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One Shot Feb 2019
you know you’re in deep when they are like drug.

you know you’ve caught something when you feel high if you’re around them.
you know you’ve caught something when after a day of not seeing their face you feel sick to your stomach and you need a fix.
One Shot Feb 2019
Lemme ask you a question.
If you say something enough does it become true?
I mean, whether or not it is real to you.
If you tell yourself to forget, will your heart follow?
Because honestly, sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.
I knew when I came something would change.
But I didn't know it would be this far out of range.
One Shot Aug 2018
He locked himself in his house.
Racing to the door to save him.
Not enough time.
Had to make into the house.
Not enough time.
Had to save a life.
Not enough time.
He beats him to the door.
Not enough time.
He slams it open, seeing only red.
Not enough time.
Only there in time to stop him.
Just in time.
Holding him down to protect him.
Just in time.
Fighting tooth and nail against him.
Just in time.
Protecting him from his greatest enemy.
But what about next time?
One Shot Jul 2018
“Start everything with kindness and the end will be okay.”

-Elijah Knight
RIP Elijah. We miss you every day.
One Shot Jun 2018
Humans have this word; Perfect.
It doesn't have a solid definition.
Dictionary defines it as having all desirable components.
I call that impossible.

You can't make everyone happy.
The statues proved that.

You can't save everyone.
The trolly problem shows that.

You can't get everything you want.
It's why compromise exists.

You can't make life flawless.
Dystopias prove that.

I never understood why people try to make stuff perfect.
They get disappointed when things aren't faultless.
No matter what you do or don't, try or try not, speak or silence
You can't get all of the desirable components.

Humans have this word; Perfect.
I never truly understood it.
but why do we need to?
I try to do my best to make life the best but no matter what you do something has to go wrong.
One Shot May 2018
Making decisions.
Choosing with precision.
Consequents in my vision.
Nobody here to guide me.
Unjustified, Unqualified, Unratified, and Unsatisfied.
No clear decision is to be made.
Regret scarier than a grenade.
Worse than a threat with a switchblade.
Right or left.
Wrong or right.
At Day or night.
Nothing at best.
One Shot May 2018
I carry earbuds with me all the time.
They are the only solution to my problem.
The ringing.
The sirens in my head refuse to stop.
The only way to fight it is with sound.
Connected vibrations, creating a beautiful noise.
The music blocks out the ongoing scream.
No consistency, just the awful frequency.
Like being shot with the radio beam.
It's like people in my head that won't stop screeching.
Or someone finally sounding the alarm,
For the dumpster fire in my head.

They say I caused it by listening to too much music.
They told me I could stop it,
if I kept the headphones off,
the earbuds out,
the play button on pause.
But I put them on, put them in, and hit play.

I fight fire with fire.
I turn the volume higher.
The pain comes and goes, just like me.
Show up one day, only to leave.
I've created a problem, where the only solution is the cause.

                         m                                    s             s
                                  s                            o             o
                                         c                     u             u
                                   s                            n             n
                           m                                   d             d
The tinnitus in my head just goes to show how it really is.
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