, do you understand?

Yes I'm sorry my love, I never meant to harm you;
I just needed time, to decide what to do.
Well Miss Independence, go tell all of your friends;
I need a woman who can think for herself and puts our love first.
I need someone who wants me completely,
Not just when she's not seeing her friends.
I need someone who wants me for me;
Not because I drive a Benz.

But I need you, I love you!
I'm sorry I asked for a little space.
Talk to the hand *****!  
Then see the look on my face.
I offered you my heart and soul
And you wanted time to think;
Ok times up for you and me.
You’re dumped!  
What do you think?

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 102
Aa Harvey Oct 2018

Apparently, I’m a woman’s man.  Apparently…
Apparently, I was her man.  Apparently…
Apparently, she gave a ****.  Apparently…
Apparently, I was her only man.  Apparently…

Apparently, we were in love.  Apparently…
Apparently, she didn’t touch other drugs.  Apparently…
Apparently, she was meant to be for real.  Apparently…
Apparently, I was good enough.  Apparently…

Apparently, she wasn’t a ****.  Apparently…
Apparently, she was good enough.  Apparently…
Apparently, she was beautiful.  Apparently…
Apparently, she was my girl.  Apparently…

Apparently, she wept real tears.  Apparently…
Apparently, we were going to be together for years.  Apparently…
Apparently, I should still give a ****.  Apparently…
Apparently, I never did.  Apparently…

Apparently, is just for me.  Apparently…
Apparently, is there for everyone to see.  Apparently…
Apparently, I loved you.  Apparently…
Apparently, you loved me too.  Apparently…

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 198
Word is
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Word is

You have to write bad poetry to learn from your mistakes.
If you cannot think of anything to write right now…
Then wait.
Inspiration will find you and take over your spirit.
Just give it a second.  Try and you will feel it.

The immense wave of goodness, filling your soul with joy or anger.
Hold it in or let it go, but do not just let it pass you on by;
That would be called dropping a clanger.
You may never think of a better line,
So write like it’s the only poem you have ever written;
The best thing from your time.

This is no time for nonchalance.
Dive on in;
See what you can find beneath the surface.
Write it now or never word it.
The choice is yours.
I chose how to word this.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 350
Aa Harvey Oct 2018

My chorus is silent;
My muse now a mute.
I choose non-violent to be unlike the news.
I gaze upon stars with knowledge gained and confusion.
I never did understand nuclear fusion.

The mad scientist creates black holes in his dreams.
Empty heads need filling with anything.
Learn to know the difference between hope and wrong.
School is out for summer and forever;
We were too busy going for a song.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 89
You set my heart on fire
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
You set my heart on fire

You set my heart on fire.
You, are the only one that I desire.
Without you I am cold inside.
So do you want me or shall I just die?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Oct 2018 · 128
Time is running out
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Time is running out.

I walk on egg shells, I got no carriage,
And I wait to see if you are Spanish,
Or Norwegian, or maybe,
You come from Japan; I await to see.

If that is the case and my future is in my hands,
I will love always and I will give you my thanks,
Because if destiny exists, there is a Princess
And true love, truly is, priceless.

I have tried my best; it’s time to confess,
That these are my words, my words for her
And love is my passion, with no guaranteed satisfaction,
But if I had things all my own way,
Baggy jeans would be back in fashion.

I would like to raise a nation of my own seedlings,
To become great thinkers, unlike me,
And they would always speak their minds freely,
And read other people’s poetry, from time to time;
I hope they read mine, I hope you like mine.

So if you are there, but I can’t see,
Then you need to take a big step forward,
Before I lose what makes me happy;
Before I leave you and everything else behind…
It’s getting harder and harder to rise from the blue…
I think it’s time to say goodbye.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 355
Two peas in a pod
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Two peas in a pod

Two peas in a pod, we are like a family.
Two peas in a pod, the better half of me.
Two peas in a pod, she gets the best of me,
Like nobody else ever did, has, could, or would, do you see?

We are like two separate halves and three dimensional.
Like two fast cars, we need our petrol.
Like two shooting stars, she is my place to go.
Like water getting cold, she is my lovely snow.
Like a bull and matador, we are a rodeo show
And there are no clown cars in sight, only hope and sorrow.

Opposites attract, but we are identical.
We share the same sign, it’s astrological.
It’s written in our stars, our love is monumental
And who am I to complain; I’m unconditional.

A rose and a Rosé, liquid state of mind.
A red and a white, sleepy and party time.
***** and coke, it’s nearly closing time, sigh,
So I will have to be her aspirin, come morning light.

The bandage to her sore, I need to be her cure.
The key to her door, I want to be inside the head of mi amor.
The curtain has finally been called.
Here comes the final line, it is the only way to say,
I never said we were one and the same.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 160
Years and years
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Years and years

Disposable memories lost with broken phones;
Praying for a little more light when I am all alone.
Wishing for a peaceful day, but that is not the way today will go.
I am lost upon a star of a dreamer mind of long ago.

Those days we had were only fleeting;
Gone too fast to remember the meeting,
Which changed our lives forever more.
Those painful days that left us broken down here on the floor.

Looking up and waiting, praying,
Saying anything to make things change;
But today is not for changing, so things remain the same.
I am but a child inside, a half-lived life, a moment in time,
Lost to the ether, floating high above;
Looking down upon myself for never being good enough,
To live the life I had in my hands.
I had the laughs but took no chance.

And now the hour has passed
And all I am left with is no way to turn back
And take the gift you gave to me;
Your endless love, your empathy,
Your courage in the face of fear,
Those years and years and years and years.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 192
Aa Harvey Sep 2018

Your eyes tell a story of a beautiful sadness.
The passing of time will never lessen your beauty.
In a world with so much pain, you carry shoulders of the first blessed.
The anointed has held you next to her *****
And I can see a cutey.

Behind the clouds you peerlessly peer through.
No other ray of light could ever compare to you.
Divinity weeps as the mold is cast and then dashed
And smashed into pieces beyond all recognition.
Starting ignition…
Setting fire to the stone upon which my faith is rebuilt;
Occasionally I carry a heart with me up this hill.

I have been released from a night light prison
And through the prism from a raincloud I saw a star,
Taking a chance to take a shot in the dark,
Now forever I am with the wisdom of what you are.
A glistening ball of energetic love inside,
Bursting with electricity, thawing a heart of ice.

You would risk it all for the thrill of the fall,
So once more my amore,
We must to bed!  At once!
And then again for days without end…
Thank God it’s a bank holiday weekend.

And beneath the eruptions of mount Zeus in the winter,
The sound of the creaking and squeaking are linear,
Moving forwards and backwards along the timeline in time.
You have never been on the standard routine.
Take me on your magical mystery ride.

You are radiance.
You are beauty.
You are hidden.
Please open your heart just for me.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 89
Aa Harvey Sep 2018

I just wanna ******* cigarette,
I just wanna ******* smoke.
I just wanna ******* cigarette,
Before I have to quit my job.

I just wanna ******* cigarette,
I just wanna ******* smoke.
I just wanna ******* cigarette,
Because this place is a ******* joke.

I just wanna ******* cigarette,
I just wanna ******* smoke.
I just wanna ******* cigarette,
So I think I’m gonna go home.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Mr Whoever Invented My Keyboard

The stupidest thing ever invented
Is the power button on my keyboard.

Hours and hours of smoking and playing, lost to a mistake.  
I knocked it off the bed and lost it all!
You’re joking!

Well I agree with you then,
This invention is ludicrous.
Hey Mr. Whoever-Invented-My-Keyboard!
You’re an ****!
So shove this keyboard back up yourself!

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 136
Queen Bitch
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
Queen *****

There is only one Queen *****
And she knows who she is.
She could have been even more to me,
If fate hadn’t intervened.

Oh well, cele vie, my senorita she will never be.
Just a beautiful heart, hidden within.
But never hidden from friends,
Always love given to them,
From Queen *****.
My heart goes with you always.  I miss you Vic.

I have your photo on my wall, next to Eva,
You were both there when life was enjoyed,
Before I woke up from the dream.

Mostly forgotten now, but never you.
You shall always be remembered,
I want one day to introduce my wife to you,
To show her someone who knew me, when I was truly me,
Full of love for my Kryptonite;
I love you Vic.

I simply offer peace, love and empathy;
Remember love is the greatest of all things.
Much love to you Vicky.
You are always a good friend to me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 124
The land that lies
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
The land that lies

Happy dancer, singing songs,
Knowing that the end will come;
But which is the end and which new beginnings?
Waiting on the end of the beginning, is this the beginning?
This all started a long, long time ago,
When I thought I was winning, but now I know.

Remove the light from around her;
It has no use in being my magnet.
Turn the music off, for I am empty
And she could only ever be tragic.
Dancing alone at the end of the night,
Crying in the morning as I lie.
She is only looking lost,
Whilst I am truly falling.
She has never even seen me,
She has not heard me calling.
She has never truly been searched for,
For I have no power to remove my walls.

Sad boy blues with water eyes,
Stares at happy dancer with such despise.
His dead eyes reveal no fury;
The hate is hidden, His jealousy forbidden,
But never silent, truly.

Maiden calling, watches them both and laughs.
She lives in her bubble head as she lies her way to bed
And all that she knows could be contained in a small paper bag.
Her mind could be printed onto the tiniest part of a pinhead,
If only she could remember to not forget;
Maybe she could be more than the worthless words never said.

These are the people at the bottom of the barrel.
Three for the price of none.
Take them and all those singing without knowing of Axl.
Take this rose to free my hands for the gun.
All these people seen through drunken eyes,
Bloodshot eyes see fools in disguise.
All that is left in this pit at night,
Is calling cards and fake profiles,
Lists of idiots with studied lies.
Unknown numbers for adulterous wives
And I am so tired…
I am so very tired.
So tired of people with crocodile cries in the night,
Over people who do not even matter,
So why do I lie?

Suicide is not a surprise when the truth is seen at last.
I have lived in your land of lies
And still you wonder why there is no turning back?
Once choice is made, love is no longer your *****,
For the beast has been released and is free.
Free to leave you behind, free to fly,
Free to find a place to hide
And when I am found there is no more left to say.
What more needs to be said to someone who walked away?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 138
One impossible dream
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
One Impossible Dream.

Paint me a picture
And I’ll write you a story.
Follow this rock star
And I’ll lead you to glory.

Find the heroine and I’ll make you a hero.
Find me a time bomb and I’ll send it to zero.
Fetch me an atom and I’ll split it in three;
Find me a dreamer and I’ll buy them a dream.

Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come.
Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come.

Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come
Because the end is nigh!
Carpe Diem.

Come be my groupie, my lover, a quick ****;
Pick up two pom-poms and come dance with us.
Make me happy and I’ll break no promise to you.
Pick up the guitar and come play me a tune.

**** shallowness and let vanity die;
Kiss me quick, time is not on your side.
Do what you want to don’t let them bring you down;
There’s no time left to worry, about looking a clown.

Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come.
Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come.

Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come
Because the end is nigh!
Carpe Diem.

Live for today, for tomorrow you may die;
Experiment with life and learn how to fly.
High up above all the blind human beings;
The unprepared, pessimists, who are unwilling to believe.

Take a risk, fulfill a fantasy;
Try something new, truly become free;
From consequences and people’s looks.
We’re all about to die, so just don’t give a ****!

Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come.
Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come.

Because the end is nigh!
Your time has come
Because the end is nigh!
Carpe Diem.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 615
A loner
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
A Loner

Some people just have to be alone,
Not all of us get to find love.
Not all of us can be happy,
Most of us will spend our lives miserable.

But I shall save you from my misery,
I won’t let you end up like me.
For I only bring peace, love and empathy;
Disguised as my love (inside is a disease).

A ball of confusion,
A web woven by the fallen;
The women of past, present and future;
All gang up to tell me I’m a loser.

So **** me please,
I beg for death.
I can’t have love,
So I would rather be dead.
Than live one more second
On this putrid Earth.

It disgusts me,
It sickens me,
I despise having to live in this world.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sep 2018 · 89
My ugly face
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
My **** Face.

I can only look at myself, when my eyes are closed.
My ****** up eye, is no longer exposed.
No reflection repeating in the mirror.
With my eyes closed,
My beauty becomes all so much clearer.

Such peace can be seen,
After toking on my green;
But I must open my eyes
And see the real me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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