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Alexander T Jan 2019
im a teen, of sorts
17 years and still told to speak up
but I cant tell you to listen
told to speak
but all thats heard is a long drawl
"but you need to stop
grow some thick skin"
shut the F* up
listen to me
cant you see me
cant you hear me
I tell you that hurts
I tell you my pain
but where is the change
"you arent old enough to understand"
im old enough to have a heart
old enough to speak
im old enough to feel
why do you think
every time you cry
I try to help you feel better
ive been there
and if not
ill walk right next to you
for you
so shut up and listen
how todays youth get treated, but yet they have more ideas than just about any adult, so listen to us

— The End —