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  Jan 2015 Chloe C
Chalsey Wilder
I wouldn't expect you to know beauty."
Beauty isn't ten pounds of make up, long hair, and thigh gaps
Beauty isn't the biggest ***** or **** you can find
Beauty isn't always short and petite

Beauty is her personality
It's her laugh, it's her smile
It's her ability to make you laugh for miles
It's her hugs that make your heart beat fast
And blushing madly when she grabs your ***
It's the way she loves and lives off of fun and enjoyment
It's the way she holds you during sleep over nights

She may be beautiful on the outside, but that doesn't compare to what I know is on the inside
  Jan 2015 Chloe C
Phoenix Rising
I fall in love
because I am afraid to be alone
Chloe C Jan 2015
Drowning. Drowning in a world so cruel.
Your lungs are filled with all your doubts,
Your doubts that you're not perfect.
You open your mouth but naught comes out.

You struggle and kick and gasp for air
Until you feel like giving up-
And then you see him.
His caring eyes and loving words

Cause the panic to subside.
And all that's left is you and him.
You drown again yet it is pleasant,
You're drowning in his love.
Chloe C Jan 2015
She holds back her tears
As she stares in the mirror-
Seeing herself as everything she fears;
Fat, ugly, an utter failure.

He holds back his tears
As he stares in the mirror-
Seeing himself as everything he fears;
Scrawny, ugly, an utter failure.

Little do they know that
Mirrors can lie,
They don't show us what's truly inside.
It reflects a human's want to try,

Try be perfect in society's eyes.
Chloe C Jan 2015
She hold you in her arms at night
And you know to her no one compares.
You turn your head to focus on the beautiful sight
Bathed in moonlight, you move her hair

Out of her eyes and behind her ear.
She stirs in her sleep, you dare not move.
You pull her closer feeling no fear,
And you place a kiss on the lips you love.

"I love you" you mumble as you settle down,
But not before a final glance
At the lady at whom you never frown.
And one more kiss for fears there won't be another chance.
Chloe C Jan 2015
We live in a world of OTPs
Shipping a love that doesn't exist.
We live in a time of "whoa is me"
When opportunity comes we tend to resist.

See we like the imaginary, you and me,
Living a life of heavenly bliss.
Some love it so much they tend not to see
That they could be missing their true love's kiss.

Step out of the fake and into the real,
I feel you would really like life here.
Trust me please when I say this dear,
Life will soon be better than your dreams.
so this is my first upload hope you enjoy it.
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