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 May 2018 savvy
 May 2018 savvy
I don't hate you,
I just can't love you.
 May 2018 savvy
Selena WH
Sleepless nights,
Silent cries, empty heart,
Swollen eyes and words laced
With eternal pain are the
Price I paid for
Loving you.
You should never have to go through anything like this. And I hope you never go through anything like this.
 May 2018 savvy
One Shot
 May 2018 savvy
One Shot
561 days.
13,464 hours.
807, 840 minutes.
48, 470, 400 seconds.
1.54 trips around the sun.
Who knew such a small amount of time was worth so much?
 May 2018 savvy
 May 2018 savvy
falling in love is easy.
effortless, even.
(unaware until you’ve already fallen)

staying in love is conscious
(because at some point or another, you notice it, and it either takes your breath away in awe, or it sends ice down your spine-
and you run, run fast.)

once you let yourself fall,
then your heart is no longer yours.

(it can be a wonderful thing, two pieces of two hearts,
given away freely and replacing the other,
healing rather than harming, uniting.)

the thing about the ones
who don’t love you back, is that
you give your whole heart away,
and they slowly crush it
in return;
you do not see it until only pieces remain-
(after all, you were in love.)

the thing about the ones who
don’t love you back,
is that then, it becomes your fault -
(because who would have ever chosen to love you in the first place?)

but it’s going to take you years
to realize that it isn’t on you,
as you assemble back the broken pieces,
try to breathe with just half a soul,
start to learn that you deserve just as much love as you give.

it’s going to take time,
because now you’re afraid
that this is the story with everyone -
(you’re not sure you could survive this again)

the thing about the ones who
don’t love you back,
is that they break you.

you trust them, and their charade is flawless.
(Of course they love you,
of course this is mutual) of course
this is all your fault.
 May 2018 savvy
Jasmine Hart
If your sky is grey
let me paint it blue,
if you need love
I’ll love you.

If your heart is broken
I’ll wrap you in my wings,
I’ll sing a sweet song
reassurance it will bring.

If you need a friend
I’m always there,
I’ll pick the stars
and place them in your hair.

When you feel alone
don’t be afraid to call,
for I’ll always catch you
if you stumble and fall.

If you’re sad and blue
just remember,
I’m your friend
I’ll always love you!
 May 2018 savvy
 May 2018 savvy
When you blindly love someone,
there is no letting go;
You live life holding onto faith
while having shots of pain
trying to act sober
 Mar 2018 savvy
Emily C
Good Enough?
 Mar 2018 savvy
Emily C
I am happy!
But then a little voice comes along
Today is such a
But I'm happy
Ew do you have acne
But I'm hap
Gross your thighs touch
But I'm ha
She didn't shave!
But I'm
Your clothes are so cheap
Do you have an overbite?
Wait. Where did you go?
I'm not good enough.
Then another little voice comes along.
Yes you are
I'm not good
Wow I love your hair
I'm not goo
You a perfect smile
I'm not
I love your shirt
I'm not
Yes you are. We all are good enough.
I'm good enough and happy.
Take that society
We all are amazing human beings
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