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Arduino 1d
I often contemplate the half a plate that I ate with half a face

Half this juice is past its date

I can tell by its after taste

More than a little bitter..

And the only decency is buried deep beneath the middle


The bottom of the base of this cup is leaking too.


Is that the regrets of my heart speaking through?
It's hard feeling like peaking when its the weekend and you're thinking while everybody is sleeping

All alone with no reason other than being a rolling stone

That just can't get no satisfaction of his own

I tainted that
So paint it black
Take it back
And make it fast
Please don't make it last

I feel as ***** as a monster with no Jason Mask

I feel a weak grip on me...

In a Kryptonite crib built with a crypt
For me

Plus a wet blanket stitched

Just like a quilt!

For me.

I can't tip toe around these eggshells on stilts

You see

This poet is just a character I've imagined up

To handle the damage I've been handed

To saddle up

And steadily battle these matters up

Because the aftermath and after what is after us


If it catches you faster without an Acura

Or master bus pass

Must last through the night though


We'll bother to borrow somebody's light pole

The sorrow
So sour
It gets more intense by the hour

So pucker up and feel fates lips drip with power
But who cares.
Arduino 2d
You are an out of body experience
I feel my soul lifting out of the grave and in to a garden
You hit me like sunshine by the beach after a rainy day
Like a big gulp of water after a long day of work
You turn the mundane in to the insane
And I love it
You are a collage
A barrage of colors
An explosion of ideas and creations
You must have honey in your veins
I haven't even seen you
I feel like I've known you in past lives
My mind feels so connected to yours that sometimes I wonder how I could be so lucky to cross wires with that impressive mind of yours
You short circuited this broken drum pad and made it work
You are music to my ears
Poetry for the soul
I went from tip toeing on egg shells to dancing under a waterfall
Niagara falls but with you I rise
Your words are candy to my new found, child like curiosity
You are wonderful
And fill me with wonder too
Fill me like an empty bench at the park, you know which one
The one you created for me to laugh and smile in while admiring the scenery
You are the scenery
The best scene in this film
I feel like a star when we talk
But we both know who the celestial body is
Your energy lightens and powers and gives life to my world
You destroyed the walls and foundation of the cell around my heart and mind
And finally let the innocent prisoner out
You tattooed sun flowers and orchids in to my mind
Over the scars
Over the layers of dead skin that now get goosebumps when I think about you
To quote Pablo Neruda
"I want to do to you, what spring does to cherry trees"
And watch you blossom
And tend to your dreams like a careful gardener
And sit under your shade and breath the air you provide
I'm terrified
But it's the same positive fear I've felt before something amazing happens
Like my first concert
Or my first song
Or my first lyrics
Or my first performance
You're the first person I've ever met that makes me feel like I can do anything
But anything means nothing without you
Your self doubt is beautiful
Your self doubt is amazing
How can someone fill me with so much, yet not be full of themselves?
Truly a wonder of nature
Truly a unique diamond in a world full of rhinestones
Your intelligence is a strong, silent one
That sings in multiple octaves when you think
When you create
I see entire universes
I see the sun and moon
The flowers and the oceans
The movement of a couple waltzing under the stars
The reach of a childs hands discovering life for the very first time
I could learn every language on this planet
And could still not find the words to describe you
And still not find the right combination of sounds to tell you how amazing you are
Not even Stradivarius could have crafted such an instrument
Hendrix himself could not play a better chord
Bocelli could not sing a sweeter note
Aesop could not craft a better fable
You're like a legend
Something that only happens in the peak imagination of the most imaginative writers
I've seen you in my dreams
I've heard you in my music
I've felt you every time I smile
I've been looking for you
I thought you were just another pipe dream
But you hit me like ***** and I can't get enough
I'm addicted to your art
To your thoughts
Your opinions and your vocal disdain for this bland world
You are the shining light at the end of this tunnel
I thought that light meant death, but you've proven me otherwise
You must be an angel
That brought heaven to earth
And in to my home
Thank you for being you, and for reminding me of who I am
I truly value your soul
And for tearing mine out of Hades and back to Olympus
You're unreal
You're dreamy
You're like None Other
You're like my favorite song
And every remix of it
You're the hand the Beatles wanted to hold
And the one heel Achilles still had
You stand your ground so hard the earth trembles
As do I
It's a wave of energy the likes I thought were extinct
Tectonic plates shift when you think
You rock my world
Like a meteor from a distant universe
I love you. Or at least I felt it.
Arduino 4d
Yo se que me diste vida
Yo se que soy tu regalo al mundo
Yo se
Pero no lo quiero
Cómo te lo digo
Qué no quiero estar aqui
Ya no me aguanto el dolor
Perdona me
No es tu culpa
Cómo decirte que no quiero vivir
El dolor mas grande que el mío
Ya no se
Arduino 5d
You know..

I was someone's unicorn

But she didn't know I was just a broken horse with a horn from a failed suicide attempt

Until I bucked with my words and she fell
And for the first time
She saw me from where I see myself and ran away
I'm sorry
Arduino Mar 13
I did not turn off my feelings.
Only my phone.
I am sorry.
Sorry this isn't a "poem"
Arduino Mar 13
I don't want to exist.
This is not a poem.
But a cry for help.
I only joined this website to connect with others that might feel the same.
This is not a poem.
This is not a poem.
Today is my birthday and all I can do is cry.
And suffer.
This is not a poem.
I just want to die.
Arduino Mar 11
I hate the rain
It creates puddles and forces me to see my reflection

My head tends to hang low, eyelids carrying the weight of my regrets..
Head in smoke clouds from burning forests
Thunder in my mind, lighting the dark with it's temporary rumble and powering the deprecation machines

ah yes the DMs

Whirlwinds pick up old headlines
Tumbling and rolling inside my head

What's new, tell me something different

I hold a forbidden box

Don't look inside or I might be embarrassed

Don't look inside or you might be annoyed

You might be scared
You might feel uncomfortable
You might like it

But this box is supposed to remain shut.

It's had enough rain inside it
And you shouldn't have to swim in this ocean of misery

I tried to build a floating home from these broken pieces

But it's just too much

You'd be better off getting in a makeshift ship and manually paddling away

Who could blame you

This island is remote for a reason

Covered in land mines and emotional traps

Don't get caught, lest you flood this small patch of ground further

My lips barely touch the surface

I long for that kiss, help me breath again
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