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Kier Patawaran Jun 2017
I have beautiful eyes
That's one of the things you told me
Everyone else would tell me I have nice eyelashes
But not you, darling, you noticed my eyes
And now my eyes only see you
And just like how you think that my eyes are beautiful
I can't help hut think that you are beautiful too
For Ayn.
Kier Patawaran Jun 2017
Call me a liar
For making you think that I'm
Good enough for you
For Ayn. Sad, sad thoughts.
Kier Patawaran Jun 2017
Let my ink flow like the river of Nile
Darling let my pen write, the things I hide
The words I can’t say, the feelings inside
Darling, you know, I love you all the while
Put my thoughts on paper, I’m in a trance
Hope my angels smile, hey, you’re in my mind
Will this piece reach you, will this sonnet bind
Those are my thoughts as I let my wrist dance
Out in the open, I lay my heart here
Turn emotions to words, thoughts to phrases
May this fill the soul, also our pages
Because this love’s a book I’ll never tear
The things that I wrote, darling you know it
That I will forever be your poet
For Ayn
Kier Patawaran May 2017
If I gave you a camera
Will you look at me once more
Possibly press the shutter
And have me back at your heart's door

If I gave you sunflowers
Will our love bloom again
A love that won't wither
Something meant to start again

If I gave you change
Will this story be something else
A spin-off of some sort
One with a happy ending

If I gave you myself again
Will your soul welcome me
Reach out for your old soulmate
So we could love again
For Ayn
Kier Patawaran May 2017
Can I take the next airplane flight
And just traverse the sky
With just one bag and a beating heart
To catch a glimpse of you
For Ayn. Stay safe in Manila
Kier Patawaran May 2017
You are my sunshine
The ray of light
That can't escape my sight
The only sun that I wish could be mine
For Ayn
Kier Patawaran May 2017
Can I stare at you
And all your sadness
Can I catch a glimpse
A simple peek at you
And all your imperfections
Let me see your beauty
And everything in between
Let my gaze rest on you
And on your feelings
Let my eyes see the entirety of you
And when I look up
All you will see is love
For Ayn

-I love you. Don't be upset
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