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Trish Aug 12
It was all of a sudden when the usual conversation became sweet
Everything was for fun but things start to get real
Just like a whirlwind or lightning, it left me feeling flabbergasted
I knew deep inside that I am ready, I knew it

High possibility of falling in love with you scares me
I thought we will just be best of friends, guess we aren't gonna be
More than best friends or close friends, probably yes
Still speechless even with just that thought of mine

Sugarcoating words from your lips to compliment me
My heart flutters like crazy and unstoppable
What is happening to me? It feels like I am not ready
It feels great but feel like I am being played by yours truly
i made this poem because of the new guy bestfriend i am talking to almost everyday and this is how i feel always during our conversation
  Dec 2018 Trish
for the last time
let me be a child again
as i cry over the innocence
that i will lose
once these tears have dried
for all those who are in the middle of growing up. it's hard; from falling in and out of love to fixing adult paperwork. and it's all normal.

Trish Dec 2018
With a sweetest smile of yours
In every strum of your guitar
A closer look into your eyes
Another color added into my life

Who are you?
Why are you like this?

Tingling feeling
Butterflies in my stomach
Heart beats
Faster than the usual

Strange feeling towards
A strange person
Loving and trustworthy
Is this love or what?

Nope, hopefully not
Never again, please

Fragile heart of mine
Still mending as time goes by
You suddenly came into my life
Hoping for real not fantasy this time

SHH! Heart... are you okay?
SHUT UP! Mind... don’t overthink!
WOAAAH! Self... do you even know him?

With all the doubts and worry
About what I feel towards him
Eagerness to know you well
Snapped by the reality of everything

Heart got broken.. ONCE AGAIN...
Shattered in pieces and everything
Mending it back again is hard
Unrequited love story with bittersweet ending
it was inspired by the guy that i met in the broadcast station i visited for a msuic show. he was the invited guest while i was the extra person for their performance that was chosen from the audience who gave me mixed feelings.
Trish Sep 2018
I sighed, it feel so heavy
"I'm tired." my body says

Mountain range of burden
And pressure everyday
Soul floating in the wind
A broken glass-like heart
Marathon of thoughts
Waterfall of tears

"I am so done with life"

A smile turned upside down
Tripped in a whole of anxiety
Memories of past says hello

"I just want to be happy"

Inner self screaming for help
Every color faded turned into gray
Lowkey asking people to stay
But urgently pushing everyone away

"Everything seems nonsense"

School is like a place of gamble
Going everyday is like placing a bet
Having unsure future after efforts been made

"I'm done with these hardship I'm going through"

Cutting ties with friends and family
Shutting people out is like a hobby
Getting used to all the moments

"I'm alone anyway so why bother?"
I still feel unsure for the title since I'm bad at coming up with titles for my poem
Trish Jul 2018
Right arrow goes left
Balance became unbalanced
Both eyes got blinded
Hearts unsatisfied
Worries starts to arise
Mouths covered by someone's hands

Tears fell like a heavy rain
Screams that sounds like a siren
Guns of hatred and anger surrounded--
Covered by the fear and lost feeling
As the eyes of greed and revenge
Inncocent people suddenly got affected

In every scream and fight for right--
Is heard like a wind flows in their ears
As they became blind and continue what they have done
Dead pilled up like mountains
Blood spread like oceans
Humanity and Justice went downhill

Grounds have shaken us to wake up
From the reality that we used to believe in
Hopes of others have shattered like ashes
People have been brainwashed by them
Prayers of each religions and unity
As we strive for humanity and justice for each of us
(This poem was inspired after reading some news about crime and issues about EJK and Fight against Drugs
Trish Jun 2018
tick to the tock
arms move in the clock
sheets of month
been removed from calendar

angel descends to heaven
people still remembers him
still sparkles in the sky
beautifully as it always seem

voice that still echoes in my mind
songs written still plays in my heart
life that became a novel we read
without doubt, he is still here

with all the unfinished page
they fill it up as they think of him
doubts visits from time to time
but as long as they believe, they can

pitched dark roads
lost motivation
a light shines upon them
they remember him, once again
I watched the newly released song of SHINee "Our Page" I got inspired as it was written for Jonghyun a member of them who passed away last December 2017. I read the lyrics and the mood in the mv got me inspired. I made the poem after listening for 3 times
Trish Jun 2018
Pour a tea in a cup
To make satisfaction and love
Bring a warm blanket in a cold weather
To keep me warm and assured
A relaxing music to listen
To keep my mind at peace
Clothes that are thick
To keep me away from getting ill
A house with a fireplace
To make it comfortable to stay
A cold season reason nonsense
To make you look back and reflect
It's already rainy season here and people are feeling cold. Some look for cuddles in this kind of weather but alone with blanket is enough to make you feel warm.
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