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Traveler Dec 2020
hard to see through fog
so why are you wearing
that cloudy frown
alone has little to do
with the reason you feel down
you can make you free
from the slave your willing to be
ya you writing your heart felt pain
happiness is not synonymous
to some relationship game
to be alone
until then don’t knock it
put your needs
in a secure pocket
above anyone else!
Traveler Tim
To define a woman,
it needs more than just words
For their true nature is beyond thoughts
So, a woman is more than just who or what.

If through a woman was everyone brought
So not to say naught,
Till we forever find a better word
for now,
A woman is synonymous with the word "world"

Light House Mar 2017
He went down again,
after having failed his first attempt
at harvesting -- with his mouth --
the cornucopia of crops,
flooding up, between her legs.

But there was no produce -- nothing grown --
or in this way construed or made.
Neither was there was something in this moment flooding,
meaning.... nor was there actually a fantasized pair of legs,
or inclusive thighs enclosing him
as a Venus would trap its prey.

...Only a metaphor or figure of speech,
for everything creeping about within his head.
Only in his mind did things -- just like this --
unwind, as images played, turning into movies,
legends, & tales; making into monuments ...concepts..
which were once
too difficult to accept, by presenting them in softer ways,
ensuring -- no matter Its form -- he would face ....that Dark Abyss,
no matter its location on the spectrum.  No matter its shape,
whether a vast, cold black hole in space,
or as a narrow alley, still-vast, yet ..small, & warm,
..warm-ing his nose, cheeks, & lips... even the fragile skin
around his eyes: totally, encompassing his face.
No matter... even as.... that total mess,
staring him down, ferociously
inking between her legs ...grinning,
terribly, rim dripping, taunting him
amidst his second attempt.
Probably come back to this one in a few days.
First draft.
Meg Howell Jul 2015
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who are we without
words and thoughts?
Without them,
we are nothing but synonymous
creatures lacking intelligence
and possessing quite a bit of
that curiosity that killed the cat

— The End —