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Felix Dreams Dec 2018
And it's hard but it seems like the best thing to do.  The past year has been so tough and things has change.  Another man has the prize that she tired to give me every day.  Being too blind to see and appreciate was there but of course we gotta learn the hard way.
And believe me I was too stubborn to realize.

I gotta..

Let her grow and live her life.  No more texting and random snapchat at night.  Changing my routines where I go in my neighborhood so the thoughts of "we" doesn't remind me of what we used to be. To experience life with a person like me.

I gotta let her go

And I never thought it would be so soon.  Maybe things would work out faster than what I expected but it went how I figured and must take it on the chin.  Like a man, respect her wishes and continued on without her.  It ***** but in this situation I gotta let go.

No need to cause a ruckus if she's happy where's she at.  I was that person for her but it was me that held back.

So I'll let her go

For the best and to let her live her life.
I did so much damage, why would she want to come back into my life.  It seems to reasonable and convient to come back this way.  

So I had to let her

Who knows..

Maybe she will come back or stay away.
Felix Dreams Dec 2018
And it's all my fault...  
Me, me, me me!
Thinking that she will always be there but things have drastically changed.
Shes moved on and it's been too late.
Believing that if I express my love now, she wouldnt go away.
But her heart is secured with another man and dont know the combination to unlock the safe.
And it's all my fault for her lashing out this way.
All she wanted was love and my heart at the time wasn't in the right place.
Now I sit here in the dark wondering is this what it has come to be?
I should of told you I love you a long time ago and I apologize for that.  
And she was so close to coming back.
But the time away from her made me hate myself even more for all that I neglected.  
Now that's she's gone....
I don't know how to fully move on.
Sadly to say she took a part of me with her that will never come back.
  Oct 2017 Felix Dreams
Hanna Jordan
Your love is like a drug,
except I crave you so much more.
When your lips touch mine it makes me
feel like I'm floating on cloud nine,
unable to come down from
the sensational high.
When your laughter floods my ears, I can't get enough. I truly want more.
When I feel your fingertips softly graze my skin and your sweet scent dances
through my nose,
I'm suddenly wide awake craving you more than any other drug
on this planet.
It's amazing really, this thing you call love. It's more addicting than anything.
Maybe, that's why we can't help but turn to alcohol and drugs when we're heartbroken.
Felix Dreams Oct 2017
I'm crazy..
Yes it took me a long time to figure it out because I never asked for help.  Usually people confined into me, I tell them what they need to hear and "****" they back in full function mode.  Until one day, I realized it was me, me stuck inside my own head thinking everyone else was crazy, tis was me!!!  
My love is crazy..
So crazy that it seems toooo real to be true.  Ever kiss and touch can stroke my chords but disappear by a crazy thoughts.  Crazy thoughts that would make me believe that you wasn't in crazy love with me because I wasn't too sane for you but in all reality you believe in me.  I'm just too crazy to comprehend the obvious.
MY Problem
Asking for help when my posture  is screaming for a hug but denying ever one because my slight moment of happiness my be a for day to attack my parade.
Felix Dreams Sep 2017
Are you willing to take that chance?
To give into my seductive tone?
Let me touch your body with soft slow strokes.
Submitting yourself for an experience that could be your deepest intimate moment.  
So let's go as far as much time you permit while my poison runs thur your bones.
Let's be discretely devoted while my voice gives you the chills.
A *** god willing to please his queen behind close doors.
Felix Dreams Sep 2017
Not in a disrespectful way
Nor to hurt you feelings.
To explain so simply
Can sound mean or taken the wrong way.  How I make things clear to you is only how it was installed into me.
To the Point
And Honest
Felix Dreams Sep 2017
How long can you listen to me speak without making one response, asking a question or get tired or hearing my voice?  Will you binge watch my thoughts as if it's a series on Netflix?  Can you take the time to see what I have become and which twists and turns that has me standing this very day?  Before I explain who am I, would you at least want to know my name?
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