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Brandon Mar 2017
{Set I: Brandon}
The season must turn, turn, and turn
Our pain and love will turn, turn, and turn
There's a time to heal
There's a time to feel
The pain is not everlasting
But to build up
We must break down
So take my hand and rise up
Let me wipe those tears and frown
We shall not **** and not even seal
We will gain
But for that we must lose
We will make peace
I promise you it is not too late
If you're ever feeling down, then just read this poem and think of the things that make you happy and be grateful that your life isn't worse than it could be!
Ethiiochick Dec 2015
As time fades,
we begin to evaporate with it,
leaving no pleasant aroma lingering in the mystical mist.
I want to enhance the memorable essences of forgotten,
for thee to deeply inhale and salvage through the delicate memories;
let thy indulgences be with what was, and not with what is...
What was, not what is...
Ethiiochick Dec 2015
They look at me with curious eyes and I say to them, “I'm not confused nor I'm I lost, I'm just in search of something different …”

I Find shelter in their speculation...
John-Chris Ward Aug 2015
Entire nations left in the hands
of a docile generation,
Refusing to be awakened.
Sing a song;
Feel every word,
Make sure it's heard
All through the air.
Every voice, everywhere
No ear shall be spared,
Not till the mindsets of the wicked run scared.
History, it is very important. We must know the past to further the present and better the future. Without knowing 'what' we are we lose apart of 'who' we are. Heritage is a gift, passed down from your ancestors. Knowing who you are is a part of feeding your physical man. Every part of your ancestry is necessary to the person you are today. We are the ancestors to tomorrow's generation. We have to leave something of substance for them. I've felt the endless void of not knowing my own lineage, not knowing my own history. That is not a curse I wish to pass on.
A-S May 2014
I look a lot like you,

Yet sometimes I can't stand you.

If I would pause for a second,

And think of what,

you're going to say,

I'll know the correct answer.

And I'll know you'll be right anyway.


— The End —