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Jodie-Elaine Mar 2019
The narcissistic urge flips eggs now.
Our ex-veteran father-figure gets a hamster, calls it Snuffles.
The thing you don’t know until the end of the script of the Tarantino-twist is that our protagonist sits
rocking back and forth in
a barren room inside a strait-jacket.

Meanwhile, our enemy shouts
something along the lines of:
"grab a spoon
I hope they don’t wash their hands"
The stones fallen off their strings,
gunshots hotwire themselves away from
a dubstep kind of drilling, the pipe dream
of an intimate email relationship.
Shout again,
"I hope you never feel those clammy hands.
Your diner eggs stink
I chucked up
In the kitchen bin.
Snuffles, a weird poem from my collection: 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY AND BRAIN FARTS FOR UNSOLICITED MICROWAVE HEADS' (again, yes all caps)
'I live uptown. I live downtown. I live all around.'
- 'Changeling', The Doors

Facebook, festivals, coupling, karoshi.
Snorgeoisie dreaming of World War Z.
Mood wings, mood poisoning.
Wearish is this way of life.
Oh well whatever nevermind,
mama lula chekhov alrite!

Norwich is an orange nidus,
so I wear my purple sunglasses.
Should you covet them, fish
the chazzas for the like.
If you find some, or you're blinded by the sun,
mama lula chekhov alrite!

Now I'm a vespertine cyclist  
beneath an amberdamaged fudge
of doves. Quite unharassed the parish,
we duck all outriders save twilite
& that **** earworm of an eggcorn,
'mama lula chekhov alrite'.

Psychedelic hangover this morning,
but now nightcycling ,  off the beaten Ritalin.
Can't see a thing; feel everything.
I wear my (purple) sunglasses at nite,
on the crest of a midnite wheelie.
Mama lula chekhov alrite!

Underpass blades don't raid, but they mite.
I blow a kiss goodbye to the
anuses of this town's black cats.
The creak of a midnite scorer's bike.
Underpass eyes pass me by.
Mama lula chekhov alrite!

Ji-Mo, my original bad influence,
why did you throw the chapter pods away?
If felines rated classic rock bands,
every catlover knows they'd be Doors acolites,
for they share the same elegant feral mystique.
Mama lula chekhov alrite!

Did the dishiest drunkard
in the history of Los Angeles, alcodelic
Dionysus-***-Diogenes appear
to me as boghouse blues spirit guide
a la Elvis & Clarence in 'True Romance',
'Mama lula chekhov alrite'

Ji-Mo's pep mantra? Nah. But
Pere Lachaise was only pilgrimage
I ever made. Later,  le vent de gard du Nord
crooned thru the pissoir as I took le *****,
'C'est la vie, hakuna matata,
che-che-chong che-che-chong

mama lula chekhov alrite!'
Nora Mar 2016
Crowd’s a buzzin’
But it’s just you and me
Nobody knows us,
It’s easy to be

A name to a face,
You’re still just a 'who'
But put us together,
And see? That makes two

Powder room princess,
In veils of smoke
Rugged old gangster,
We’re sharing a ****

Onto the floor,
A dance and a sway
Silly and sultry,
We’re flying away

Made it back home,
To finish the night
Music is playing,
You slip out of sight

Hand grazes powder
A most wonderful find
Nose-deep in snow -- Help!
I think I’m going blind.
Nora Mar 2016
Violent clangs echo
From the TV,
And the Bride is a
Vengeful gazelle,
Galloping forth and
eviscerating the
ones who stand in
her path to---

        “**** Bill again?
                 Is that all you do when I’m gone? Snort
         Coke, get high, lounge back
         And watch this ******* ****?”

The cigarette burns hot in her fingers,
Smoke sighing from her lungs and
She smiles silently. Plum lips pucker
And one hand beckons him forth,
the other raising a silent finger.

Skin tight yellow and black
Hugs her curves and she
triumphs, golden goddess
Reclaiming herself in a
Blazen trail of ******

      “Come on, I’ve been gone and now
        I’m here. I’ve missed ******* you
       And hearing your pretty little moans.”

Ashes on her pant leg, feet flex and
She rises up, eyes fixed on the screen.
Cat eyes smirk and she takes his hand,
Dark bob razor sharp as she dreams
About the day she’ll wield the katana.
Note: If you guessed inception, you're probably right :)
I wanna be artistic
**** achromatic
violence like lip biting
& brain
splattered on the walls
of some place sacred
&I; wanna be worshipped like satan.

Sweet Christ.
my hopes are high.
as am I.

you've got a mind
I'd like to **** blind.
so whenever
you've got the time &
if you like
being set on fire.

I could help.

but we aren't friends
& you're selfish.
Not done with this. dunno how I feel. lovehate. strange feeling.

— The End —