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 Sep 2018 Taltoy
Cherisse May
drown me.
drown me in your scent, like waves crashing,
the sea that used to be calm made a tsunami,
and left marks of yourself.

you make me feel whole.
addicting, intoxicating, like alcohol;
like drugs, drowning in ecstasy,
let me drown in you.
for my friend, whose girlfriend smells like heaven in a bottle,
whose scent becomes addicting.

Mabango na jacket mo, J.
 Sep 2018 Taltoy
Worth It
 Sep 2018 Taltoy
I wake up with a heavy heart
Ragged breathing and hidden scars

Inhale, exhale, repeat
I chant to the silent beat

I looked around from left to right
And realized I want to fight

Fight for you, and fight for me
And all the things that we could be
Until the end
If love was just a wish away
and every dream came true
I'd pull the stars down from the sky
and give them all to you

For all the words I write are yours
I bleed for you alone
If I could hold your pretty stare
it's there I'd  find my home

But I am just a lonely scribe
of whom you're unaware
if I was graced with just one smile
my parchment heart would tear.

So I will wish upon the moon
and beg upon her grace
that I will love forevermore
her light upon your face.
 Jul 2018 Taltoy
Andrew Durst
My death will be liberating.

And I do not say that in the sense
that I am going to find a cliff
and take a good jump off.


I am just trying to find a
clever way to tell you

that I do not know what is going
to happen next.

You see,

there is a
fine line
dreaming and


I am finding out for myself
that being in love
does not always

being awake.

And for my sake
I fall in love with daydreams,
hazy realities

the hung-over idea

of not being enough.

It is all out of my hands.
                 It is all out of time.

And the only thing I have left to do,

is decide.
Thank you to anyone that reads this.
 Jul 2018 Taltoy
laundry poem
 Jul 2018 Taltoy
want to throw ya in designers
tear the streets up, just you and me
you know what i'm thinking
go to bed wearing your white tee

our loving's like super bae though
hearts been broken before
and our feet's kind of sore
losing control, shades of grey

blind against the world, rainbow casting
its ghost across the cloudy sky's sweep
how can we leap when we limping?
how can we laugh when we weep?

only together, dont tell ya friends
i have a soft spot in my insides for you
 May 2017 Taltoy
The clock is ticking
I can't stop thinking
Shall I stop hiding?
Shall I start talking

This may be our last
So I'll say it now and fast
It's your choice to believe
I got nothing to achieve

"I love you", I scream
"I love you too" is just a distant dream
2 years left before our paths will eventually separate i don't know if you will be able see this but yah hahaha
 May 2017 Taltoy
Kier Patawaran
Poetry is beautiful or so they say
It's just ink - filled paper
Or typewritten chatter
Much to my dismay

You see, I think I now know what is true
Baby, word after word
No matter how absurd
Could be beautiful if made for you
For Ayn
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