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Brandon Mar 2017
{Set I: Brandon}
The season must turn, turn, and turn
Our pain and love will turn, turn, and turn
There's a time to heal
There's a time to feel
The pain is not everlasting
But to build up
We must break down
So take my hand and rise up
Let me wipe those tears and frown
We shall not **** and not even seal
We will gain
But for that we must lose
We will make peace
I promise you it is not too late
If you're ever feeling down, then just read this poem and think of the things that make you happy and be grateful that your life isn't worse than it could be!
Coleseph Nelzsun Dec 2015
It's like you were my spirit’s mirror
You vowed to build me up
I told you I would do the same as we shared our deepest love
You are more than just a woman and clearly not a girl
Within you lies the power to devour and to heal
More than just a girlfriend, a relationship with nature
The source of all primal desire, undefined by nomenclature
We shared such common interests and had plans to build a future
But suddenly your heart switched gears, left mine torn in need suture

Only I could fix those wounds and learn from what has happened
I simply will be thankful and let not my soul be blackened

And I will not hold back when I have the chance to love
When you break your heart it grows back stronger than it ever was
Have the character to appreciate those who have let you down in love. It feels so much better than holding onto bitterness.
Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
The lonely little green hat boy,
Who sat near the train.
He looked so awfully sad,
And had a face full of pain.

I walked pass him
To get a better glance.
Then he suddenly
Asked me to dance.

I froze and stare
With confusion in my eyes.
Then my mind filled
With a million why's.

His little outstretched arm
Looked like an invitation.
It was absurd,
I can't dance at a train station.

But then I looked closely,
His hand was pointing at the ground.
Where there should be legs,
There was non to be found.

So I couldn't help myself,
I started to cry.
My mind was now filled,
With not a single why.

As I walked on,
I began to joyfully dance.
The boy was now smiling,
As I gave him a last glance.

So the boy without legs,
Was left smiling.
I had both mine,
Why was I crying?


— The End —