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I'm not...
Maybe sometime I am mad, sad, silent, upset.
Maybe sometimes I'm strange, arrogant, unsocial and crazy.
Maybe I am severe, non punctual, perfectionist and want everything to be perfect.
Maybe I am not best companion, maybe I am very closed and cold.
Maybe I am not smiling for show, Maybe I not make show from my life.
I am...
But I'm a devotee, I have a heart and I know how to love.
But I am kind and know how to be friends for real.
But I will not give up in difficult times and support when it is hard.
But I did not scoff when someone felt bad or in pain, but help.
But I can sympathize and empathize.
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
Pain is subjective,
Physical and emotional,
Pain can be:
Dull,pins and needles,
Burning,tingling, shooting.
Pain can cause:
Fear,stress ,anxiety and even depression.
Pain is what an individual patient experiences  and feels,
No one can suffer your pain for you,
Others can only sympathize  or pray for you.
A Jun 2018
For all of us who have bashed ourselves numb
trying to be there
(for our brothers)

For all of us who have locked our hearts inside
settling with a joke
(for our fathers)

For all of us who have loved them more than ourselves
more than we could handle
(for our men)

For all of us who keeps putting our friends before us
always coming last place
(for our loved ones)

For all of us whose hearts are out there, feeling with everyone
trying to save strangers with one look
(for our fellow humans)

For all of us who can have amnesty and forgiveness to all others
seeing their imperfections as beauty
(for everyone besides us)

For us
We will learn
We will sympathize
We will passionately love ourselves
more than we have loved anyone else

At last
we will free ourselves
Leal Knowone May 2015
expression of impressions in sand
revisions of depressions in land
I'm clenching the rope of hopes last strand  
i'm grasping  intensely as i can
everyone has there own disguise
truth realized through pure eyes
in human blood they wash there hands
You carry your fire and brimstone inside

expression of impressions in sand
revisions of depressions in land
you see the blood on the helping hand
I am longing to find this feeling so grand
I would like to try to read your mind
darkness underneath a smile so kind
a demon behind timid mouse eyes
such reality declined you left behind

— The End —